• CDC Data Reveals COVID-19 Isn’t The Killer!

    Posted January 23, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Mass Vaccination Of Healthy Adults Is A Sham


    CDC Knew Early On In The Pandemic That Unexplained Excess Deaths in 2020 Were Beyond Those Directly Attributed To COVID-19

    From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic (March 1 to May 30, 2020) the Centers for Disease Control reports unexplained excess deaths, particularly in middle-aged adults, beyond those directly attributed to COVID-19, not-frail elderly adults as anticipated.  While far more elderly Americans died than young-adults, the mortality numbers are significantly higher in 2020 over 2019 only for middle-age adults, and only due to undetermined non-COVID-19 pathology.

    The preponderance of deaths and cases were in large, densely populated cities such as New York City, Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan.  The surge sidestepped rural communities during this period.   Politically, the Democrat Party dominates in cities, and the Republic Party in rural areas of America.  Yet surprisingly, according to CDC data, the excess deaths were not due to any coronavirus, nor were they due to mis-coded cause-of- death certificates.

    Researchers at the University of Illinois, Carle Illinois School of Medicine, report the “disruptive social and economic upheavals created by the COVID-19 pandemic have led to excess deaths that are either directly or indirectly attributable to COVID-19.”  In other words, not just COVID-19.

    Data does not explain why there is a statistically significant increase in unexpected 2020 non-COVID-19 weekly deaths compared with 2019.  This report was based on early provisional data supplied by the CDC but the final numbers are not expected to vary significantly.

    Researchers say: “The key takeaway from this analysis is that excess deaths across multiple age and gender groups occurred beyond what has been attributed to COVID-19.”  Many people across different age and gender groups died unexpectedly.

    This means vaccination would be futile in quelling the number of deaths mistakenly attributed to a mutated coronavirus.  CDC had this data since they issued it and must have known this in the early stages of the pandemic.

    There were 18 subgroups analyzed by age and gender in the study; in 17 of these 18 cohorts there were more deaths in 2020 than average weekly deaths in 2019.  In particular, women age 25-34 and 35 to 44 years, and men age 15-24, 25-34, 35-44 and 45-54 years (cohorts) exhibited a statistically significant increase in 2020 non-COVID-19 deaths.

    EXCESS NON-COVID-19 DEATHS 2019-2020

    Period: March 1- May 30
    M = male F = female

    Source: Public Health Volume 189, 2020

    Age group

    2019 DEATHS





    59.0 M
    45.3 F

    60.5 M
    37.5 F

    0.9 M
    0.2 F

    59.5 M
    37.3 F


    418.3 M
    155.2 F

    477.1 M
    166.8 F

    7.4 M
    3.8 F

    469.7 M
    163.0 F


    789.2 M
    346.7 F

    964.6 M
    412.5 F

    40.1 M
    17.6 F

    924.5 M
    394.9 F


    995.2 M
    561.1 F

    1317.7 M
    673.2 F

    106.1 M
    42.4 F

    1211.6 M
    630.8 F


    1902.5 M
    1200.7 F

    2335.2 M
    1345.5 F

    288.3 M
    122.0 F

    2046.9 M
    1223.5 F


    4405.7 M
    2823.9 F

    5303.5 M
    3245.2 F

    672.3 M
    340.7 F

    4631.2 M
    2904.5 F


    6206.0 M
    4586.1 F

    7626.4 M
    5420.4 F

    1095.3 M
    662.0 F

    6531.1 M
    4758.4 F


    6912.6 M
    6506.7 F

    8399.4 M
    7706.3 F

    1220.5 M
    1005.9 F

    7178.9 M
    6700.4 F


    6610.4 M
    10,436 F

    7827.3 M
    12,568.2 F

    1084.8 M
    1688.5 F

    6742.5 M
    10,879.7 F

    COVID-19 So Unusual It Cannot Be a Virus

    COVID-19 is unlike any other coronavirus, flu virus, or pathogenic virus of any kind.  It produces unexplained symptoms and pathology in the heart, kidneys, digestive tract, muscles and nervous system including the brain.

    This author has belatedly associated the symptoms attributed to COVID-19 to a vitamin B1 deficiency brought on by changes in the diet during the restrictive lock-down, namely a 500% increase in drinking alcohol at home accompanies by increased consumption of sugary foods and due to sleeplessness, caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea), all food and beverage factors that block vitamin B1 absorption or utilization.

    The greater the severity of a pandemic the greater amount of alcohol consumed by a population.”

    In other words, the lock-down and associated fear and anxiety have resulted in a worse epidemic, far more mortal than COVID-19 (if COVID-19 is mortal at all?).

    The Great Masquerader: Produces Symptoms of Every Other Disease

    A severe vitamin B1 deficiency is known as beriberi and produces an array of symptoms that masquerade as a broad number of diseases.  Combined with an unreliable antibody test for COVID-19 that produces many false-positive tests, gives many individuals the false impression they have a viral infection rather than a dietary deficiency.

    B1 Controls Nervous System

    Vitamin B1 controls the autonomic nervous system, body functions that operate automatically such as breathing, heartbeat, digestion/elimination and immunity.  A deficiency of B1 can induce via the hypothalamus in the brain, a fever, vomiting, diarrhea and breathlessness, symptoms commonly associated with the flu or a viral infection.

    The fact that COVID-19 cases unusually don’t produce a cytokine storm in the lungs like pneumonia and tuberculosis do, suggests this is not a viral epidemic.  Doctors are perplexed by these recurrent symptoms but cannot fathom it is a dietary deficiency disease induced by fear, anxiety and the lockdown.

    Generally, upper and lower respiratory tract viral infections induce specific antibodies after 7-10 days and the infection subsides.  A vitamin B1 deficiency that comes and goes would explain the unusual symptomatic relapses COVID-19 patients report.  One study of COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms found 15.6% were vitamin B1 deficient (26.3% among diabetics with COVID-19), sufficient enough to start a pandemic.

    Thiamine deficiency disease is associated with an almost 50% increase in mortality.  Vitamin B1 should be routinely administered to critically ill patients.

    Bottom line:

    Mass vaccination cannot yield any benefit as no excess deaths were attributed to COVID-19!

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