• The Forgotten Cure That Prevents Mortal Heart Attacks

    Posted October 12, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Cardiologists Re-Discover Natural Remedy That Prevents Mortal Heart Attacks, First Reported 45 Years Ago.

    The year was 1973.  Dr. Lester Morrison, an internal medicine specialist at Loma Linda University Medical Center reported in the journal ANGIOLOGY that four groups of sixty (60) high-risk angina (chest pain) patients with coronary artery disease were successfully treated with a dietary supplement (chondroitin sulfate) over a six-year period.  Here were the results of that study:

    Lester Morrison MD, ANGIOLOGY

    Volume 25, page 269, 1973

    60 patients
    Heart attack/ fatal,  no chondroitin 14
    60 patients
    Fatal heart attack with 5000 mg chondroitin sulfate (-350% reduction)  4
    60 patients
    Non-fatal heart attack, no chondroitin sulfate 10
    60 patients
    Non-fatal heart attack, with 5000 mg chondroitin sulfate (absolute risk reduction)  0

    Fast forward to 2021.  Researchers in Spain report on a cohort of 23,585 cases of acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) compared to 117,405 healthy controls.  Participants were age matched.  Here are the results of that study.

    PLoS ONE Journal, July 12, 2021
    800 milligrams chondroitin sulfate users 365+ days
    Acute heart-attack risk reduction: -44%

    Another corroborative animal study published in the journal Atherosclerosis in 2016 also demonstrated chondroitin sulfate reduced cholesterol plaque by 62.5%, and a marker of inflammation (TNF) by 82%.

    In the interim period 1973-2021, no additional human clinical trials were conducted.  Modern medicine was making too much money off of statin drugs.

    Millions of preventable heart attacks occurred.  Billions of dollars of statin cholesterol-lowering drugs were sold.

    There is such agony over the realization that millions of Americans experienced premature death from heart disease that could have been averted had modern medicine not ignored research showing a commonly-used dietary supplement for joint problems, chondroitin sulfate, reduces risk for a mortal heart attack by 40+%.

    Instead, modern medicine mistakenly believed cholesterol cloggs coronary arteries.  Modern medicine has yet to break from its habit of prescribing statin drugs.

    Overexaggerated statin drugs

    Over a 5-year period maybe 3 out of 1000 adults experience a non-mortal heart attack.  Statin drugs reduced that risk to 2 out of 1000.  That was deceptively reported as a 36% risk reduction (3 to 2), as if 36 out of 100 statin drug users averted a heart attack.  However, that was relative-risk reduction, not hard numbers.

    Recent analysis reveals 217 at-risk patients need to be treated with a statin drug for 5 years to prevent one nonfatal heart attack (statistically insignificant).  A healthy man will not live any longer if he takes a statin drug.  As many people experience a heart attack with a cholesterol level below 200 as over 200.

    Still an estimated 25 million Americans take statin drugs.

    What Dr. Morrison demonstrated

    Dr. Morrison had shown that monkeys with high cholesterol diets exhibited typical arterial disease, a pathology that could be completely prevented with chondroitin. He then moved on to prove that in humans. Dr. Morrison’s discovery might have been completely forgotten had the aforementioned animal study not shown a 7-fold reduction in coronary events (heart attacks).

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