• Don’t You Wish You Had A Doctor Like This?

    Posted May 13, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    David Getoff has a new book out.  Who is David Getoff?  Just a very thoughtful man who has dedicated himself to help you when others couldn’t.  If you have been given the short end of the stick by modern medicine, then David Getoff may be just what your doctor didn’t order.

    Getoff begins his book by saying: “To all the people with numerous varied ‘diseases,’ ‘conditions,’ and ‘syndromes,’ who the traditional medical system has failed to serve, to the thousands who have fallen through the cracks of our broken disease-care system, a system addicted to diagnosing and naming every condition, a system whose professionals neither have the faintest idea what caused the disease nor a way to cure it…. This book is for all of you.”

    Known as “The Detox Professor,” at first I wondered if Getoff was just another one of those self-appointed, self-anointed gurus who touts detoxification.  But invest a few minutes to immerse yourself in what Getoff is saying, that the aggregate exposure to all of the chemicals, heavy metals, drugs and poisons in our modern world really ARE producing a slow death.  I’ll just call it “Aggregate Modern Life Disease.”  It’s not like you ordered up all the toxins in your life.  They sneak them into your foods, medicines, vaccines, tap water, hair sprays, even the air you breathe.

    David Getoff is not the normal affable money-grubbing doctor who sees you through the lens of how many insurance billing codes you represent.  He is giving himself away.  Go online and you can obtain more valuable information you can’t find condensed from any other source.  Of course, he has some online courses and information you may want to purchase, but plenty of his lectures online are free so you can get acquainted before you book an appointment to see him.  Getoff is not a legend in his own mind like so many other self-important healers – his book even lists other health books you should read, if you can imagine.

    Now, Doctor Getoff (he doesn’t call himself a doctor) is not your average naturopath.  The terms of engagement, before you can book an appointment to see him, are rigorous.  To qualify, you must first borrow a videotape and play it before he will see you in his office.  He says you should plan on four to six hours for your initial consultation.  And you need to fill out a one-week diet log and turn it in to him before your first exam, and bring your “significant other” with you too, since the person you are living with may be involved in preparing some of your meals.  (Did you ever notice how a married couple, who are not genetically related, end up with the same body shape?).

    Unless you show David Getoff you are willing to invest your time and energy into getting well, you might as well look elsewhere for answers to your health problems.  As Getoff says: “you need to accept that you have helped bring your body to its current state of ‘inadequate health’.”

    Written instructions how to book an appointment are provided online with an audio introduction as well.  You will hear the voice of a very thoughtful naturopath who tells you that you will be doing most of the work, not the doctor.  If you are one of those patients with blood tests are all in the normal range and your doctor is baffled, then David Getoff is for you!

    You might get a different picture of why something like an antiperspirant poses health problems when Getoff makes us aware sweating is a way the body naturally detoxes itself.  Getoff makes us aware, before we could even read or understand, there are some 287 chemicals detected in our umbilical cord blood.  That chemicals being emitted from those memory foam mattresses that have become so popular, may be inducing symptoms we could never imagine.

    Now Getoff says he does not claim he can reverse every condition presented to him, but he has helped patients reverse otherwise “incurable” conditions.  When his patients who have been cured of whatever malady chronically plagued them, he says their doctors then claim they must have never really had that disease because it is incurable!?!

    Getoff teaches removal of half of the problem may not result in 50% relief.  He talks about the “two-tack rule.”  If you sit down on a chair that has two tacks pointing upwards and you remove one of those tacks, it won’t reduce the pain by 50%.  That is an important rule to learn.

    Getoff says you don’t install Ford parts in a Toyota car.  Neither do you employ synthetic molecules into a body designed for natural remedies.  His list of “Sabotage Foods” is worth the price of his book.  There is no buyer’s remorse after reading what Getoff has to say.

    By the way, Getoff has a healthy sense of humor.  For a giggle about the nonsense that goes on in modern medicine, you can view this humorous film segment, about the newly FDA approved drug, Phenomenol.

    That is enough. I don’t want to spoil your reading experience as David Getoff essentially shares himself with you.  The book, ABUNDANT HEALTH IN A TOXIC WORLD, is available at Amazon.

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