• Why I Don’t And Won’t Vaccinate My Child

    Posted January 13, 2015: by Bill Sardi

    In response to this email:

    In a message dated 1/9/2015 8:24:16 A.M.PST: I would like to hear your thoughts on the recent outbreak of measles. I find it interesting that while the majority of cases are among unvaccinated people, there are some patients who have been vaccinated. A few of these are adults. Interesting dilemma. I do remember measles cases when I was a child and I remember the patient (young child) ended up with very bad eyesight problems, which were laid at the feet of the disease. I have subsequently found many of the things I learned as fact were untrue (ignorance, I believe, not malice), but I have read measles can attack the eyes. When there is an outbreak of disease, it’s hard not to turn to vaccination.

    Reply: Vaccines are outdated “cowpox” technology.  The milk maids got cowpox from the cows and therefore doctors scratched the maids’ skin on their arms and rubbed kids abraded skin next to it and the kids got a mild form of the pox and developed antibodies against chicken pox.

    Now once we understand vaccines ARE a little bit of the very diseases they propose to quell then we can understand the folly of giving 5 different types of infectious diseases to an immune compromised child at one time (the so called 5-in-1 vaccines– measles, mumps, diphtheria, polio, tetanus, whooping cough).  There is such a thing as vaccine-induced disease.  There are more cases of vaccine-induced polio in Africa now than the naturally acquired form of the viral infection itself.  The incidence of vaccine-induced disease among dogs is now rampant.  [TheDogPlace.Org] Most of the people I know who got a flu shot at the local pharmacy report they got the flu.  Of course!

    First, children under age 2 are not able to develop sufficient antibodies to develop immunity from vaccination.  Despite this basic fact, the medical establishment insists upon administering a total of 19 shots, containing 24 vaccines, to infants on their 2, 4 and 6 month pediatric visits.  Pediatricians admit vaccination of young infants and toddlers represents “training the parent to bring their child in at all the pediatric wellness visits.” [GaetaCommunications.com]

    These kids also do not have a fully developed blood brain barrier to keep the pathogens from reaching the brain as well as the adjuvants (more about that in a moment) that are toxic.  Flu shots for under-twos, the high-risk group for flu-related death, are almost worthless.  [SmartVax.com] The shots administered to newborns against future hepatitis are also very troublesome. [VaxTruth.org]

    Second, because vaccines often don’t provoke an adequate immune response (production of antibodies), adjuvants (toxins) are used (heavy metals like mercury and aluminum) to provoke antibody production.  This means vaccines by themselves are often ineffective.  There is such a thing as ASIA syndrome (“autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants”) [Pharmacology Research Sept 30, 2014] that has been confirmed to cause a number of adverse side effects. [Lupus Feb 2012]

    Third, modern vaccines appear to be designed to offer temporary immunity and re-vaccination is required.  We see a lot of infection occurring among already vaccinated children (by design?).  For example, a published study shows that antibody levels against measles were initially elevated upon vaccination but decline to pre-vaccination levels within 3 years. [Vaccine Jan 2002]

    Fourth, children whose vitamin C, D, zinc, selenium, omega-3 oil blood levels are adequate will be more likely to develop an adequate antibody response.  But no, the door is slammed on the vitamins and minerals.  [Poultry Science May 2000; Vaccine Jan 20, 2012; Journal Animal Science Aug 2013; PLoS One Jan 28, 2014]

    Fifth, we have chosen not to vaccinate our child but rather let him get exposed to the various pathogens naturally (chicken pox, pertussis- whooping cough, polio, measles, etc.) and give him greater amounts of vitamins and minerals to quell the fever and discomfort and allow him to develop natural antibody protection.  When our son is ill we just let him stay home, watch TV, and take a week off from being around other kids. Elderberry syrup is also very helpful when kids are ill. [Journal International Medical Research March-April 2004]

    Sixth, there isn’t a foolproof vaccine in use.  None are totally effective.  Therefore, why aren’t alternative treatments sought out and put into practice?  Can we avoid the risk of our children suffering from some infection that could alter their lives forever by blind reliance upon vaccines?  No we can’t.  Alternatives need to be sought and used at least as adjunct prevention. [Medical Microbiology Immunology Dec 16, 2014]

    Seventh, generally speaking most of these infectious disease prevention programs represent over-vaccination.  For example, only 1 in 2000 people infected with poliovirus develop poliomyelitis.  [New York Department of Health]  We vaccinate 2000 to prevent 1 case.  Most subjects who are infected (likely the ones who have sufficient levels of vitamins and minerals) develop a mild fever and don’t even notice they just experienced a mild bout with the poliovirus that never infected their nervous system.

    In India, where public hygiene is horrible (most East Indians defecate out in the open rather than in sewer or septic tanks) and nutrition is abysmal, polio is stubbornly persistent despite mass vaccination.  [The Refusers.com June 13, 2013] It isn’t vaccination that keeps polio from rearing its ugly head in America once again, it is clean drinking water, foods fortified with vitamins, in particular vitamin C, and hygienic ways to disposing of human waste.

