• The Rise of Fascism, Loss of Freedom of Choice and Dietary Supplements

    Posted January 15, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Americans are looking down the barrel of a fascist gun for the first time in their lives.  Next to onerous restrictions on gun ownership by law abiding citizens, dietary supplements are at the top the list of fascist targets to eradicate.

    It doesn’t take a prescient fortune teller to predict that dietary supplements are going to come under unprecedented tyrannical oversight by government officials in coming months.  The appointment of anti-supplement hatchet man Dr. David Kessler to President-elect Joe Biden’s COVID Task Force, suggests rough times ahead for nutraceuticals.  Former FDA commissioner David Kessler could be re-appointed as FDA chieftain. Dr. Kessler is known for his anti-dietary supplement stance.

    Natural Products Insider says Kessler may press harder for reforms he couldn’t fully implement in his first term at FDA.  These include mandatory product registration, labeling of dietary supplements that interfere with drugs (actually it’s the other way around), and mandatory reporting of non-serious adverse events.

    But these proposed “reforms” are pale next to what fascists can and likely will throw at American businesses, particularly brick and mortar dietary supplement establishments.   Fascism is likely to strike the dietary supplement industry in unexpected ways.

    The digital currency

    The idea of a digital currency (no paper money) is expected to be inevitable.  Digital currency removes privacy.  Digital accounts will be monitored in real time by the government (treasury department).  Digital money comes at the cost of freedom of choice and loss of freedom.

    Government can cut off sales of any product it deems to be deleterious.
    (More likely a restriction on doses of vitamins and minerals that exceed the recommended daily amounts). Government can suspend access to a consumer’s money until they get vaccinated, or block the sale of Twinkies by a diabetic.  Social control is the impetus behind digital currency as well as increased tax revenues from unreported income.

    More likely the onerous lockdowns are impoverishing Americans.  Will they have any money left to purchase dietary supplements?

    Covert destruction

    Another threat to the dietary supplement industry is covert and disturbing.  Along with other retail establishments, dietary supplement retail shops have been burned and gutted by militant fascist groups.  Economist Catherine Austin Fitts clues us in to a hidden agenda.

    Fitts says America is undergoing an economic war or “financial coup,” but only a feigned war against an infectious disease.  Anarchist groups seem to be doing the bidding for what Fitts calls “destructive capitalism.”

    Fitts reveals a tax shelter mechanism created in 2018 called Opportunity Zones.  Retail properties are declared non-essential in the lockdown and therefore must close.  Then they are destroyed in street riots by anarchist groups.  Investors swoop in to buy up these damaged properties on the cheap and take advantage of no capital gains taxes upon restoration of commercial properties.

    There are no exemptions from the terror of anarchists.  Antifa is out to vandalize, even burn down, vitamin shops.  Whole Foods was targeted.

    US intelligence and security agencies certainly must know the identity of every member of anarchist groups.  Why aren’t security agencies penetrating these anarchist groups and putting an end to this destruction of retail businesses?  Their appears to be a palsy-walsy relationship between anarchists, government agencies and sources of capital.  Better that mafia controls business, at least retailers would get some protection.

    With the vast majority of 9,000 vitamin shops being independently owned, their vulnerability to market forces and political upheavals is obvious.  Those health food stores that are put out of business by anarchist-led street riots would be none-the-wiser how all this happened.  A part of fascism is a lighted match.

    Proposed reforms for what purpose?

    Getting back to proposed reforms in dietary supplement regulation, the strange disconnect is to ask precisely what these reforms are intended to achieve?  There was not a single death associated with a dietary supplement in 2010.

    Americans have grown so accustomed to negative news reports about dietary supplements that they simply ignore these reports.  One popularly replayed hit piece on dietary supplements is the report of thousands of reports to poison control centers producing side effects. But 70% of these reports of poisoning by dietary supplement involved overdosing by children younger than six years of age and had nothing to do with the products themselves.

    The arguments that dietary supplements are a waste of money and create “expensive urine” have been dispelled time and again.

    Dietary supplements are safer than table sugar, aspirin, acetaminophen (Tylenol- liver toxin), ibuprofen, dextromethorphan (in medicines like Nyquil, Dayquil, Robitussin, Theraflu), all sold widely in retail stores without a prescription, that can kill you if overconsumed.

    Literally, regulations regarding dietary supplements are an overkill while FDA-approved drugs have a license to kill.   Proposed reforms would just increase paperwork and retail prices, not improve safety.

    The muzzled supplement industry (where is the 1st Amendment?)

    The regulatory line that was drawn for dietary supplements versus drugs is simply protection for patented synthetic molecules versus unpatentable natural remedies.  No dietary supplement is allowed to claim it prevents, treats or cures a disease, even when vitamins and minerals prevent deficiency diseases that are unexpectedly common, such as scurvy (vitamin C), beriberi (vitamin B1, common among alcohol and coffeeholics; B1 deficiency mimics COVID-19 symptoms), pernicious anemia (vitamin B12, fatigue and short-term memory loss), zinc (immunity, T-cells, skin conditions, behavior, diarrhea), magnesium (myriads of conditions), and vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin that is quelling the coronavirus pandemic at a time when there are no proven vaccines or drugs; so is vitamin D categorically a drug?).

