• The Pandemic Within a Pandemic

    Posted August 17, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Modern Medicine Isn’t Going To Tell You What Is Really Causing All The Deaths.

    When The Public Realizes Vaccination Is Futile, The Public May Confront Themselves With The Real Cause Of The Pandemic

    It is heartbreaking to hear of people all over the world dying needlessly. But not because the masses chose to vaccinate or not vaccinate themselves against a mutated coronavirus with RNA/DNA vaccines, but because of a hidden epidemic that co-exists in the background of the worldwide pandemic that is now in progress. It is the failure of modern medicine to recognize this epidemic-within-an-epidemic that is causing more premature deaths than any mutated coronavirus.

    All of the case and mortality numbers regarding Covid-19 you read about from the most authoritative sources (CDC, WHO, VAERS, Johns Hopkins University, Statista, Worldometers, National Vaccine Information Center) are vastly misleading as to cause due to their omission of data involving the 2nd silent pandemic, which is almost completely preventable via food fortification, without vaccines.

    The sad truth is that due to the fear and anxiety fostered by the lockdowns and scare tactics employed to urge people to vaccinate, we are killing ourselves.

    Based on a misleading test

    The first year of Covid-19 infections were confirmed by a bogus PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test because it intentionally was set at such high sensitivity that 97% of the tests were erroneously positive. Then there were inexplicable cases with a positive PCR test but no symptoms.

    The absence of a fever (symptom) will not activate the production of antibodies. So, something else must be going on.

    Furthermore, long-term Covid-19 symptoms (racing heart, crushing fatigue, shortness of breath, headache, muscle pain, sleeplessness, etc.) go unexplained. These symptoms are better explained by a vitamin B1 deficiency.

    Endless booster shots

    Modern medicine was and still is flying by the seat of its pants, operating with financial incentives to come up with positive Covid-19 cases to frighten the public to be immunized. The misled masses are told they need booster shots for the next variant of Covid-19 (there are 4000 variants) when symptoms re-arise after vaccination. Most practicing physicians are clueless. The blind lead the blind. When the public realizes vaccination is futile, it may confront the real cause of the epidemic. We are killing ourselves!

    Your pro-and-con sources of vaccine information are oblivious

    The expert sources of information you rely upon, whether they be CNN, Anthony Fauci of the Institute of Infectious Disease, or Del Bigtree, America’s Frontline Doctors, or the National Vaccine Information Service, are oblivious to the connection between vitamin B1 deficiency and Covid-19.

    This author’s numerous attempts to educate the public and the medical profession that another deadly pandemic is in play simultaneously with Covid-19 have been ignored. This is the ninth major report I have written on the true origin of the pandemic.

    Fear and anxiety; the need of a relaxant

    The lockdowns and frightening news reports that a mutated virus was about to eradicate human populations led to high levels of fear and anxiety. Subsequently, the consumption of alcohol and sugary foods, combined with sleeplessness which increased coffee and tea drinking, led to an unprecedented and widespread dietary deficiency. These foods and beverages block the absorption and transport of a key vitamin (B1, thiamine, pronounced thi-a-meen) that controls the human autonomic nervous system, which in turn controls the immune system.

    The alcohol/B1 deficiency epidemic does not conveniently fit the profit-making objectives of vaccine makers nor the desires of politicians to control populations, and therefore it is conveniently overlooked.

    The confounder

    How do we know this?

    A vitamin B1 deficiency, known as beriberi, continues to confound American medicine. How do we know this?

    We know this because of data showing increased consumption of alcohol, coffee and tea during the pandemic.

    The human body of an adult only has about 30 milligrams of vitamin B1 (thiamine). It is easily depleted.

    The unexplained incidence of long-term Covid symptoms such as racing heart, chronic headache, crushing fatigue and even shortness of breath can only be explained by a deficiency of vitamin B1. No coronavirus, flu bug, or any other infection produces the symptoms observed with Covid-19.

    The hidden epidemic preceded the Covid-epidemic

    America was already experiencing a vitamin B1 epidemic when the Covid-19 pandemic was announced. With lockdowns the consumption of vitamin-B1-depleting alcohol at home rose 500%. Even prior to the pandemic in March of 2020, alcoholism accounted for 24% of adult emergency room/ambulance-delivered admissions. Alcoholism costs a staggering $100 billion in medical care, before Covid-19.

    Chart: Alcohol sales - in store vs online

    Alcoholic Beverages Boom Online During Covid-19

    While illicit street drugs make news headlines, alcohol abuse is the most widespread drug addiction, particularly during the pandemic. More people drank at home, alone.

