• Due To Study Design, Long-Term Immunity Cannot Be Confirmed For Fearful Americans Who Voluntarily Choose To Vaccinate. Immunization Will Only Achieve A False “Peace Of Mind”

    Posted February 22, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Authorized Immunization Travel Cards Will Be No Better Than A Counterfeit Card

    There is no way Americans can achieve anything more than imaginary “peace of mind” via vaccination and any reduced risk from infection or death cannot be confirmed due to the experimental design of the vaccine studies now underway.

    COVID-19 vaccines only have to allay symptoms of infection by 50% for a short period of time to gain FDA licensure, which is the lowest bar for vaccine-makers to jump over.  Determination of infection risk or mortality reduction is at least a couple of years away if trials began today, but vaccines are not even being put to the test at this time.

    Regardless of the fact these RNA-DNA vaccines, the first COVID-19 vaccines rolled out for use, are more likely to result in significant and possibly life-long or deadly side effects than the COVID-19 infection itself, unwary Americans are being coerced into vaccination.

    INFECTION: Risk for laboratory confirmed COVID-19 infection is 1 in 10 Americans (though that figure is specious because of the many false positives produced by PCR test.

    DEATH: 1.5 in 10,000 have died due to COVID-19, which is an overreported high number due to the mis-categorization of deaths caused by co-morbid conditions but blamed on COVID-19.  Only 6% of deaths are from COVID-19 alone.  Only 9 in 100,000 Americans (0.00009%) have died solely from COVID-19 infection alone and even that is a specious number because COVID-19 coronavirus infection may activate dormant tuberculosis.   Miscategorized cases of tuberculosis could represent those 6% of deaths.

    SIDE EFFECTS: 1 in 333 have experienced significant side effects. (Source: Principia Scientific)

    Only in the minds of a population of confused and anxious Americans will imaginary “peace of mind” be achieved.

    Apparently many people are willing to endure the vaccine’s side effects in exchange for an RNA vaccine (Moderna, Pfizer) that falsely promises to save lives.  These experimental vaccines may even fail to achieve FDA licensure.

    Conclusive evidence is years away

    To test whether an RNA/DNA vaccines prevent transmission to others, people have to be nasally swabbed twice a week for very long periods, which is untenable.  To prove such a vaccine reduces risk for mortality you need a trial 5-10 times longer than a transmission study, states a report in The British Medical Journal.

    For comparison, dramatic increases in use of flu vaccines have not been associated with a decline in mortality.  So, what are these short-term studies with coronaviruses going to conclude?

    These vaccines may be licensed by the FDA to reduce mild symptoms, maybe by 50%, that is all. Hence the claim these vaccines may only provide imaginary protection, or a false peace of mind.  Americans may hold an authorized government-issued proof of vaccination card with no immunity against COVID-19 whatsoever.

    With a conventional vaccine soon available (J&J’s attenuated COVID-19 virus vaccine), why are so many foolish and misguided Americans voluntarily opting to join the most-risky experiment ever conducted on the masses in history with RNA vaccines?

    The RNA/DNA “vaccines” don’t even match the definition of a vaccine, which is a “little bit of the disease itself” (bacteria, viruses), weakened to reduce side effects but still provoke an antibody response to yield long-term immunity.

    Coercion to vaccinate

    While there may be a large cadre of fearful Americans who volunteer to vaccinate, I’m receiving emails from Americans who are being pressured by health plans and employers to get vaccinated with this unproven vaccine.  This represents coercion.  Legal informed consent includes the right to refuse vaccination.

    Public schools are preparing to re-admit children but only if teachers and students are vaccinated.  But children are rarely infected and few pediatric deaths are reported.

    Publicity stunts

    Contrived shortages and news stories of movie stars paying to get to the front of the vaccine line before the supply of vaccines runs out and news reports of first responders stealing a few vials of the vaccine for their own families, are strategies to “sell” Americans on COVID-19 vaccination right out of their playbook (remember how Americans ran to stores to buy Cabbage Patch Dolls for Christmas when news reports said there were shortages?). Most Americans can’t imagine they are being herded and subjected to propaganda.

    What if our military gets sick from the experimental vaccines?

    Why is the US hell-bent on administering an experimental RNA vaccine to the most vulnerable (nursing home patients, African Americans, both with typical low-vitamin D levels, and first responders (doctors, nurses, paramedics) and the military? What if this experiment back fires?  With entire US navy fleets possibly  incapacitated, and possibly threatened with a sudden die-off of sailors and soldiers, what is Plan B?

    There is no significant anti-vax movement

    Meanwhile, public health agencies continue to malign anti-vaccination groups.  According to one report, there are 480 anti-vaccine websites.

    The White House is reported to be “working directly” with Big Tech to censor content that results in vaccine hesitancy (yes, this very report you are now reading), say Reuters news agency.  Neither the White House nor Facebook have much credibility left to exert much influence over public attitudes.

    However, it is estimated that only 5-10% of individuals have strong anti-vaccination convictions.  In practice, vaccine refusal is at 2-percent.

    A pan-Canadian survey reveals half of the parents were concerned that new vaccines are not as safe as older vaccines and one-third felt that children today receive too many vaccines, but nine out of ten of these parents indicated their child’s vaccination was up to date.

