• Because There is a Safer, More Economical and Efficacious Remedy Than Vaccines

    Posted February 11, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    How Do We Know For Sure Public Health Authorities Are Lying About Vaccines Protecting You From A Life-Threatening COVID-19 Infection?

    Do you realize that you are soon going to be forced to submit to inoculation with an experimental gene-altering injection that really isn’t a vaccine regardless of whether you already have antibodies against COVID-19 or not, and regardless of your vulnerability to serious side effects (frailty, autoimmunity, allergy)? And irrespective of your age, given youngsters risk for infection and death approaches zero. The schools are saying they won’t re-open without vaccination with an unproven experimental “vaccine.”

    COVID-19 vaccination will now be in your face everywhere you go. Chain drug and Big Box stores are now in collaboration with the federal government to unroll in-store vaccination.

    God only know which vaccine Americans will get. Health advisors say four out of the first seven vaccines tested are expected to fail, thus exposing large segments of the population to needless side effects, some which may be life-long since RNA and DNA COVID-19 vaccines may alter the genetic makeup of individuals forever. Might as well have the vaccination team wear Swastikas and have box cars ready to haul off refusers to internment camps.

    The current plan to indiscriminately vaccinate the entire population violates the first dictum of modern medicine: “first do no harm.” America is just a step away from blocking your access to food and medicine unless you vaccinate. The next step after that will be to require vaccination upon hospital admission.

    Repeat of what happened in 1918

    If you don’t want the vaccine, you had better stay healthy. This is heinous medical experimentation, not preventive vaccination. The vaccine studies are only intended to show immunization allays symptoms for a short while, not whether vaccination prevents infection or saves lives. But those who administer these shots will be immune from prosecution and legal liability because these inoculations are administered under so-called emergency life-threatening conditions. Go figure. Lives are threatened, so they say, so Nuremberg and Helsinki protections are thrown to the wind.

    There IS a proven remedy

    All this forced vaccination could be eliminated with one simple health practice. But that is not the political or medical agenda. If there is one remedy (and there is) that will prevent symptoms and death from COVID-19, the world wouldn’t need any vaccines. The few who develop severe symptoms would be treated and survive, and that would be that.

    And if you think you will get vaccinated and cheat death, they are going to vaccinate you and your loved ones over and over because they say COVID-19 keeps mutating.

    But your chances of dying from COVID-19 is 0.000296 or almost 3 in 10,000, or 2.37 million out of 7.9 billion. That means 997 have to be vaccinated to prevent 3 deaths. That is not the advertised 95% effectiveness.

    The lockdowns and immunization are killing far more, and these deaths are intentionally being blamed on COVID-19.

    You are being replaced by a robot

    Just treat the few who are severely ill and all this mayhem is over. But that isn’t the end-game, depopulation is. Faced with robots taking 20 million jobs, 24/7 robots that do the work of three work shifts will not have FICA payments deducted from their paychecks to pay for Social Security or Medicare. It is the end of the social contract America has with its citizens. Humanity has reached a point where people stand in the way of progress and profits.

    Farmers cull their herds to control the spread of disease; why not humans?

    The spread of infectious disease among flocks of poultry has been gamed and culling the population of the most vulnerable birds is one strategy to limiting the spread of disease, both among birds and poultry raisers.

    Now that idea has expanded to culling the most vulnerable human populations to limit the spread of disease. Governors are calling for vaccination of a segment of the population that is least likely to develop immunity and most likely to experience side effects.

    Regardless of intent, that is what an indiscriminate vaccination campaign produces – murder of some to prevent infection or death among many. Medical ethics have no place in this scenario.

    Entire herds of infected pigs are killed and their bodies are thrown into pits and covered over with dirt. This is deemed to be humane. The only justification for culling human populations is to produce reports of death to justify murder. Hence, we observe governors of States hyping the number of COVID-19 deaths to justify draconian “health” measures. “We must do this or everybody will die.” Or as a New York Times headline reads: “Restarting America Means People Will Die.”

    No moral compass

    In an upside/down world, the murderers will be hailed as brave heroes, until there is nothing left. The threat of a mortal infectious disease should not throw the value of human life out the window altogether.

    The most dreaded pandemic in history

    The mother of all epidemics was the 1918 Spanish flu. It reportedly infected 500 million and killed 50 million worldwide with about 675,000 deaths in the U.S. (World population was 1.8-1.9 billion at the time. The U.S. population was ~103 million. So about 2.6% of the world’s population was eradicated; only 6/10ths of one-percent of the U.S. population).

    However, a bit of scientific sleuthing decades later found it wasn’t a flu virus that caused this now dreaded pandemic. A retrospective analysis of the 1918 Spanish flu conducted by University of California at Berkeley demographers in 2000 concluded that this so-called flu pandemic was actually tuberculosis, not the flu.