    Polio is still on the prowl in the USA.   The report of a lone case of poliomyelitis in an unvaccinated girl among a 24-member Amish farm family in 2005 (none who came down the nervous system destruction that accompanies this infection) suggests the infected subject got polio from somebody who was carrying it. [New York Times Nov 9, 2005]

    Health authorities continue to report zero cases of polio in the US despite the fact immigrants must be carrying the virus with them as they enter the country either legally or illegally.

    A recent outbreak of a paralyzing infectious disease in California that is said to produce polio-like symptoms is being blamed on enterovirus 68. [USA Today Feb 26, 2014; California Dept. Public Health Sept 18, 2014] But health authorities admit they don’t know for sure that these cases are caused by enterovirus 68. [LegalInsurrection.com Oct 7, 2014] Poliovirus and enterovirus 68 are both single-strand RNA viruses. How do health authorities know it really isn’t polio rather than enterovirus 68? Most hospitals don’t have the test equipment to distinguish one enterovirus from another. [MotherJones.com Oct 2, 2014]

    Or do they already know and are covering it up like they have other infectious disease outbreaks that might thrust a deep knife into the over-vaccination agenda?

    Back to my son, unlike most other kids our son had only one mild inner ear infection that occurred before we were ramping up the vitamin D compared to most kids who have endured three ear infections by age 3. [Parents.com]

    Knowing as I do as an investigative health journalist that vaccine makers and clinicians have been disingenuous over the safety of vaccines — I discovered a “hot lot” flu vaccine killed over 50,000 elderly Americans in 1993 and the whole fiasco was covered up by public health authorities [NewsWithViews.com Aug 17, 2009] — I am not willing to put my child at undue risk.

    Of course, the whole vaccine charade would have been over had that deadly vaccine-induced disaster ever been reported.  If they can kill 50,000 helpless Americans right out in the open with a deadly vaccine and get away with it, what else are they hiding?

    Don’t think that was an isolated incident.

    Don’t forget health authorities have for years been able to hide the fact a measles-mumps-rubella vaccination program among young African-American boys dramatically increased their risk to develop autistic symptoms. [Translational Neurodegeneration Aug 8, 2014; Lancet Feb 28, 1998]

    Boys are particularly vulnerable to the problems posed by vaccines for various known and unknown reasons.  [Journal Toxicology Environmental Health Part A 2010] No, not my boy.  Not if I have anything to do with it.

    Nor would I subject a young daughter, if I had one, to the human papilloma vaccine to prevent future cervical cancer.  The HPV vaccine is still unproven and hasn’t been documented to save a single life since its introduction in 2007. [KnowledgeofHealth.com June 10, 2013]

    Nor has there been any evidence published that has changed my mind about vaccination of children against the flu since I wrote about it in 2009.  [LewRockwell.com Sept 16, 2009]

    The news media is working in league with the medical community to hide the drawbacks of vaccines under the false assumption vaccine skeptics are eccentric, misinformed and filled with unfounded conspiracy theories.  The authoritative references cited in this report dispel that idea.

    Vaccines are archaic, problematic, are over-promoted and vaccine advocates ignore natural immunity.  Vaccines are a cash cow for pediatricians who are not acting without self-interest.

    Public hygiene (clean water, food) has done more to prevent infectious disease than vaccines.  The International Medical Council on Vaccination has authoritatively documented the rate of infectious disease among children was in great decline before vaccines were first introduced.  [Int’l Medical Council Vaccination June 21, 2009]

    It is also said the eradication of polio in the U.S. coincided with chlorination of water supplies and the polio vaccine had little to do with this. [The Engineering of Pandemics- True Ott PhD, Aug 23, 2009]

    If you want to trust doctors, vaccine makers and public health authorities implicitly that is your choice.  However, please do not confront me with the false argument I am threatening the health of your children by not vaccinating mine.

    I understand you are fearful of not making the correct decision and the weight of most doctors falls on the side of vaccination.  I understand you probably don’t have the time or understanding to sort out all the arguments on both sides of this issue.  If I haven’t written solid enough arguments here to get you to reconsider childhood vaccination programs then I need to sharpen my argument.

    You aren’t abandoning your children and leaving them defenseless against pathogenic bacteria and viruses by asking for a vaccination waiver from school authorities. You’ve just never learned to rely upon vitamins and minerals to produce the natural immunity your children really need.

    There is no way to produce vaccines for every disease producing virus and bacterium. There are 70 varieties of enteroviruses alone. You see what happened when enterovirus 68 struck for which there is no vaccine.

    In fact, you ARE leaving your children defenseless against infectious disease when antibody levels decline in the post-vaccination period. Every growing child’s diet should be supplemented with vitamins A, C, D, E, zinc and selenium as well as fish oil for optimal immune response.

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