• Must Be Those Anti-Vaxxers Causing A Worldwide Outbreak Of Measles

    Posted November 10, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    No time to wait.  This just in…… a worldwide outbreak of measles is infecting hundreds of thousands and needlessly killing an untold number of innocent children so far.  The outbreak is 3 times greater than the prior year and threatens to result in the US losing its “measles-free” status.  I’m pulling my hair out, those damn anti-vaxxers, they’ve spread their venom around the world, haven’t they?

    But in this day and age we have to ferret out fake news from truth.  We have to get to the bottom of this.  Somebody or some-thing is to blame for this.

    Is it true that anti-vaccination campaigns are responsible for current outbreaks of measles, an infectious disease that was considered to be eradicated in the U.S. in the year 2000?

    A report in the London-based Telegraph says the outbreak of measles there in the U.K. is simply because of difficulties getting appointments with doctors and a shortage of nurses, not anti-vaxxers.  But that is only the U.K.

    Finger pointing

    A headline report in USA TODAY is entitled: “US In Danger Of Losing Measles-Free Status, A ‘Mortifying’ Effect Of Anti-Vaxx Movement.”  Only one sentence in the USA TODAY report mentions anti-vaxxers: “The global resurgence has been fueled in part by the anti-vaccination movement.” That link goes to another report published in USA TODAY citing a lone anti-vax legislator in Texas who calls vaccines “sorcery” and opposes mandatory vaccination.  Ah ha, I’ll bet that eccentric guy in Texas started all this!

    According to Reuters News there is an “Alarming upsurge’ in measles has had a devastating impact.” But as you read this report the World Health Organization says this is occurring in “all regions.”

    A public health authority said: “such outbreaks were clear indications of critical gaps in vaccination coverage and urged authorities to do more to raise rates of immunization.”

    But if true, how did all the monitored zones in the world suddenly report waning vaccination rates are responsible for these global-wide outbreaks as if anti-vaxxers were capable of such a global-wide campaign?  Maybe everybody in the world was learning about the anti-vaxx campaign online?  Must be.

    Another news report counts 364,808 cases of measles worldwide in the first six months of this year (2019).  The World Health Organization is quoted to say 95 per cent of the population must have two vaccinations – at age one and age three – to adequately protect against measles.

    If the measles vaccine were so effective why are two inoculations needed to develop sufficient antibodies to quell the disease?  And why is the measles outbreak so widespread?

    According to the Centers for Disease Control, one dose of MMR (measles mumps, rubella) vaccine is 93% effective against measles, 78% effective against mumps, and 97% effective against rubella.  Two doses of MMR vaccine are 97% effective against measles and 88% effective against mumpsThat isn’t complete immunity.  Certainly, a few unvaccinated school age children among millions of vaccinated would develop measles.  But a significant portion of these children were under age 12 months, the recommended age when the measles vaccine is first to be administered.

    The Center for Infectious Disease Research & P0licy (CIDRAP) says: “Between Jan 1 and Jul 31, 2019, 182 countries reported 364,808 measles cases to the WHO. During the same period last year, 129,239 measles cases were reported from 181 countries. These cases represent a 10-fold increase in the WHO’s African region, a twofold increase in the European region, and a threefold increase in the Western Pacific Region.  Most of those countries are seeing outbreaks because they have very low vaccination rates, the WHO said… But CIDRAP goes on to say: “…even countries with high vaccine coverage are seeing more measles activity…” !!!

    So, I ask again, what is causing this measles outbreak?

    There must be some gremlin spreading this disease.  Maybe it is a biological terrorist flying from one country to another, dropping measles virus at every stop he makes around the globe.  Have to catch this culprit now!  Closing in on his trail.

    A recent report published in the Journal of Pediatric Nursing states: “Recent years have seen a resurgence in certain vaccine-preventable diseases which can be attributed to vaccine refusals.”  So, it must be a cadre of vaccine refusniks.


