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    Posted May 10, 2014: by Bill Sardi

    When The Food-Pharma-Health Care Industrial Complex Covertly Forces Its Franken-Foods And Ineffective & Problematic Vaccines On An Unsuspecting Public (Medical Fascism)

    The view of the food industry is that there will be a billion or two more people on the planet soon and we have to make food that is resistant to insect invasion and more durable under weather conditions.  But the hidden agenda is simply increasing bottom line profits possibly at the expense of health.

    That possibility will forever be wrapped up in debate.  There are those who say “not a single person has ever been harmed by genetically modified foods.” [DailyCaller.com April 29, 2014]  One claim is that GMO foods compete with organically-grown crops (no herbicides, no pesticides) and that GMOs pose an economic threat to the few loud-mouthed organic growers.

    Well, not really.  Maybe the organic growers pose the most vocal opposition, but I think what Americans want is transparent labeling so they can choose organics or GMO for themselves.  That isn’t happening.  Big money interests thwart label transparency laws.

    The processed food industry has spent millions of dollars on lobbying and introducing confusing legislation to thwart GMO labeling.  The Grocery Manufacturers of America, a trade group, is serving as a front-man for donors who oppose GMO and it is spending millions of dollars against it.  [Truth-Out.org Nov. 6, 2013]

    In the U.S. only three counties have been able to ban GMO crops in California and there are two bans against GMO crops, one in Oregon and the other in the State of Washington.  [NaturalRevolution.com June 19, 2013]

    Many foreign countries have successfully banned GMO foods.  [Examiner.com June 18, 2011]  But we can’t let consumers decide on their own, can we, whether they want GMO foods or non-GMO foods?

    It is so strange that the Food & Drug Administration mandates the contents of foods must be stated on their label in their entirety.  If artificial colors or sweeteners are added to foods, they must be included on labels.  [FDA.gov Feb. 4, 2013]  The FDA requires dietary supplement labels list all of the ingredients used such as fillers, binders and excipients.  [Code of Federal Regulations 101.4(g)].  But the FDA rolls over and plays dead on the issue of GMO labeling transparency.

    More than GMO

    The reason why the title of this report says it is about more than GMO is because the same covert opposition and political payoffs being marshalled to cover up GMO foods are also involved in the fight against problematic vaccines.

    The maker of the anti-inflammatory drug Vioxx that was estimated to have killed 20,000 Americans agreed to pay $4.85 billion in a settlement involving 27,000 lawsuits by people who claimed their family members suffered or were injured or even died as a result of taking the drug.  [New York Times Nov. 9, 2007]  That set the stage for political payoffs to restore this prestigious drug company to its former glory and profitability.

    From Vioxx to Gardasil

    While the maker of Vioxx was in litigation with defendants whose loved ones had been harmed, suddenly Vioxx’s maker was able to rush through approval of the anti-cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil in June of 2006.  [Drugs.com] Congress and the FDA appear to have been doing a favor for this drug giant to make up for its Vioxx losses.  In 2013 $1.8 billion of Gardasil was sold.  [FierceBiotech.com]

    The FDA approved a vaccine that could not possibly save a single life over the next two or three decades after initial inoculation in a young female.  That is because the lifetime risk for cervical cancer caused by the human papilloma virus is 1 in 151 and it is isn’t typically diagnosed until late in the fourth decade of a woman’s life. [San Diego State University Cervical Cancer Facts] The rate of cervical cancer would not be expected to begin to decline from this vaccine until somewhere around the year 2032.

    In other words, Gardasil hasn’t saved a single life yet and it has only caused a lot of side effects, some being mortal.  [Sanevax.org]

    To make matters worse Gardasil only protects against a limited number of strains of the papilloma virus that induces cervical cancer, so complete protection is not offered, making the possibility of benefit even more remote.

    A leading developer of the human papilloma virus vaccine has now admitted that it will not reduce the rate of cervical cancer in the U.S. whatsoever, particularly because 4 of 5 diagnosed cases occur outside the U.S. [POP.org]

    By the way, consumption of folic acid and vitamin C abolishes all strains of the human papilloma virus. [KnowledgeofHealth.com] Some vaccine consent forms do inform young women that Gardasil does not protect against all strains of the virus. [Tulane University]  But informed consent is not often offered to young women prior to Gardasil inoculation. [Sanevax.com] California has passed legislation allowing girls as young as 12 years of age to sign up for Gardasil vaccination without parental consent.  [AgeOfAutism.com]

    So what’s the point?

    The point is, whether it is GMO or vaccines, the public isn’t being given all the information to make an informed choice and in fact, GMO and some vaccines are being forced upon them.  There is also no truth in labeling or consent forms.  It behooves food and drug companies to hire lobbyists to pass legislation that then mandates use of their product (i.e. requirement for entrance to school).  Or hide some aspects of a food product such as GMO, which may or may not be harmful to consumers or the environment, but which the public may not be convinced of yet.

    If GMO foods are not harmful, is that any reason to treat consumers like they are fearful children and hide the medicine in their glass of milk without mentioning its presence on the milk carton label?  If nothing is wrong with GMO, why all the smoke screen surrounding it?

    Bye, bye democracy

    University-based political scientists are now making the public aware that America is now controlled by rich people and organizations representing business interests who have a powerful grip on U.S. government policy.  The public no longer has much influence over government policies.  In case you hadn’t noticed, America is no longer operating as a democracy, it is now deemed to be an oligarchy.  [TheNewYorker.com April 18, 2014] Former President Jimmy Carter has said “America does not have a functioning democracy at this point in time.” [TheNewAmerican.com July 20, 2013] Oligarchy is actually an overly kind description.  America is now fascist.  For an expanded definition of fascism refer to Wikipedia.  [Wikipedia.org]

    Another point is that big government and big business face a divided public.  A small but avid group opposes GMO.  Another faction is anti-vaccine.  Another is against Big Pharma.  The masses must be aroused against all these machinations.  And the public must denounce all efforts to mischaracterize and ridicule their opposition to bug business interests as coming from a bunch of eccentric conspiracy theorists.

    Americans who vote Democrat or Republican can’t see though it all.  Big Business has paid off both sides.  There is no way to vote against the oligarchy outside of not voting.  Voting gives them a mandate, whether you like it or not.  ©2014 Bill Sardi, KnowledgeofHealth.com

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