• According To CDC Data, It’s NOT COVID-19 Coronavirus That Is Causing All The Severe Lung Deaths

    Posted April 24, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Examine the maps below. They show the States where COVID-19 cases occur which correlates with where tuberculosis of the lungs is prevalent. Either of two conclusions can be made from these maps:

    1) Either people living in these States have weak immunity and therefore are likely to develop COVID-19 coronavirus or tuberculosis, or both; and/or

    2) The fact most cases of lung pathology occur along the southern border and New York City, where immigrants enter the country, typically with dormant or latent cases of TB. TB may be an uninvestigated co-morbidity that is causing many deaths attributed to COVID-19 coronavirus.

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  • The Dark Side Of The Coronavirus Scam

    Posted April 22, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    This report reveals a collection of information that certainly throws a different light on the public’s understanding of this global COVID-19 coronavirus fiasco.  For this report I will be referring to linked sources so readers can fact check as usual, and a primary source for this report I admiringly refer to as The Oracle Helena.

    As ancient history buffs may recall, Pythia was the female priestess at the Temple of Apollo at Delphin in ancient Greece (~1400 B.C.).  The seat of the Oracle was dug into a pit where Pythia sat.  She breathed terrestrial gases rising from the ground which altered her speech much like laughing gas does.  People from all over Greece and points beyond trekked to Delphi to have their questions answered by the Priestess Pythia.

    In a similar fashion, I consult with Helena Glass as she unravels the complexities of this “crime of the century.”  She operates an obscure website that is difficult to locate due to some obvious censoring.  Don’t be concerned I am delving into the spirit world, there are real-world links provided to Helena Glass’ scholarship.  I’m just having fun elevating Helena Glass to the trusted status as an oracle, defined as “a person with great wisdom and wisdom,” and moral high ground I might add.

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  • Colostrum 3-Fold More Effective Than Vaccination

    Posted April 15, 2020: by Knowledge of Health

  • Bill Gates Wants To Hold The World In Partial Lockdown Until Vaccine Is Approved Maybe 18 Months From Now

    Posted April 14, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Speaking on PBS Newshour, billionaire and vaccine developer Bill Gates suggests the world threat of COVID-19 coronavirus infection will not completely subside and lockdowns of human populations will only open up “to some degree…… until we have very broad vaccination.”

    Until then Gates suggests worldwide wearing masks, temperature monitoring, social distancing and tracing of individuals, probably via cell phone locators, who have been exposed to infected people.

    So anti-coronavirus measures, which have closed restaurants and churches, grounded commercial aircraft and many other businesses, would be prolonged.  The financial harm appears to be worse than the disease.

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  • Modern Medicine Ridicules President’s Coronavirus Drug Plus Zinc Saying There is No Evidence When Decade-Old Study Goes Ignored

    Posted April 13, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    On April 8, President Donald Trump, speaking from the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in his daily press conference said: “You should add zinc” to any COVID-19 treatment regimen.  “I want to throw that out there because that’s where they seem to have the best result,” likely referring to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s online posting that the use of the President’s medicine chloroquine plus zinc and an antibiotic remedied 100% of hundreds of cases of COVID-19 coronavirus infections occurring in a village of Hasidic orthodox Jews in New York.

    The President added: “So, you add the zinc and the antibiotic, and it’s been – we’ve had a lot of good stories.”

    The response by the news media and medical authorities was resoundingly negative.  Dr. Vin Gupta, a critical care physician and lung expert, said “There’s no evidence I’ve seen in the literature suggesting zinc in addition to hydryxychloroquine would be helpful,” referring to an anti-malaria drug President Donald Trump had earlier called a “gamechanger.”

