• Why Get Vaccinated?

    Posted June 8, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Chart: Why Get Vaccinated

  • Another Misdirection in Cholesterol Control

    Posted June 1, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Cholesterol-Lowering Bile Acid Blockers Increase Risk For Mental Decline

    Shocking Study Finds A Class Of Widely-Prescribed Cholesterol-Lowering Medications That Bind To Bile Are Associated With An Increased Risk Of Dementia Among Males. The Antidote Is Vitamin C.

    For the first time medical investigators have made a link between irregularities in the breakdown of cholesterol into bile and the development of dementia (forgetfulness, thinking, having an “adult moment).”

    For over 40 years physicians have prescribed a class of cholesterol-lowering drugs that bind to bile, bile being composed of cholesterol.  Drugs that attempt to lower circulating levels of cholesterol are now associated with beta amyloid plaque in the brain.

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  • Failed Vitamin C Study. When Will They Print The Retractions?

    Posted May 31, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Bias Revealed In Negative Vitamin C/ COVID-19 Study

    Prior Negative COVID-19 Vitamin C Study, Halted Prematurely Because of Alleged Ineffectiveness, Found to Increase Rate of Recovery by 70% Upon Reanalysis

    • Ascorbic acid fails to significantly decrease duration of COVID-19 symptoms. – Healio
    • Supplements fail for COVID-19.  – Medpage Today.
    • We applaud the COVID-19 study for adding rigorous science and challenging popular beliefs.  Vitamin C failed to live up to its hype.  – JAMA Network Open

    Where was the peer review?  Where were the trained medical journalists to take researchers to task over prematurely halting a vitamin C/COVID-19 symptom study when both statistical and meaningfully clinical benefits were readily apparent, when so many American lives were reported to be at stake?

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  • FDA Protects COVID-19 Vaccine Makers, Seeks Withdrawal of Competing Dietary Supplement

    Posted May 22, 2021: by Bill Sardi with Matthew Sardi

    Amazon Appeases FDA Removes Sulfur-Based Dietary Supplement From Online Offerings Because It Cures COVID-19 And Threatens Vaccine Emergency-Use Provisions

    Late last year (2020) the FDA issued a warning letter that a sulfur-based dietary supplement couldn’t be lawfully marketed because it was first studied as a drug in 1963 and marketed in that same year under the trade name Mucomyst to break up mucus accumulation in the upper respiratory tract (bronchus, lung).

    The dietary supplement industry legally challenged the FDA over this categorical restriction for use solely as a drug to treat disease to the exclusion of its use to promote health, which is the what dietary supplements are permitted to claim.

    In May of 2021 Amazon.com, obviously the major online marketer of dietary supplements, caved in to the FDA and removed the sulfur-based pills, called N acetyl cysteine, or NAC for short, from its online offerings. The dietary supplement industry is advising its members to continue selling NAC supplements.  The FDA and supplement industry are in a standoff.

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  • What About COVID-19 Vaccination For The 10 Million Americans Taking Immune Suppressive Drugs?

    Posted May 20, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Can Dietary Supplements Safely Be Substituted?

    An estimated 10 million Americans take immune suppressive drugs to quell autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, Graves’ disease, inflammatory bowel disease.  Over $1 billion of immune suppressive drugs are sold annually to control symptoms of these body-against-itself autoimmune diseases and to prevent organ transplant rejection.  These vulnerable patients were supposed to be screened by a doctor before inoculation with COVID-19 vaccines.  But they have been indiscriminately immunized.

    True, RNA vaccines don’t expose these patients to actual viruses like common vaccines do.  Antibodies are produced by genetic stimulation of antigens rather than by a viral particle.  But there is question whether the vaccine will adversely affect these patients and take them on a hell ride, or worse.

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  • Forgotten Vitamin C

    Posted May 10, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Gene-Altering Drug May Reduce Risk Factor For Heart Attack But Not Save Lives

    New Gene-Altering Drug Reveals How Drug Companies And Clinicians Use The FDA-Drug Approval Process To Plunder Pools Of Insurance Money While Denying Proven Natural Remedies

    The anticipated FDA approval of an injected drug that will lower a risk factor for heart attack which is not addressed by statin cholesterol-lowering drugs has American medicine salivating.