    Alcohol not only depletes vitamin B1, it lowers blood levels of vitamin A, zinc and magnesium. Alcohol adversely affects the immune system and can result in pneumonia. As a report published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences states: “beriberi may be misdiagnosed as a viral infection, as pneumonia, typhus, or malaria; beriberi patients may die before the correct diagnosis of thiamine deficiency is made.”

    Researchers in Brazil, writing in Frontiers in Psychiatry, say the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic can be predicted on alcohol use alone, not the spread of a virus!

    The effectiveness of the total lockdown in Wuhan, China, that abruptly halted the epidemic there, was more likely from the inability to get to the liquor store than it was any lack of spread of an imagined virus.

    In one study approximately 25% of the people who experienced post-traumatic stress disorder continued to have symptoms 30 months after lifting the lockdown. Trapped at home, all age groups had segments that increased their alcohol consumption, especially millennials, a younger low-risk age group for Covid-19. Alcohol beverage purveyors made things worse by offering home delivery of alcoholic beverages.


    The problem is so prevalent that many Covid-19 patients should be called “Covid-alcoholics.” Millions of premature deaths were already occurring due to alcohol abuse long before any coronavirus outbreak. Alcohol abuse is prevalent in all global regions, which explains the reach of the pandemic.

    Data from one hospital study reveals Covid-19 patients who survived had 0% liver disease where as 7.1% that died had liver disease. Liver disease is one of the most common health problems among alcoholics.

    About 10% of patients treated for Covid-19 have at some time been a substance abuser with alcohol being the most common. Covid-19 is 8 times higher among substance abusers.

    Another authoritative study reveals 14% of young adults and 17% of mature adults increased their alcohol intake during the pandemic lockdowns, surely enough to explain the pandemic itself, since only 1% of the population is infected at any given time. Lockdowns in England have added 1 million more people to the alcohol addiction count, circuitously producing a bigger and bigger problem.

    Another survey found 88% of American adults used alcohol as the substance of choice when dealing with Covid-19-related anxiety.

    Cannabis too

    In that same survey 37% of those surveyed used cannabis (marijuana) to deal with their anxiety. Cannabis also depletes vitamin B1. It should be no surprise this pandemic comes on the heels of relaxed marijuana laws. An estimated 22 million Americans use cannabis.

    Why pandemic persist

    Strikingly, there is a significant association between the duration of a pandemic and alcohol consumption. As the pandemic proceeds in hot-spots around the globe, it is being mistakenly blamed on the unvaccinated.

    Shutting down liquor stores would be problematic

    The only reason why liquor stores were not shut down is because of the concern of dealing with hundreds of thousands of people with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. One study shows the closure of liquor stores would increase the frequency of emergency room ambulance-delivered admissions by 2.49 times.

    Beriberi without alcohol

    Even people who drink no alcohol can develop beriberi. While vitamin B1 is fortified in foods it’s not enough to overcome molecules in coffee and tea that deplete this essential vitamin.

    There are many other reasons why people develop beriberi aside from alcohol consumption, including use of antacids, diuretics and bulimia. Hydroxychloroquine, commonly used to treat Covid-19, impairs the transport of vitamin B1! So does metformin, the most commonly used drug to treat diabetes.

    Coronavirus infections are seasonal

    Coronavirus infection, like influenza, is a seasonal disease that begins in December and dissipates in May, the winter months. The fact Covid-19 outbreaks are occurring in summer strongly suggests something else is going on.

    Table: Coronavirus cycle

    X-ray evidence

    There is a similarity between Covid-19 images on a chest x-ray with beriberi.

    Presented below are images of a healthy uninfected lung and the image of a Covid-19 infected lung, and an image of a post vaccinated lung and a beriberi lung.

    In the rush of handling patients in emergency rooms, physicians use their intuition because they know PCR nasal swab tests are often inaccurate and other tests take time or are expensive. Therefore, symptomology is often relied upon. When beriberi and Covid-19 produce similar x-ray images and symptoms, it is not difficult to imagine that this pandemic is being fueled by misdiagnosis.

    Image 1: X-ray of a healthy lung and heart

    X-ray: comparison vaccinated vs unvaccinated

    Image 2: LEFT, a Covid-19-positive lung in a vaccinated patient; RIGHT, a Covid-19 positive lung in an unvaccinated patient. Enlarged heart is a sign of beriberi (vitamin B1 deficiency), not a viral infection

    X-ray: Covid-19 Pneumonia

    Image 3: A so-called Covid-19 pneumonia, said to be mimicking heart failure

    (Actually, IMAGE #3 appears to be a case of vitamin B1-induced heart failure with pneumonia. The patient had no fever. There were no “ground-glass” opacities common in Covid-19 chest x-rays. There were other nervous symptoms that are common in beriberi.