    Americans who died in 1918 were middle-age whereas flu pandemics induce deaths among retirees and the aged. Tuberculosis strikes middle-age adults. Researchers deduced that death rates for tuberculosis fell dramatically in 1919-1920 – – – TB cases had all died off in 1918. It wasn’t the dreaded H1N1 flu virus at all.

    Both flu deaths and TB are lung diseases. TB creates cavities in the lungs that fosters staphylococcus A bacteria that results in pneumonia that was the actual killer in 1918. Also, more males died of the Spanish flu than females. That was another characteristic of TB. Even Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, in 2008 said bacterial pneumonia caused most deaths in the 1918 influenza pandemic.

    Were early cases of COVID-19 simply re-classified cases of TB?

    Fast forward to today’s COVID-19 pandemic. A couple of strange anomalies are reported. In the first three months of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were excess non-COVID-19 deaths in the US for 25-44 year-old women and 15-54 year-old males. That would suggest TB cases, not a coronavirus that mostly strikes the elderly. It would appear in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic TB was running rampant and TB cases were being covertly categorized as COVID-19 cases largely based upon a bogus polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. The tabulation and release of 2020 TB infection and mortality data later this year could further confirm this.

    Locking down the masses indoors would deprive them of the one remedy that would stop the pandemic dead in its tracks: sunshine vitamin D. The seasonal onset of these infectious respiratory diseases would be erased by lockdowns. The enigmatic late-summer peak in TB infection could be explained by depleted vitamin D stores in the liver. A healthy liver normally stores up to 4-month supply of sunshine vitamin D.

    Let the sunshine in

    There is strong evidence that increasing sunshine vitamin D blood levels reduce COVID-19 “positivity” (12.5% were COVID-19 positive with less than 20 nanograms/milliliter vitamin D; 8.1% positive with 30-34 ng per milliliter; and 5.9% with vitamin D blood levels of 55+ ng/milliliter), and this protective relationship persists regardless of latitude, race-ethnicity, gender and age.

    When such a dose or blood level relationship can be demonstrated it is generally concluded that low vitamin D levels are more than associated with COVID-19 infection, they are causal. Which explains why normal coronavirus outbreaks are seasonal (winter, when cold weather causes human populations to stay indoors or wrap themselves in warm clothing, thus blocking skin exposure to the sun that results in low vitamin D levels). Any outbreaks of coronavirus in summer would be contrived and facilitated by the notoriously inaccurate PCR nasal swab test.

    Flawed tests fit the political agenda

    Don’t think antigen or antibody tests are any better. These tests not only take longer to process (2-3 weeks), thus allowing infection to spread in the population, they only detect higher levels of virus which doesn’t produce the infection numbers that politicians and public health authorities demand.

    This pandemic has revealed antibodies aren’t the end-all for viral infections. They are not long-lasting and don’t confer immunity.

    The World Health Organization doesn’t want any other conclusions than there is a deadly pandemic underway. Any contrary conclusion will be considered “misinformation” and is to be reported to WHO.

    Zinc-dependent T-cells, produced in the thymus gland by conversion of B-cells from bone marrow, produce long-term memory immunity. Make sure you are supplying supplemental zinc to your thymus gland, otherwise even the vaccines will be useless.

    Increased blood levels of D saves lives, suggests it is causal, not just associated

    A dose/blood level relationship between vitamin D and infectivity was demonstrated in the above cited study among 190,000 patients from all 50 states. But the problem with such studies of infection, they are often validated by a notoriously inaccurate molecular polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test (vs. antigen or antibody testing) that is known to produce false positives.

    Furthermore, it is possible the PCR test is only detecting “old” virus or minute traces of virus that will not result in infection, which is why the number of cases can rise while hospital admissions remain flat.

    The endless pandemic

    Up to 90% of positive tests were actually negative in one study, without sufficient virus to infect anyone. Therefore, the pandemic will never end.

    Mortality rates provide a more accurate picture of a pandemic

    Therefore, it would be more valid to measure mortality rates than molecular, antigen or antibody tests since death is considered the “endpoint” in any life-threatening infectious disease. And you can’t fake dead bodies, or can you? Simply re-categorizing TB as COVID-19 would be one way to deceive the public. Another way would be to change the definition of COVID-19.

    More evidence for vitamin D than any vaccine

    Another ruse in the ongoing COVID-19 scam-demic is that public health authorities aren’t telling the public there is more evidence that vitamin D saves lives than the current unproven experimental vaccines.

