Posted April 11, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Global Global, hot spots correlate with TB/ immigrants (Italy, Wuhan, NYC)
    Deaths 675,000 –1 million; US; 50 million worldwide? Deaths 60,000 U.S. (estimate, April 9); most Dx by symptoms; may die with but not of Coronavirus; flawed CV test – false positives
    Isolated ill, suspects (4 weeks) Isolated ill, suspected cases; healthcare workers spread
    Social distancing Quarantine, lockdown, social distancing, late in disease course
    Outdoor sunshine hospitalization
    (Walter Reed Hosp. Wash DC)
    Failure to address causes of infectious disease (deficiency of zinc for T-cell antibodies; deficiency of vitamin C; lack of sunshine vitamin D)
    No suspension of Constitutional liberties Some localities & states suspending constitutional liberties
    No shut down of economy Shut down of economy with disregard for economic consequences, suicides
    Excess deaths; retrospectively, fits age & pattern of lung tuberculosis (UC Berkeley Demographers) No immediate excess deaths. Decrease in accidental, nosocomial (hospital) & cardiovascular death; failure to target high-risk (diabetics, elderly, smokers, etc.)
    Indiscriminate worldwide use of aspirin (Bayer) – Depletes vitamin C; Reye’s syndrome? Liberal reporting of coronavirus deaths w/financial incentives to diagnose 3x the normal hospital reimbursement (needs confirmation)
    Use of zinc-depleting arsenic in fertilizers; prior to era of water chlorination, vitamins, food fortification Politicians manage epidemic; political posturing; TV-demic; 100-years later no medicines, no vaccine, futile dependency on ventilators; unprepared; ridicule of alternative (chloroquine, ivermectin) and vitamin therapies.
    Knowledge of Health, Inc.
  • Live And Let Die: COVID-19 Coronavirus In America

    Posted April 10, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

    The American public hears seemingly unrelated reports about COVID-19 coronavirus.  See if you can find a common thread in the following news reports:

    In a report entitled: “Hundreds of young Americans have now been killed by the coronavirus, data shows,” a woman from Ft. Myers, Florida is quoted to say: “My husband didn’t have diabetes, he didn’t have asthma, he didn’t have high cholesterol.  He didn’t have anything,” He died of coronavirus according to the report in The Washington Post.

    True, but he might have been vitamin D deficient.

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  • Anti-Parasitic Agent (Ivermectin) Abolishes Coronavirus Particles

    Posted April 9, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Coronaviruses Have Been Known To Infect That Respiratory Tract Since 1965.  The Cure For Coronavirus Infections Was Sitting Underneath The Nose Of Virologists All That Time

    Key points:

    • Ivermectin, a widely used anti-parasitic agent, is probably the world’s most profound anti-viral agent but inexplicably goes unused in the battle against human viral infections, such as COVID-19 coronavirus.  Just a single dose of ivermectin abolishes COVID-19 coronavirus in a lab dish.
    • Ivermectin works additively with zinc to control viral and bacterial infections.
    • Ivermectin and zinc work, in part, by increasing ATP cell energy levels.
    • Surprisingly, an extract of Panax red ginseng also exhibits similar anti-viral action to ivermectin.
    • The cell energy currency adeno triphosphate (ATP) independently exhibits anti-viral activity.
    • Given that ATP production in the body is dependent upon magnesium, indirectly this essential mineral is important in maintaining immunity from viral infections.
    • Likewise, coenzyme Q10, a natural antioxidant produced in the body that facilitates ATP production, has also been found to have potent antiviral/anti-bacterial properties.

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  • Modern Medicine Laid Bare

    Posted April 8, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    With No Cures At Hand, The Masses Resort To Using Vitamin & Mineral Supplements, Only To Find They Are Safer And More Effective Than (Un)available Drugs & Vaccines

    It would take a highly infectious and potentially deadly viral outbreak from a mutated coronavirus that no person on the planet had immunity from to finally panic the masses to bypass their doctors and ignore their admonishments not to fall prey to quack cures, and out of desperation reach for vitamin and mineral pills.

    Now vitamin C, D or zinc pills have vanished from store shelves as Americans read convincing online reports of their safety and effectiveness in addressing COVID-19 coronavirus infections.

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  • Modern Medicine Knew Of Zinc Cure For Coronavirus Infections A Decade Ago But Failed To Put Into Practice

    Posted April 6, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    The long-standing bias against natural over patentable synthetic molecules in the practice of medicine has now resulted in the avoidable premature death of thousands of the most vulnerable individuals and the abrupt and near-complete economic collapse of modern society due to an unwarranted over-response by health authorities, political overseers and sensationalist news media.