    In 2019 the World Health Organization named anti-vaxxers as a top threat to global health, blaming 1.5 million deaths on groups that oppose vaccination.   There is discussion about criminalizing the spread of misinformation about vaccines (really, jail time for disseminating any information contrary to the dogma issued by the WHO and CDC?).

    Mandatory vaccination not needed

    Mandatory vaccination is not needed to herd the masses to vaccinate.  It is a surprising fact, most non-mandatory immunization programs have met or exceeded their recommended World Health Organization (WHO) vaccine coverage levels.

    Efforts to characterize parents who refuse vaccination for their children as “dumb” are counterproductive.

    Studies show “people have their children vaccinated because everybody does so and it seems the normal thing to do.”

    Researchers write: “Social norms in support of vaccination take the form of encouraging behavior perceived as ‘normal’, the ‘right thing’ to do and socially responsible. To the contrary, not vaccinating one’s child may be perceived as irresponsible and evidence of bad parenting.

    Mathematical models predict that it should be difficult or next to impossible to eliminate a pediatric infectious disease through voluntary vaccination programs. However, this contradicts the observation that vaccine refusal is the exception, rather than the rule.”

    A report published in the journal Proceedings Biological Sciences states: “Some vaccine-refusing parents do not see an obligation to put their children’s health at perceived risk for the benefit of the community.”  If we have to choose between our kids’ lives and the lives of others, then are vaccines really safe?

    Political endorsement backfires

    “Will Americans trust a COVID-19 vaccine?”  According to a survey published in the JAMA Network Open journal, the answer to that questions was: “Not if politicians tell them to.”

    Yet politician after politician stand in front of TV cameras to achieve political capital by advocating for vaccination.

    This writer overheard the governor of one state say, during a radio interview, that as soon as the most vulnerable groups were vaccinated (nursing home residents, minorities) the epidemic would be over.

    But the data being collected won’t even tell public health authorities if immunity has been achieved or deaths are in decline.  The number of cases may decline as testing wanes or the public finds other ways to achieve immunity.  Ironically, it is possible that vitamin D, zinc, lysine, vitamin B1 supplementation may quell the epidemic while vaccines get the credit.

    When truth is labeled misinformation

    While pro-vaccine organizations strongly oppose dissemination of misinformation concerning vaccines, the problem here is that the truth is thrown under the rug under the banner of misinformation.

    For example, after a batch of Moderna coronavirus vaccine resulted in illness, health officials said it was “safe” to proceed with vaccination when the very purpose of the current vaccination program is to determine whether these vaccines are safe or not.

    One health writer claims the anti-vax movement represents “white privilege.”  That minorities in the US are subject to inequalities the “make them more vulnerable to the physical and social consequences of vaccination refusal.”

    Yet African Americans, due to the melanin content of their skin, have characteristic low sunshine vitamin D blood levels, a nutritional factor associated with a steep decline in COVID-19 mortality.  According to the report in the British Medical Journal, 84% of African Americans are vitamin D-deficient, and 70% of COVID-19 deaths in Chicago were among blacks!

    It is not necessarily unequal care that results in higher infectious disease rates among minorities.  Vulnerability to infection of any kind appears to be an inborn problem for African Americans.  If public health authorities were truly interested in the health and welfare of African Americans, they would be distributing vitamin D pills en masse.

    Vaccine publicity stunts

    In Los Angeles a mass drive-in COVID-19 vaccination center was established at a sports stadium and claimed about 7000 inoculation were delivered in the first day of operation  But an aerial photo of the site showed only about 300 cars in line for the vaccine.  The next day that vaccination site was reportedly overwhelmed by protestors with anti-vaccine signs.  But the anti-vaxxers appeared to be hired as they held professionally printed signs and represented every ethnic and age group, as if selected for the occasion.  Then the vaccination site was closed down supposedly due to a shortage of vaccine.  Reinterpretation: the drive-in vaccination program flopped.

    The strategic distribution of photos of refrigerator trucks outside of hospitals to handle the overwhelming number of cadavers from Covid-19 deaths is simply a hoax.  A Google search reveals many reports of these portable morgues in New York, Texas, California and elsewhere.


    The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has issued a bulletin claiming COVID-19 RNA vaccines are safe for people with multiple sclerosis, with literally no evidence to back that claim.  But MS patients are often vitamin D deficient.  They are at increased risk not only for infection and possibly death, but also for vaccine-related side effects.

    Todd Unger, with the American Medical Association asks: “Why do we see ANY vaccine hesitancy in getting vaccines when it is proven over and over against disease?”  This is the smugness that reveals modern medicine’s dogma regarding vaccination.  Already one “hot lot” of the Moderna vaccine has been recalled.  Strokes and heart attacks have been reported.

    A news report in the Guardian suggests Facebook halt “the rise of anti-vaccination groups” on the internet and ridicule those who opt for vitamins to avoid vaccine side effects.

    One scientific report investigated the many factors that affect how individuals respond to vaccination.  Nutrition was one factor, but sadly, vitamins and minerals are roundly dismissed as unproven or inconclusive.

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