    No dietary supplement label can claim it cures a dietary deficiency disease like scurvy, rickets, beriberi, pernicious anemia, diarrhea, weak immunity (low T-cells) or pellagra, even though vitamin pills obviously do that.

    Only for deficiency

    Given that dietary supplements exert the same biological activity of most prescription drugs, it is paramount for pharmaceutical companies to keep consumers in the dark on more affordable and less problematic natural remedies that compete with their drugs.  With a digital currency syste in place to exert control, supplements could be confined to dietary deficiency-only use by proven blood test.

    The problem here is that millions are deficient in vitamin C (nearly 100%), zinc (~40%), vitamin D (nearly 100%), B1 (over half of the population), magnesium (~40%).  Modern medicine casts a blind eye toward dietary deficiency diseases.  The masses are left in a deficient state and no option but to use inappropriate drugs to quell symptoms of a dietary deficiency, which is the current situation.

    Garlic pills exhibit the following health benefits:

    • Garlic mimics ACE inhibitors and calcium blockers
    • Garlic kills off yeast infection (Candida albicans) better than most drugs
    • Garlic works when bacteria become resistant to antibiotics
    • Garlic works better than anti-AIDs/HIV drug AZT
    • Garlic saves babies lives during pregnancy (kills off Strep B infection)
    • Garlic abolishes anthrax better than 5 antibiotics
    • Garlic spares good bacteria (acidophilus) when antibiotics don’t
    • Garlic removes lead better than commonly-used drug (d-penicillamine)
    • Garlic bests statin drugs – removes calcifications 3-fold better
    • Garlic is superior to 3 classes of heart drugs
    • Garlic bests aspirin

    Are dietary supplements that good?

    And what to do with resveratrol, a red wine molecule that has been shunned by modern medicine and for good reason – it could replace most Rx drugs (can’t have that, it would crash the pharmaceutical sector of the stock market).

    The biological action of most prescription drugs can be mimicked by dietary supplements with increased safety and at less cost.

    Eventual takeover of the supplement industry

    As patents on Rx drugs expire (where have all the blockbuster drugs gone?) and most newly licensed drugs are no better than existing drugs, look for dietary supplements to be categorically captured by legislation (prescription only) once they are mischaracterized as a public hazard that requires doctor oversight (won’t doctors love that!).  The planned takeover of the dietary supplement industry would raise prices.

    When will health authorities give their blessing on an anti-aging pill?

    Catherine Austin Fitts suggests, only when human populations are culled will our globalist/fascist overseers will put their imprimatur on anti-aging pills. Life insurance companies will obstruct any effort to allow super-longevity to gain traction till then.  The Society of Actuaries was briefed on advances in anti-aging technology in 1979 and exerted influence to put a halt to that.

    A private entity that advises government eerily predicts the US population will plummet from 327 million to 100 million by 2025.  The lockdown may continue for the next three years.  Is COVID-19 just a covert population control program?

    Impetus behind the pandemic: overpopulation myth

    Another irony is the long-standing belief that may be fueling this contrived pandemic is that there are too many people on the planet and efforts to limit the size of families must be followed.  This mistaken idea is being dispelled by data showing American women had 3.85 children in 1900 but 100 years later that fell to 1.9 children.  The same story is found around the globe.  Once women obtain financial security they birth fewer babies.  The book EMPTY PLANET tells the story of underpopulation.

    Supplements came to the rescue when no drugs or vaccines existed

    Ironically, with no licensed vaccine and no approved drug for COVID-19 infections, consumers opted for dietary supplements and vitamin D and zinc pills vanished from retail store shelves for a time.

    Modern medicine knew of the zinc cure for coronavirus infections a decade ago but failed to put it into practice.  Given that coronaviruses are not causing deaths but weak immune systems are, the opportunity for dietary supplements to solve this contrived epidemic on their own, without government interference, is a possibility.

    Consumers are taking more vitamins and herbal products now than ever before.  The infection and death rates for the flu, heart disease and cancer have plummeted during this period of time.  Do public health authorities want the public to believe that face masks and social distancing are specific for influenza but not coronaviruses?

    Fearful of going to the hospital and getting COVID-19 from a healthcare worker, Americans are avoiding hospitals and doctor’s offices like the plague.

    Cell senescence: old cells = old age

    A newly introduced approach to healthy life extension is the discovery of molecules that can unequivocally eradicate “senescent” cells in the aging body.  Drugs are not needed.  Natural molecules derived from strawberries (fisetin) and grapes (resveratrol) do a good job of this, mostly because they reduce the burden of heavy metals like iron and copper in the body.  With no instruction or prescription from doctors, longevity seekers must proceed without guidance if they choose to take an anti-senolytic nutraceutical.

