• The Body’s Crying Demand For Zinc
With Advancing Age

    Posted April 27, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    & Why You Will Not Likely Ever Get Enough Zinc Out Of Your Multivitamin

    There has never been such an increased demand for a single nutrient a there is for the trace mineral zinc with advancing age.  That is because more and more Americans are living longer but also in states of chronic inflammation and disease associated with poor zinc nutriture.

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  • Moonshot Medicine: Who Can Afford It?

    Posted April 20, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    The medical research community now talks of moonshots (big leap-forward cures), regenerative medicine, precision individualized medicine, even one-time complete treatment cures.  It is all part of the 21st Century Cures Act, which spreads $4.8 billion of research funding in an attempt to accelerate the development and approval of real cures.  But will this Herculean effort bankrupt insurance pools?

    The money is being directed toward expensive pharmacological cures that will further burst the Medicare Trust fund.  Gobs of federal money are going towards innovations, like CRISPR gene therapy, that intends to completely remedy single-gene mutation diseases like cystic fibrosis, sickle cell, Huntington’s disease, and muscular dystrophy, all cured in a single treatment.  But at what cost?

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  • Clostridium Difficile: The “Count Dracula Bacterium,” Is Fast Becoming A Household Word

    Posted March 23, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    As deadly as Clostridium difficile infection is, just like Count Dracula who was vulnerable to garlic and sunlight, so is this pervasive bacterium.

    What modern medicine is unwilling to say is that the digestive tract of every human being harbors a potentially mortal soil organism that is killing off a growing number of Americans. A recent report says: “clostridium difficile infection is not new, but it is posing more problems than ever before.” People aren’t suddenly infected by Clostridium difficile via contact with pets, foods or human-to-human transfer of this bug. They already had it as part of the makeup of 100 trillion organisms that inhabit the human gut (intestines). Healthy digestive tracts resist growth of C. diff. Only an abundance of various families of healthy gut bacteria protects against a raging infection.

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  • Closing In On Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

    Posted March 13, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    In the land of the blind,
    a one-eyed man is king.

    Over 130 years ago modern medicine began chasing down the cause of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and has come up empty handed.  No one knows what causes ALS let alone what might successfully treat it.  But recent discoveries explain why.  Maybe ALS doesn’t originate in motor neuron cells but in the environmental surrounding nerve cells.

    The current predicament of ALS patients is next to hopeless. This motor neuron disease is without a known cause and there is no meaningfully effective treatment.  ALS affects 5000 newly diagnosed patients annually in the U.S.  However, published research on the origin(s) of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS – aka Lou Gehrig’s disease) is mounting at a rapid pace and may portend a therapeutic change of course.

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  • Don’t say dietary supplements don’t work

    Posted March 9, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    I’m of cataract age (in my early 70s).  (cataract = cloudy focusing lens)

    I’ve got clear lenses, no glaucoma (elevated fluid pressure); no other eye conditions typical for my age.

    My retina scans you can see below.

    My central retinal thickness is 255-256 right and left eye micrometers, about normal.

    It would be typical for a 70+ year old to have drusen (oxysterol aka cholesterol) deposits at the back of my eyes.  The scan below shows zero drusen.

    My optic nerve and blood vessels are healthy.

    I have habitually worn UV-blue-blocking sun lenses when outdoors during the day since age 40.

    I have been supplementing my diet with lutein since 1992 when lutein first became available as a dietary supplement.

    I take resveratrol since 2004 when it was popularized as an anti-aging molecule.

    I have taken IP6 rice bran, an iron chelator, since the mid 1990s.

    My vision is 20/30 in both eyes and I needed a prescription for astigmatism (irregular curvature of the front cornea of the eyes).

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    Posted March 8, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    The Infectious Disease Control Industry Warns Of A Mutated Flu Virus That Could Kill 300 Million Then Takes The First Step To Create It
    (Unless It Gets The Research Funds It Demands)

    When the head of the Global Health Council predicts “the big one is coming,” referring to a flu outbreak within two years where more than 300 million people around the globe would die, pay attention!  Not because any such natural threat actually exists but because the research community needs an epidemic to keep research funds flowing.

    Says the former chief of the global programs at the World Health Organization: “I believe a killer flu pandemic is lurking just beyond the corner – and it could kill 33 MILLION people in the first 200 days.”  How could he possibly make such a precise prediction?

    I’m suggesting microbiologists themselves pose a threat, not biological terrorists.

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  • Needless Hysterectomies Still Prevail While Vitamin Therapy Is Ignored

    Posted March 1, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    Unnecessary hysterectomies are in decline but still 1 in 5 women who undergo the procedure may not need this operation.

    Putting young women on birth control pills which depletes folic acid that then induces breaks in DNA in the uterine lining which in turn produces an abnormal Pap smear that results in a hysterectomy is still a shameful practice.

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  • Does Your Multivitamin Provide Nutrients That Boost Natural Killer Cell Activity To Optimize Your Immune System?

    Posted February 28, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    Modern medicine has a proposition for you. Here it is:

    Grow old, wait for your immune system to decline, develop pneumonia, cancer and all manner of viral infections, then let modern medicine step in and rescue you from life-threatening health problems.

    With that in mind, modern medicine is ramping up efforts to utilize a subset of white blood cells known as natural killer (NK) cells primarily to kill cancer cells. Natural killer cells release a toxic chemical called interferon to destroy tumor cells.

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  • Take Licorice Root For Lingering Symptoms Of The Flu. You Haven’t Time To Wait For The Next Widely Heralded Anti-Viral Drug.

    Posted February 27, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    Licorice root extract is your best bet to quelling lingering bouts of the flu but you aren’t likely to hear much about it. Every year the Centers for Disease Control working in concert with vaccine makers creates undue public fear over influenza-related deaths to panic people to undergo flu vaccination. The news media follows along and reports thousands of deaths from the flu, but according to a report published in the British Medical Journal, deaths of aged adults due to pneumonia are combined with the flu to make it fasely appear the flu is a widespread killer.

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  • What Initiates Cancer?

    Posted February 5, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    There are three stages of cancer: initiation, growth, metastasis (spread).

    The prevailing explanation of what causes cancer, aside from carcinogenic chemicals, is that healthy cells in the human body become cancerous after gene mutations accumulate.

    According to the Cancer Genome Project, most cancer cells possess 60 or more mutations.  However, as can be seen by the diagrams and graphics used to explain how cancer develops, progressive gene mutations produce neoplasia, hyperplasia and dysplasia, words used to describe abnormal cells.  But these terms explain pre-cancerous cells, not immortal, rapid growing cells that migrate and spread throughout the body.

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