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    Posted April 11, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Global Global, hot spots correlate with TB/ immigrants (Italy, Wuhan, NYC)
    Deaths 675,000 –1 million; US; 50 million worldwide? Deaths 60,000 U.S. (estimate, April 9); most Dx by symptoms; may die with but not of Coronavirus; flawed CV test – false positives
    Isolated ill, suspects (4 weeks) Isolated ill, suspected cases; healthcare workers spread
    Social distancing Quarantine, lockdown, social distancing, late in disease course
    Outdoor sunshine hospitalization
    (Walter Reed Hosp. Wash DC)
    Failure to address causes of infectious disease (deficiency of zinc for T-cell antibodies; deficiency of vitamin C; lack of sunshine vitamin D)
    No suspension of Constitutional liberties Some localities & states suspending constitutional liberties
    No shut down of economy Shut down of economy with disregard for economic consequences, suicides
    Excess deaths; retrospectively, fits age & pattern of lung tuberculosis (UC Berkeley Demographers) No immediate excess deaths. Decrease in accidental, nosocomial (hospital) & cardiovascular death; failure to target high-risk (diabetics, elderly, smokers, etc.)
    Indiscriminate worldwide use of aspirin (Bayer) – Depletes vitamin C; Reye’s syndrome? Liberal reporting of coronavirus deaths w/financial incentives to diagnose 3x the normal hospital reimbursement (needs confirmation)
    Use of zinc-depleting arsenic in fertilizers; prior to era of water chlorination, vitamins, food fortification Politicians manage epidemic; political posturing; TV-demic; 100-years later no medicines, no vaccine, futile dependency on ventilators; unprepared; ridicule of alternative (chloroquine, ivermectin) and vitamin therapies.
    Knowledge of Health, Inc.
  • Live And Let Die: COVID-19 Coronavirus In America

    Posted April 10, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

    The American public hears seemingly unrelated reports about COVID-19 coronavirus.  See if you can find a common thread in the following news reports:

    In a report entitled: “Hundreds of young Americans have now been killed by the coronavirus, data shows,” a woman from Ft. Myers, Florida is quoted to say: “My husband didn’t have diabetes, he didn’t have asthma, he didn’t have high cholesterol.  He didn’t have anything,” He died of coronavirus according to the report in The Washington Post.

    True, but he might have been vitamin D deficient.

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  • Anti-Parasitic Agent (Ivermectin) Abolishes Coronavirus Particles

    Posted April 9, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Coronaviruses Have Been Known To Infect That Respiratory Tract Since 1965.  The Cure For Coronavirus Infections Was Sitting Underneath The Nose Of Virologists All That Time

    Key points:

    • Ivermectin, a widely used anti-parasitic agent, is probably the world’s most profound anti-viral agent but inexplicably goes unused in the battle against human viral infections, such as COVID-19 coronavirus.  Just a single dose of ivermectin abolishes COVID-19 coronavirus in a lab dish.
    • Ivermectin works additively with zinc to control viral and bacterial infections.
    • Ivermectin and zinc work, in part, by increasing ATP cell energy levels.
    • Surprisingly, an extract of Panax red ginseng also exhibits similar anti-viral action to ivermectin.
    • The cell energy currency adeno triphosphate (ATP) independently exhibits anti-viral activity.
    • Given that ATP production in the body is dependent upon magnesium, indirectly this essential mineral is important in maintaining immunity from viral infections.
    • Likewise, coenzyme Q10, a natural antioxidant produced in the body that facilitates ATP production, has also been found to have potent antiviral/anti-bacterial properties.

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  • Modern Medicine Laid Bare

    Posted April 8, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    With No Cures At Hand, The Masses Resort To Using Vitamin & Mineral Supplements, Only To Find They Are Safer And More Effective Than (Un)available Drugs & Vaccines

    It would take a highly infectious and potentially deadly viral outbreak from a mutated coronavirus that no person on the planet had immunity from to finally panic the masses to bypass their doctors and ignore their admonishments not to fall prey to quack cures, and out of desperation reach for vitamin and mineral pills.

    Now vitamin C, D or zinc pills have vanished from store shelves as Americans read convincing online reports of their safety and effectiveness in addressing COVID-19 coronavirus infections.

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  • Modern Medicine Knew Of Zinc Cure For Coronavirus Infections A Decade Ago But Failed To Put Into Practice

    Posted April 6, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    The long-standing bias against natural over patentable synthetic molecules in the practice of medicine has now resulted in the avoidable premature death of thousands of the most vulnerable individuals and the abrupt and near-complete economic collapse of modern society due to an unwarranted over-response by health authorities, political overseers and sensationalist news media.

    The narrow and archaic vaccine-only paradigm to treat infectious diseases has left human populations vulnerable to a highly transmissible and potentially pathogenic virus with no approved drugs or vaccines in place.

    Unprepared public health authorities should all have resigned by now.  Instead, they wield unelected power as they mandate countermeasures such as indoor quarantine that will further deprive the sunlight-deprived masses in the northern hemisphere of the natural vitamin D needed to prevent this seasonal infectious disease.

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