    The narrow and archaic vaccine-only paradigm to treat infectious diseases has left human populations vulnerable to a highly transmissible and potentially pathogenic virus with no approved drugs or vaccines in place.

    Unprepared public health authorities should all have resigned by now.  Instead, they wield unelected power as they mandate countermeasures such as indoor quarantine that will further deprive the sunlight-deprived masses in the northern hemisphere of the natural vitamin D needed to prevent this seasonal infectious disease.

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  • Nation In Coronavirus Turmoil

    Posted April 3, 2020: by Bill Sardi


    Fearmongers show the body bags and caskets, display the obituaries; feature news reports of a newborn baby with coronavirus.  News media and government propagandists display a world with no virtually defense against a deadly viral pathogen.  No masks (nearly useless anyway) and a shortage of ventilators (70-90% die if they get to this point).

    Now mayors (not health authorities) mandate masks and really whip up more fear.  Every politician wants to hang his political hat on his handling of the coronavirus outbreak.  Wear a mask or otherwise you won’t be allowed to stand in line to get food at the grocery store, or at least others in line will chase you away, being fearful of transmission of infectious disease themselves.

    With the population feeling defenseless because there is no vaccine, a last gasp measure is to quarantine and socially space (isolate) people, which is obviously not working in Italy (see chart below), didn’t work on an ocean liner, and didn’t work on an aircraft carrier.

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  • Americans will have to Cure the Coronavirus Epidemic on Their Own.

    Posted March 31, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    It is difficult to believe public health authorities are doing all that can be done to prevent disease, save lives and promote health. That is because what is obvious, what is essentially free (sunshine vitamin D), and what is logical, is not being done.

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is a one-trick pony – – vaccination. Inject a little bit of a disease into people under the presumption all will develop antibodies against infectious diseases. Everyone on the planet is expected to hold their breath, metaphorically speaking, and wait for a future vaccine that will, by my predictions, end up hospitalizing many and leading hundreds of thousands of high-risk individuals (diabetics, smokers, drinkers, the frail elderly) to their early demise because these are the people who do not develop sufficient antibodies following vaccination.

    I penned a prior report, extrapolating from published flu studies, which predicts that 6/10ths-to-1.3% serious side effects after mandated coronavirus vaccination among the nation’s 72.6 million senior adults would hospitalize 435,000-943,000 and a subsequent 1.4% mortality rate would then result in 54,202-111,493 deaths.

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  • Emergency Room Doctor Doesn’t Realize Major Signs & Symptoms of COVID-19 Coronavirus Cases Match Evidences Of Zinc Deficiency

    Posted : by Bill Sardi

    Physicians who diagnose cases of COVID-19 coronavirus illness get a quick sense of whether the patient is on track to develop the deadly form of coronavirus pneumonia.  The most common symptoms are fever, dry cough, shortness of breath and flu-like symptoms.

    But modern medicine is so steeped in its pharmacy of prescription drugs, with its blinders toward nutritional medicine, that it can’t see the obvious evidences of a trace mineral deficiency that results in the same signs and symptoms produced by COVID-19 coronavirus.

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  • What Happened When A Country Was Quarantined And Locked Down Due To A Coronavirus Outbreak

    Posted March 26, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Initially the coronavirus outbreak started with 186 persons and 38 died, a ghastly shocking mortality rate of 20.4%.  A public health emergency was considered.

    Right away World Health Organization (WHO) authorities realized doctors weren’t prepared to manage such an urgent situation.  Patients were crowded in emergency rooms and multibed hospital rooms; family members visited freely, facilitating a second spread of the virus.  Doctors narrowly focused on treating patients rather than managing the epidemic from a larger point of view.

    The socioeconomic impact of the outbreak was great. Yet the numbers of infections and deaths from coronavirus were smaller than the numbers from tuberculosis or seasonal influenza.

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  • The Current Coronavirus Pandemic: It’s Likely Caused by More Than One Pathogen and there is a Missing Antidote

    Posted March 23, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    The reality is, most of the cases of COVID-19 coronavirus infection have been diagnosed without confirmation by laboratory testing. And so, doctors end up finding what they are looking for – – COVID-19. The singular mind-set of modern medicine continues to be practiced today. COVID-19 fits a script that was created prior to this current epidemic. That is because they want to develop a single-component vaccine and inoculate the entire planet at one time (the dream of a billionaire philanthropist). So, better get sick to make his dream come true (NOT!). Somehow, vaccine makers were reportedly making a COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine long before the first outbreak in China.

    Similarly, most virologists collectively believe the Spanish flu of 1918 was caused by an influenza virus, with some level of certainty, maybe H5N1.

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