    Up to 18% of cases of Covid-19 demonstrate normal chest x-rays or CAT-scan in mild cases early in the disease course. Cases of suspected COVID-19 with accompanying heart failure are another common signature of vitamin B1 deficiency that is not even considered in the differential (alternate) diagnosis of COVID-19 patients.

    Chest X-ray: Thiamine deficiency

    Image 4: A case of thiamine deficiency with heart failure in non-drinker with lung edema (swelling) before, during and after thiamine (vitamin B1) replenishment.

    The x-ray image #3 is identified as a case of Covid-19 mimicking heart failure. I maintain it is actually a case of beriberi heart failure mimicking as Covid-19.


    When was the last time any doctor diagnosed beriberi?

    This author doesn’t believe there is a physician in the United States who could diagnose an overt case of beriberi if it was standing in front of him/her. It is a forgotten disease. It fooled the entire country of Japan in the 1970’s whose doctors thought it was an infectious disease, just like today.

    Beriberi silently kills off millions of people as it is the “great masquerader” that deceives medical investigators it is many other diseases. The failure to even include beriberi in the list of alternative diagnoses has led to the current witch hunt against anti-vaxxers.

    Beriberi is not resolved by a vaccine. Vaccines won’t save the world because so many deaths are a dietary deficiency, not a viral infection. Modern medicine is going to keep beating its vaccine drum. The medical industrial complex is about making profits, not curing disease. Cure Covid and bring down Wall Street. The public cannot rely upon the medical profession, whether it be pro or anti vaccine, as it is too over-committed to the germ/vaccine theory of disease.

    Ivermectin and alcohol

    It is not surprising to learn that Ivermectin, the anti-parasitic drug that is effective against Covid-19, competitively binds to the GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) receptor on brain cells, a relaxing hormone in the brain, the same receptor that alcohol targets. Therefore, ivermectin may help dull alcohol habituation as well as elevate GABA without alcohol. Further study is obviously needed.

    A repeat of history

    In 1897 a beriberi outbreak was believed to be caused by a germ. In fact, seventeen doctors claimed they had isolated the microorganism, until the epidemic vanished when unpolished rice was substituted for polished rice. Chickens also developed signs of the so-called viral infection, so they isolated the chickens in individual cages so there would be no viral transmission, but the symptoms persisted. Sound familiar? A lockdown of the chickens was futile. It was only when the diet of these animals was changed did their symptoms subside.

    Vitamin B1 dietary supplementation, preferably with benfotiamine or allithiamine forms of B1, almost achieves the same blood levels as needle-injected B1.

    Most multivitamins do not provide a sufficient amount of vitamin B1, and then only in the water-soluble form (thiamine hydrochloride) that washes out of the body easily.

    The only true way to confirm a diagnosis of beriberi is the provision of B1 with resolution of symptoms. To further confound things, some patients may have co-infections with both the Covid-19 virus or a bacterium + beriberi.

    The two graphics presented below depict the similar symptoms of Covid-19 and vitamin B1 deficiency, and the dietary changes and increase in alcohol consumption that correlates with Covid-19.

    The Many Symptoms of Beri Beri (Thiamine B1 Deficiency)

    Common Among COVID-19 Coronavirus Patients

    Loss of smell and taste Tingling (feet & hands) Insomnia, oversleeping Constipation
    Breathlessness (sailor’s astma) Involuntary eye movement (nystagmus) Ataxia (walk like a drunk) Small intestine bacterial overgrowth
    Profound weakness Pain (fibromyalgia?) Rapid heart rate Hair loss
    Cough, hoarness Memory loss, amnesia Difficulty speaking Abdominal pain; hiccups
    Diarrhea Confusion, delirium Swollen lower legs Distended abdomen
    Nausea, vomiting Double vision Tiny blood clots Horizontal ridges / nails
    Loss of hunger (anorexia) Weight loss / muscle loss Skin rash Ear ringing (tinnitus)
    Fever (from hypothalamus) Eyelid droop, eyelid twitch Seizures Loss of tendon reflexes
    Heart failure Kidney failure Numb feet Hallucinations / delusion
    Confabulations Irritability Low blood pressure Celiac nerve pain
    Learning impairment Brain shrinkage Loss of bladder control Sudden infant death
    Leaky gut Slow bile release/liver Tender calves (legs) Hypoglycemia
    Sweating Hand tremor (Parkinson’s) Difficulty swallowing Body stiffness
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