• Fellas: To Boost Testosterone, Maybe Donate A Pint Of Blood

    Posted October 12, 2015: by Bill Sardi

    It should not be surprising to learn that the gradual accumulation of iron in the male body should result in undesirable health consequences.  After full childhood growth is achieved males accumulate 1 milligram of excess iron per day, which is largely stored in the liver and attached to hemoglobin in red blood cells.  By middle age a male has twice as much stored in in his body than an equally aged female who menstruates to control iron.  The result is that a male at age 40 has double the risk for diabetes, cancer and heart disease as female of the same age.

    With that said, as men approach middle age they might be losing sex drive and feel terribly fatigued. These symptoms may be due to tired iron-overloaded blood.  Testosterone shots may remedy desire but not deal with the root of the problem.

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  • Statin Drug Warning Issued

    Posted September 8, 2015: by Bill Sardi

    The claim that the health benefits derived from cholesterol-lowering statin drugs “far out-weigh” potential harms among healthy and high-risk patients continues to be echoed throughout modern medicine. [Current Pharmaceutical Design 2015; British Medical Journal July 17, 2014]

    But now a warning has been issued by leading researchers that modern medicine re-think its broadened approach to the use of statin drugs among healthy patients.  [Daily Mail UK Sept 6, 2015]

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    Posted August 25, 2015: by Bill Sardi

    A recently published paper indicates macular degeneration begins with low-grade inflammation that activates microglia, cells that are found in the brain and eyes that dispense with waste products and defend against infection.  [Journal Leukocyte Biology Aug 20, 2015]

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  • The Cold Shower, Hot Pepper, Brown Fat Weight Control Plan

    Posted March 24, 2015: by Bill Sardi

    Key points

    • In the human body white fat predominates over brown fat by volume. White fat stores energy as triglycerides and is abundant in the midsection and thighs.  Brown fat expends energy in the form of heat and is located in the neck and collarbone area.
    • Brown fat implanted into animals improves their ability to utilize insulin.
    • Brown fat positive subjects don’t gain weight with advancing age.
    • For many years it was mistakenly believed the adult human body had no measurable amount of brown fat. PET scans began to reveal brown fat about a decade ago.  The drawback of PET scans is that they only reveal activated brown fat.
    • Obese individuals exhibit a slightly reduced body temperature during the day compared to lean individuals which results weight gain.
    • More than 60% of the variance in body mass and body fat is determined by brown fat.
    • Cold temperature, insulin, iron, thyroid hormone and adrenal stress hormones (norepinephrine) activate brown fat. Iron deficiency and beta blockers reduce brown fat volume.
    • There are no drugs approved to activate brown fat. A number of nutraceuticals activate brown fat: resveratrol, garlic, capsaicin (red pepper), melatonin, fish oil, curcumin, fucoxanthin from seaweed, green tea
    • The healthy Mediterranean and traditional Japanese diets include foods, spices and teas that activate brown fat.

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  • Response To NY Attorney General Report That Herbal Products Are Laced With Cheap Fillers & Inactive Ingredients

    Posted February 5, 2015: by Bill Sardi

    The recent exposé by the Office of the Attorney General (AG) of New York that herbal dietary supplements such as Ginkgo biloba, ginseng, Echinacea and garlic sold in large chain stores (examples: Target, GNC, Walgreen’s) contain nothing more than rice powder or ground up house plants is spurious. [New York Times Feb 3, 2015] A cease and desist order was issued and news outlets have widely spread this news almost without question.   But the report appears to be more of a planned attack on the herbal supplement industry.

    The AG’s report is based upon a specious study published in 2013 in BMC Medicine by researchers in Canada, so it is not news.   [BMC Medicine 2013] Herbal testing was conducted by a new method called DNA barcoding which is not the accepted gold standard for testing dietary supplements. [Nutraingredients-USA.com]

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  • Letter regarding Daniel Fabricant/NPA

    Posted May 21, 2014: by Bill Sardi

    TO: Editors, NutraIngredients.com

    Natural Product Association’s newly re-appointed CEO Daniel Fabricant’s call to prosecute makers of so-called tainted products is incredulous (these are defined as products that haven’t been manufactured in fully-FDA compliant GMP facilities or meet GMP labeling and purity requirements even though they may have harmed no one in any way, which bespeaks of a gestapo-like mentality).  Are these “tainted” products causing deaths or avoidable side effects? (Eliminate misuse or any intentional overdosing before you tabulate the side effect data.  That’s what did-in ephedra because crash dieters were over-dosing and taking with other medications also).  So we fine or jail supplement company executives for paper violations.  In a bad economy, we should have better things to do.

    Consolidation of industry groups also suggests nixing dissent and giving more power to Mr. Fabricant.  If Mr. Fabricant is going to continue to represent the dietary supplement industry and stick by his claim that 70% of companies are not compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) you have to ask if the supplement executives go to jail or face fines if all that is wrong is that the i’s aren’t dotted and the t’s crossed.

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  • Beware Aspirin & Tylenol For Childhood Fevers

    Posted September 18, 2013: by Bill Sardi

    Today’s health news headline emanating from Great Britain is that childhood asthma rates have soared for the past 50 years, doubling over that time.  About 1.1 million British youngsters and an additional 4.2 million adults have asthma – with 1400 asthmatics dying annually.

    This means something that began happening in the 1960s continues today with devastating consequences.  It has to be environmentally induced, not naturally occurring. This means a long standing epidemic can exist within a modern human population and the medical community appears oblivious, even powerless to understand or stop it.

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  • Where Does Infection Come From?

    Posted August 25, 2013: by Bill Sardi

    What’s Best To Prevent Colds Or The Flu Or Infections In General:

    • A Face Mask
    • Frequent Hand Washing
    • Avoidance Of Infected Close Contacts
    • Quarantine of ill individuals
    • Flu Shots
    • Use Of Unused Penicillin Tablets?

    Answer: None Of The Above

    More infection may emanate from within the body than without.

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  • What Do You Do When The Health Planners Are Insane?

    Posted July 29, 2013: by Bill Sardi

    What Do You Do When The Health Planners Are Insane?  Answer: you get them some Botox.

    There are lots of cosmetic answers in the world of overpriced health care but no real savings.  Do you really think a country with a hobbled $16 trillion economy is really going to cut $1 trillion of needless care out of a $3 trillion annual bill for health care?

    The original documents written to describe the Affordable Care Act (ACA) said no real savings would be realized in the first decade of its inception.  That is because millions more Americans will be forcefully herded into buying health insurance and even more millions are now going to be going to doctors for care.

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  • Is The Boston Marathon Pressure-Cooker Bombing/ Ricin Toxin-In-The-Mail Fiasco A Re-Run Of The Post-9-11 Anthrax Caper?

    Posted April 19, 2013: by Bill Sardi

    Somebody is trying to spread fear again.  Somebody who has a similar modus operandi as the anthrax terrorist fiasco that gripped the nation a few years back.  The first part of the plan is to bomb, kill and maim in a very public place, the second is to spread the fear of terrorism beyond its original geographic location.

    Somehow, with anti-terrorism forces out in full force with bomb-sniffing dogs and all, a yet unidentified terrorist successfully stashed nails and ball bearings in pressure cookers with explosives and went undetected.

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