    In April of 2014 a Princeton University study concluded America is an oligarchy, not a democracy.  Many oligarchs have launched new ventures in anti-aging technology.  The 1-percenters seek privilege from government.  An article entitled “Silicone Valley’s Quest To Live Forever” in The New Yorker, quoted a rich oligarch to say: “We have all this money but we only get to live a normal life span.”  It’s the last frontier for the super wealthy.  Their ventures into anti-aging pills don’t want any competition.

    When a dietary supplement this author formulated and was found to activate 9-times more longevity genes than plain resveratrol, the Attorney General’s office at the Department of Justice outlawed any anti-aging claims for nutraceuticals with the penalty being a felony enforced by the Attorney General of the United States, not just the FDA or Federal Trade Commission.

    Look at the oligarchs now that fund satellite launches, fund vaccines, create government databases, all without Congressional oversight.  If oligarchs violate environmental regulations, they just pay the fine (which is a legal way of paying off government) and consider it the cost of doing business.

    Americans wouldn’t recognize fascism if they saw it.
    Fascism is when government does the bidding for big business.

    Where did all those dead bodies come from?

    Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic it appears health authorities were simply re-categorizing tuberculosis lung infections as COVID-19.  Demographic maps showed California, Texas, Florida and New York as hotbeds for COVID-19 and they matched States where TB rates are high (States where illegal immigration is prevalent).  The vaccine for TB was found to be effective against COVID-19.  It’s possible COVID-19 is a highly infectious but barely lethal cold virus.

    Why don’t the animals get COVID-19 infection?

    Animals harbor COVID-19 but aren’t sickened by it, possibly because most animals internally secrete vitamin CBats harbor many viruses but aren’t sickened from them.  Guinea pigs have the same gene flaw as humans. When inoculated with COVID-19 coronavirus, 70% died. It is no surprise to learn that vitamin C therapy may save the lives in cases of severe COVID-19 infection.

    Vitamin C synthesis restored

    Humans lost their ability to endogenously produce vitamin C due to a gene mutation many generations ago.  The gene mutation nixes an enzyme needed to convert blood sugar (glucose) into ascorbate (vitamin C).  What was once postulated by biochemist Irwin Stone to be the greatest discovery in the history of modern medicine – – to restore human synthesis of vitamin C internally – – was announced recently.  But in this COVID-19 environment, a cure for cancer or blindness could be discovered and it would never be reported by the controlled propaganda/news media.

    Dealing with the real disease: fascism

    Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo, in his book THE PROBLEM WITH SOCIALISM, says to a graduating high school class:

    “As you begin your college career you will inevitably become confused about the subject of “fascism,” which has been in the news quite a bit recently.  On the one hand, you will be taught that there is nothing more evil, more insidious, more despicable than fascism and fascists.  You might even be invited to become a member of ‘antifa,’ the violent criminal gang that sets buildings and cars on fire, clubs people with baseball bats, sprays mace in their faces, throws cinder blocks through store windows, hurls bottles filled with urine and feces at the police, etc., in supposed protests against ‘fascism.’ (Antithetically, ‘Antifa’ is said to stand for ‘anti-fascism’).  Twentieth-century fascists believe you should have zero tolerance for anyone who disagrees with you.”

    We think of Pogo who once said: “We have met the enemy and the enemy is us.”  A recent poll showed 43% of Americans think more socialism would be a good thing.

    In his book THE CASE AGAINST SOCIALISM by Rand Paul, says “far from providing economic freedom, socialist governments enslave their citizens.  They offer illusory promises of safety and equality while restricting personal liberty, tightening state power, sapping human enterprise and making citizens dependent on the dole.”

    But there is no time now to go back and read books.  College students should have had F.A. Hayek’s book THE ROAD TO SERFDOM on their required reading list.  Hayek says collectivist ideas empower government with increasing economic control does not lead to a utopia but to the horrors of Nazi Germany.

    Dealing with such evil in a report like this is very troubling.  Maybe a bit of humor is called for to end this report.

    One of the few if any positives that comes out of socialism/fascism is that women, feeling they have better economic stability provided by socialism, have better sex. That is the title of a recent book, WHY WOMEN HAVE BETTER SEX UNDER SOCIALISM.  The false promise of socialism may lure the more-financially insecure female sex.

    And wouldn’t you know it.  One website with a tongue-in-cheek attitude published a self-help report entitled: “vitamin supplements to help you manage fascism.”  Unfortunately, there is no pill that will make fascism go away.  The resolve of the nation is being tested.

    My strongest suggestion is, if you take dietary supplements, with a troublesome inauguration ahead and false-flag retaliation rumored, I would stock up on dietary supplements.  On authority, the President-elect is planning an onerous six-week lockdown beginning in February.  These lockdowns prevent production and delivery workers from getting to their jobs.  Your access to dietary supplements may be cut off temporarily.

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