    Researchers in Italy, a geographic hot-bed for COVID-19, report that nursing homes deaths were 40% over a 2-month period compared to just 6.4% in the previous year. This increase was observed in both COVID-19 positive (43%) and negative (24%) nursing home residents, meaning an unidentified factor was involved. Increased mortality was associated with male gender, older age, and no previous vitamin D supplementation. Data analysis revealed 3 of 42 (7.1%) COVID-19 patients took vitamin D supplements died vs. 17 of 56 (30.3%) COVID-19 patients who survived. The unknown factor was vitamin D.

    Vitamin D deficiency on admission to hospital increases the risk for death from COVID-19 by 3.7 times!

    Even more convincing, data reveals adequate vitamin D blood levels drop the fatality rate from COVID-19 infection from 21% to just 3%.

    Vitamin D adequacy also explains why COVID-19 infected individuals are asymptomatic.

    In another study, 92.8% of COVID-19 deaths were among patients who were vitamin D deficient compared to 48.8% among surviving patients.

    A former surgeon general of the US urges the medical profession “not to let COVID-19 patients die with vitamin D deficiency.” But instead of checking vitamin D blood levels upon hospital admission, vaccines will now be offered, to the tragic demise of many patients.

    The best vaccine is no more than 1% effective

    The very best vaccine can only produce immunity and prevent death in less than 1% of the population, because the real mortality rate is less than 1 per 10,000 persons while the Centers for Disease Control says it is 13 per 10,000, which is accomplished by changing the definition of COVID-19-related death, which occurred March 24, 2020.

    Vaccine makers deceivingly claim their vaccines are 95% effective. But ~885 Americans would need to be vaccinated to prevent 1 death if the vaccines were 100% effective among those who are infected. Those who choose to vaccinate only have a remote chance of ever benefiting.

    It’s not really a vaccine

    In the current two-shot inoculation schedule with RNA and DNA vaccines (these really aren’t vaccines, they are gene-reprogramming treatments), the first round of vaccinations will not appear to be too problematic. The second round will produce a few more side effects. The immune system is being primed so when you are infected with another corona cold virus maybe months later, your immune system will attack your inner organs and you will die of sepsis and organ failure which will appear to be unrelated to vaccination.

    I saw people die with my own eyes. Yes, but was it due to COVID/19?

    The public will then be told COVID-19 mutated and turned deadly, driving even more people to get vaccinated out of fear. Police, healthcare workers, doctors, will all believe this and demonize anyone who refuses to be vaccinated because they can see the deaths right before their eyes. Americans will be dropping dead in visible numbers. The predicted “dark winter” will be upon us.

    Stress becomes the killer

    These increased deaths will be blamed on a gene mutation.

    Then stressed-out Americans will turn to drinking even more alcohol and dealing with sleeplessness with caffeinated coffee and tea, and this will generate even more deaths from a vitamin B1 deficiency whose symptoms masquerade as COVID-19.

    Excess deaths in early 2020 occurred among middle-agers (TB?), not frail elderly as reported, and were non-COVID-19 related! Vaccination would obviously be futile in quelling deaths mistakenly attributed to a mutated coronavirus.

    Alcohol, sugar, coffee and tea impair absorption or utilization of vitamin B1, the essential vitamin required for proper control and maintenance of the human nervous system. Doctors being oblivious to a self-induced vitamin B1deficiency (beriberi) that controls heartbeat, breathing, digestion and all the senses (smell, taste, touch/pain), will unsuccessfully treat these cases of seeming COVID-19 infection.

    Doctors will likely be in denial over any proposed link between COVID-19 and a vitamin B1 deficiency, saying there is no study showing vitamin B1 prevents COVID-19 deaths. But there is also no such data for any vaccine.

    Bottom line

    The very fact modern medicine ignores vitamin D is evidence of skullduggery, mass murder. Skip the vaccines if you can. Normalize the immune response with supplemental vitamin A, D, zinc and selenium, so your body doesn’t start attacking itself. The red wine molecule resveratrol synergizes all of the above nutrients.

    Take vitamin D supplements every day. One study shows adults need to supplement their diet with 8000 units of vitamin D per day, which is a far cry from the Recommended Daily Allowance of 600 units (another evidence modern medicine is hiding cures, this time by diluting dosage.

    Zinc supplementation is advised, 15-30 milligrams/day for adults.

    And supplemental vitamin B1 should be added to your daily supplement regimen, preferably in fat-soluble form (benfotiamine) and don’t consume at the same time as coffee or tea or alcohol. And curb alcohol intake altogether. B1 works better when taken with magnesium. Alcohol depletes zinc and magnesium.

    To my friends who are blindly racing to get vaccinated I can only say that is an act of ignorance. Fear causes humans to make impulsive decisions. It is like a herd of antelope running away from a pack of lions only to fall over the edge of a cliff and die.

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