• Why A Few Cancer Patients Miraculously Respond To Experimental Cancer Treatment While Most Others Do Not

    Posted April 14, 2014: by Bill Sardi

    A Bloomberg News report delved into the reasons why a few patients respond to experimental cancer treatments while most others do not.  Investigators still aren’t sure why some patients respond “miraculously” to treatment that largely fails others.  It may be genetic predisposition.  [Cancer ‘Miracle’ Patients Studied Anew For Disease Clues].  Readers were invited to comment on the report.  Here is what one commentator posted:

    Please, don’t be stupid with these alternative treatments. If you don’t understand how disease/cure works on cellular level defer it to professionals. Stephen Jobs was so arrogant that he delayed his treatment for 7 months trying to find alternative treatment. Please, don’t make same mistakes. Simple answers never work for complex questions. The Dark ages ended some time ago.

    Here is my reply (posted at Yahoo):

    Cancer patients are not stupid for seeking alternatives.  70% of tumors are solid masses that chemo and radiation cannot penetrate.  Treatment resistance sets in 100% of the time with chemo.  Then what?

    Those who comment on this article about miracle responders never question why cancer cures always must be patentable drugs.  Only man-made molecules cure cancer?

    Cancer is largely a disease of aging. Cure aging and you cure cancer.  Aging can be slowed with mineral chelators.  For example, the natural molecule resveratrol controls copper, a primary growth factor for cancer.  In fact, resveratrol blocks cancer at all three stages of development — initiation, growth and spread (metastasis), something FDA-approved cancer drug can do.

    Vitamin D activates neutrophils that seek out and literally blow up cancer cells with an oxidative burst.  A doctor at Wake Forest University found that mice and humans with active neutrophils are totally resistant against cancer (look up cancer-proof mouse, Zheng Cui, Wake Forest Univ.).

    On the other hand, refined sugar paralyzes white blood cells and impairs their ability to destroy roaming cancer cells.

    Fish oil (omega-3 oil) creates an environment that stymies the growth of tumors.  Corn oil (omega-6 oil) fosters tumor growth.

    The deadly form of cancer is metastasis which is facilitated by thick clumpy blood.  There are five natural blood thinners — fish oil, garlic, resveratrol, vitamin E and magnesium.  Short of problematic blood thinning drugs (which are not prescribed for this purpose), modern medicine has nothing to stop metastasis.

    Studies show cancer patients live longer if they get plenty of sun (vitamin D) and far longer if they get plenty of sleep (supplemental melatonin).

    It’s your life.  You need to make your own choices.  You can completely trust your doctor, who has no cures, only treatments that are life-threatening themselves.  Or you can search for safe and effective treatments that modern medicine refuses to consider.

    At least consider taking some antioxidants to counter the terrible side effects of chemo and radiation.

    Recognize, drugs are approved for cancer if they temporarily shrink solid tumors by 50% or more, not whether they prolong your life.  Don’t be fooled by tumor shrinkage.  The gold standard is survival.

    Oncologists are loathe to compare treatment versus no treatment so patients can evaluate how effective their treatments are.  At best, most only add a few months to life.

    Patients only opt for ineffective treatments because they know of nothing else and falsely believe doing something is better than nothing.  The cure rate for most chemotherapy is zero.  Yes, don’t fall for phony cures like apricot pits and alkaline diets.

    Most of the cancer being treated today is pre-cancer (neoplasia, hyperplasia).  Health authorities are trying to put a stop to doctors describing pre-cancer as cancer, which provokes fear and coerces patients to undergo needless treatment.  Most men and women with cancerous cells in their breast and prostate will die with but not of these pre-cancers.

    Oncology continues to foster a lie — that cancer patients are living longer thanks to treatment.  In fact, all that is happening is that earlier detection is catching tumors when they are smaller.  Early detection and treatment is not adding to survival time.  Patients are still succumbing to cancer on the same calendar day.

    You can trust your doctor implicitly.  So what harm could come from putting into practice some of the things I just mentioned above?

    And in regard to an answer as to why a few cancer patients miraculously respond to experimental cancer therapy, maybe they were doing some of the things mentioned above.

    — Bill Sardi, Knowledge of Health, Inc.  — ©2014 Bill Sardi, Knowledge of Health, Inc.

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