Posted October 31, 2018: by Bill Sardi


    In the archives of medicine is found record of the first sign of scurvy – a severe form of vitamin C deficiency. In an era between 1500-1800 AD sailors on board long sailing ships came down with purple blotches underneath their skin, what was called “purpura nautica” at the time.

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  • Coronary Artery Disease: The Overlooked Vitamin

    Posted October 26, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    Quick, all you savvy readers who know about vitamins, without any further investigation, which antioxidant vitamin listed below is NOT known to exert therapeutic benefits for coronary artery disease?

    1. Vitamin A
    2. Vitamin E
    3. Vitamin C
    4. Vitamin D
    5. Vitamin K

    There is no trick to the above question. It is well documented that vitamins E, C, D and K may be beneficial in preventing and treating coronary artery disease. Most astute followers of vitamin therapy would likely say vitamin A shouldn’t even be on the list.

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  • As Flu Scare Tactics Unfold, Skip The Vaccine, Eat Eggs

    Posted September 22, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    As the Earth begins to tilt away from the sun in winter, North America prepares for the seasonal spread of influenza. The annual flu scare promulgated by public health agencies is now underway. The public is told: “Next flu pandemic could be ‘DEADLIER than Spanish flu‘ – wiping out 400 million across the globe,” say news reports.

    Given recent evidence that news agencies spread fake news for political purposes, one would think by now the public would have caught onto this scare tactic as the Centers For Disease Control serves as a shill for vaccine manufacturers.

    The news reports admit influenza viruses are unstable and rapidly mutate. But they never say they rapidly mutate into less deadly strains mid-flu season. Got to sell millions of doses of flu vaccine or they go unused.

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  • FAKE MEDICINE: Call To Abandon Statin Drugs and Baby Aspirin.

    Posted September 19, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    Baby-Aspirin, Statin Cholesterol Drugs Found To Have Null Effect On Heart Attacks And Heart Disease.

    In a short span of a few days both baby aspirin and anti-cholesterol statin drugs, upon which modern medicine has relied for decades, were shown in human clinical studies to be of worthless value in preventing heart attacks and heart disease.

    The aspirin study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, conducted among 19,000 healthy adults over a period of 5 years, found the risk of death from any cause was 12.7 events per 1000 person-years for aspirin users and 11.1 events for those taking an inactive placebo pill. Cancer was the major contributor to higher mortality (1.6 excess deaths/1000 patient years) among aspirin users, which was unexpected because prior studies showed opposite effect.

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  • 200+Year Lifespan?

    Posted September 14, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    If What Has Been Demonstrated In The
    Animal Lab Can Be Achieved In Humans,
    Some Individuals May Live 200+ Years

    • Mankind is achieving small increases in “adult mortality reductions” that produce unprecedented longevity in modern day populations in developed countries.
    • An even greater (2.7-fold) increase in the human lifespan could possibly be achieved by making up for a genetic flaw in humans, the same genetic flaw that was recently overcome in the animal lab to produce extraordinary longevity.
    • Habitual vitamin C intake throughout the day with non-toxic oral doses that far exceed current recommendations by public health agencies could theoretically expand the human lifespan beyond belief. Currently only a few people currently adhere to such a vitamin regimen.

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  • Life and Death & Vitamin C

    Posted September 2, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    A growing body of evidence suggests paramedics skip the traditional aspirin tablet and start giving vitamin C pills to those who survive a sudden cardiac arrest.

    Every day in the U.S. over 1000 people experience a sudden cardiac arrest.   And another 1000 occur throughout Europe daily.  As researchers report from the Amsterdam in the Netherlands, only half of these patients arrive at the hospital alive.  And 50% of these survivors will still die or be severely disabled due to what is called post-cardiac arrest syndrome.

    There is no effective therapy to improve prognosis and death.

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  • Dietary Supplements Under Attack Again

    Posted August 25, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    Rebuttal to:

    The vitamin epidemic: what is the evidence for harm or value?
    Internal Medicine Journal August 7, 2018


    Here we go again.  Another physician says there “no case for vitamin supplementation in normal, healthy, non-pregnant or lactating adults who are received the recommended daily intake of nutrients.”

    Here is my comment on each one of his criticisms of dietary supplementation.

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  • How The Scientific Establishment Takes On Criticism

    Posted August 16, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    On April 22, 2017 I posted a pointed article at Knowledgeofhealth.com that branded negative news reports about dietary supplements as “fake news.”  Among other targets of my criticism was the American Council on Science & Health (ACSH).  A spokesperson for ACSH said the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 swept away “all regulations that vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements prove they are safe and effective prior to marketing.”  It took the ACSH 16 months to catch up to my rebuttal to news reports that were in circulation last year unfairly damning vitamin pills.

    On August 14, 2018 a spokesperson for the ACSH belatedly fired back, ridiculing this health journalist and resorting to ad hominem attacks, calling me a “conspiracy-loving screwball.”  He also published a photo that might confuse readers it is a personal photo of Bill Sardi that was originally posted at the website of a recording engineer who said the photo characterized an impersonator on Twitter (not Bill Sardi).  This is bizarre.

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  • Lessons About Salt and Health

    Posted August 13, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    The Idea Salt Is/Isn’t Bad For Your Health Depends On What Your Definition of Is Is.

    Do you find yourself reaching for the saltshaker and then deciding not to salt your food because scientific reports say not to?

    Join the confused.

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  • The Baking Soda Cure-All Redux

    Posted August 11, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    It tastes salty.  It is in your kitchen.  And it’s dirt cheap.  And it’s threatening Big Pharma?  What is it?

    Just tell your doctor: “Hold the steroid shots, anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers.  I’ll take a quarter teaspoon of baking soda straight up with water.” Could Big Pharma be brought to its knees by sodium bicarbonate pills?

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