    The drug would only need to be injected twice a year.  Patients with elevated lipoprotein(a) levels, which is a fatty protein produced in the liver that enters the blood circulation and increases risk for a heart attack, primarily affects 1 in 250 individuals worldwide with a family history.  About 60 million Americans have elevated Lp(a) levels.  Roughly 1 in 7 heart attacks are associated with high Lp(a) levels, but may not be causal for heart attacks, as you will learn below.  Concentrations of Lp(a) vary by 1000-fold between individuals.

    Use of this new drug would likely expand to others without a family history but with elevated Lp(a) blood levels, so it could become a bonanza for cardiologists and the drug industry — $1.5 billion sales projected by 2030.

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  • The Missing Piece Of The COVID-19 Death Puzzle: Co-Infection

    Posted May 2, 2021: by Bill Sardi with Matthew Sardi

    Oh, So You Thought If You Got Vaccinated You Would Avert Death By Virus? Maybe Not

    Funny thing we realized on the way to the funeral parlor to bury our friends and loved ones who were vaccinated against COVID-19 coronavirus, that the vaccine didn’t work.

    COVID-19 vaccines, like flu shots, don’t work as well for new strains of the virus. For that, you will need perpetual immunization, say vaccine makers.

    Faulty test

    Oh, there are people dying, 7700 every day in the US. But was their passing solely attributed to COVID-19? Since the COVID-19 fatality numbers are exaggerated by a PCR nasal swab test that results in 97% false positives (all of the COVID-19 PCR tests during the past 14 months have been found to be invalid), there is no way to confirm deaths were caused by COVID-19 or COVID-19 was a bystander, the difference between dying OF COVID-19 or dying WITH COVID-19! Deaths are being drummed up to create fear and false demand for vaccines.

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  • How Are They Ever Going To Live This One Down?

    Posted : by Bill Sardi

    Chlorine Dioxide Is Unequivocal Cure For Symptomatic & Laboratory Confirmed Covid-19 Infection

    Remember when the President made off-the-cuff statements about using disinfectants to potentially treat the coronavirus and the news media ridiculed him, saying he belonged in the “company of pseudoscientists and purveyors of phony elixirs who promote and sell industrial bleach as a ‘miracle cure’ for autism, malaria and a long list of medical conditions.”  (April 27, 2020 NY Times).

    UnivisionNews called the President a “follower of the church of bleach.”

    Days prior to the President’s announcement during an April 23rd press conference on COVID-19, the President had been contacted by the founder of a company, Genesis II, that sells chlorine dioxide bleach as a “miracle solution” (Miracle Mineral Solution). The President said: “I see the disinfectant that knocks it out in a minute. One minute!”

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  • Deadly Contagion

    Posted April 22, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    The Grim Reaper Uses A Stealth Vitamin B1 Deficiency (Beriberi), Hidden Behind The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic As Breathless Loved Ones Silently Slip Into Their Graves

    Just over a year into the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown there is shock to learn that only one-quarter of one-percent (2.6 fatalities per 1000) of the COVID-related deaths in the US were among non-institutionalized adults with the vast majority (99.7%) involving nursing home deaths of fragile elderly patients.  (Source: Annals Internal Medicine, Volume 174, Jan. 2021).

    The declared emergency use of COVID-19 vaccines to save lives was a complete misdirection for the majority of the US population.  The fear tactics to coerce adults to wear face masks, socially distance, wash their hands and vaccinate were exercises in futility in regard to prevention of mortality.  But as one pulmonary (chest) doctor emailed me, the intensive care unit at his hospital was full and patients there were dying of something.

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  • Blood Curdling Clots Caused By Covid, or Shots, Or Some Other Mysterious Factor, Or Just A Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

    Posted April 17, 2021: by Bill Sardi with Matthew Sardi

    The unique symptoms emanating from COVID-19, unlike any other coronavirus, speaks legions for this virus as a man-made weapon, or is it just a coronavirus pandemic made worse by modern medicines reluctance to adopt nutritional medicine?

    Here are the news headlines:

    Calling reported blood clots among hospitalized COVID-19 patients “a mystery,” an anxiety-raising report in Nature Magazine says blood clots arise in 20-30% of critically ill COVID-19 patients, blood thinners don’t reliably prevent these clots, and many hospitalized patients exhibit elevated levels of a protein fragment called D-dimer produced when clots dissolve, which is a “powerful predictor of mortality.”

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