    Waning immunity

    As I dug deeper into who or what is to blame for these measles outbreaks I happened to come across a report published in the journal Proceedings of Biological Sciences that employed mathematical modeling to determine how long a vaccine would be likely to provide immunity.

    Due to waning immunity “large-scale epidemics can arise with the first substantial epidemic not arising until 52 years after the vaccination program was begun.”

    The measles vaccine came into use in 1963.  That was 56 years ago.  The 52-year prediction was not bad for a guesstimation.  The outbreaks of measles now being reported were predicted and due to waning immunity from the vaccine, not influence by anti-vaxxers.

    Researchers went on to say: “the interaction between vaccination and waning immunity can lead to pronounced epidemic cycles in which the peak levels of infection can be of the orders of magnitude greater than the mean.”

    The same goes for mumps.  The first vaccine against mumps came to market in 1967 when more than 90% of US children suffered through this viral disease.  But by 2006 mumps surged on college campuses.  Most recipients of the mumps vaccine (85%) who became ill had received the recommended two doses.

    In 2006 virologists were lamenting that the pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine is not providing long-lasting immunity and called for development of a new vaccine.

    In one study 65 of 332 (20%) children previously vaccinated had no or borderline measles concentrations (titers) prior to the booster.” The study suggests that the vaccine-induced measles antibodies decline with time.

    Even in twice-vaccinated individuals, waning immunity may contribute to outbreaks of measles.

    The report went on to say that, in the absence of vaccination, “lifelong immunity is likely to be maintained through frequent encounters with infections, which boosts the waning immune memory” produced by vaccines.  Vaccines don’t produce all of the immunity, natural exposure also contributes.  So, reports that vaccines produce long-lasting immunity may be in error.  And wiping the disease out of existence in the population at large may hasten its reoccurrence.

    Finally, I have identified my vaccine terrorist.  As the cartoon character Pogo once said: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”  The inherent limitation of vaccines themselves, namely waning immunity, is to blame for outbreaks of infectious diseases reported among grade-school populations.

    Toxic adjuvants

    The very reason why toxic “adjuvants” like aluminum and mercury (thimerosal) are added to vaccines is to provoke a more profound long-lasting immune response.  This is an admission the vaccines don’t produce long-lasting immunity without added toxins.

    A report published in 2002 states: “Vaccine adjuvants are usually thought of as agents that increase the intensity of immune responses and influence the balance between antibody and cell-mediated immunity at the cost of toxicity.” Another report states: “Experimental research… clearly shows that aluminum adjuvantshave a potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans.”  The exposure to aluminum in young vaccinated children, particularly at 3-4 months of age, correlates with an increased risk for autism.

    Over-reported deaths

    According to VaxTruth.org, death rates due to infectious diseases are widely published in an effort to scare the public into vaccination.  VaxTruth.org says: “We are told that 197,000 children die annually of measles. Correction: 197,000 people die, some of which are children, among a total of 6 billion people. According to VaxTruth.org, that’s 0.00328 percent. Here’s the shocker: in 1963, before the vaccine was developed, the worldwide death rate from measles was 0.00237 percent, less than it is now with immunizations. To be fair, the disease has been reduced in the US, but measles is nowhere near a raging epidemic or a major killer says VaxTruth.org.

    Out of 1249 cases of measles reported by the Centers for Disease Control (Oct. 9, 2019), no deaths were reported, with 10% of cases hospitalized (some hospitalizations — 20% — occurring among infants under age 12 months before measles vaccine is typically administered).

    In fact, a CNN report state “measles rarely kills.”

    Dr. Richard Klasco MD, writing in the New York Times, says natural immunity, compared to immunity induced by exposure to a pathogenic bacterium in a vaccine, may produce longer lasting immunity.  This may be due to the newer synthetic vaccines being produced these days.

    A problem with deciphering news reports today is that reporters are creating their own realities rather than allowing readers to determine that for themselves.  Any contrary information about global warming, gun control or mandatory vaccinationlargely goes unreported or buried on the internet.

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