• Mysterious Havana Syndrome: Blame It On the Ruskies! Or Is It Beriberi?

    Posted August 23, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Mysterious Havana Syndrome At Diplomatic Stations Around The Globe Blamed On The Russians;  Diplomats Mistakenly Think The Ruskies Are Aiming Electronic Weapons At Them When It Is More Likely They Are Drinking Too Much Alcohol And Coffee

    U.S. diplomats around the globe report symptoms of nausea, severe headaches, ear pain, fatigue, insomnia and sluggishness, that typically leave sufferers unable to work, says a report posted at ZeroHedge.com.

    They call it “Havana Syndrome” – “a strange affliction that keeps cropping up in members of the American diplomatic service (many of whom just happen to be spies, often working on issues related to Russia or China).”

    The syndrome of symptoms was first reported in 1917 at the US embassy in Havana, Cuba, which is how it got its name.  Perplexed diplomats surmise electronic weapons of some sort are being aimed at them.

    One diplomat treated at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland says doctors diagnosed him with a brain injury.

    These mysterious symptoms correlate with beriberi, a vitamin B1 deficiency that can develop when well-nourished people consume alcohol, coffee, tea, or take medicines such as antacids or diuretics that block the absorption or internal transport of B1 or simply wash it out of the human body.

    Worldwide epidemic

    No, Russian agents aren’t likely to be trapsing around the globe with electronic weapons aimed at U.S. embassies.

    The “Havana Syndrome” is part of the ongoing worldwide beriberi epidemic that has gripped human populations worldwide as the Covid-19 epidemic has created fears and anxieties that have resulted in people turning to alcohol as a relaxant, or stimulants (caffeine in coffee, tea) because of sleeplessness.

    Many of these same “Havana Syndrome” symptoms are being mistaken for Covid-19.  So-called “long-haul Covid-19” can be explained by this vitamin deficiency.

    Modern medicine is clueless as to the prevalence of beriberi because it is believed to be a disease of the past.  The whole world is paying the price for modern medicine casting a blind eye at nutritional-deficiency disease.

    B1 controls nervous system

    Vitamin B1 controls the autonomic nervous system (automatic controlled functions such as breathing, heartbeat, digestion) as well as the sense of smell, touch, and taste.

    Beriberi B1 deficiency is called the great masquerader because the nervous system controls all organs and tissues in the body. It masquerades as every disease.  B1 deficiency can produce symptoms of fever, breathlessness, cough, vomiting and diarrhea, and fool entire populations they have a viral epidemic, which is the current circumstance.

    B1 deficiency may often be seen in current-day practice of medicine as congestive heart failure, mental changes, unexplained acidity, nerve problems.

    B1 deficiency behind many mysterious maladies

    There are other examples of otherwise inexplicable maladies that modern medicine can’t explain but for which there is scientific evidence they are also induced by a B1 deficiency:

    These evidences suggest modern medicine is clueless to the many manifestations of beriberi B1 deficiency.

    B1 deficiency is a rampant dietary deficiency masquerading as Covid-19.  Alcoholics are its frequent victims.  Coffeeholics too.  “Fatties” who eat sugary foods and empty calories are also at the top of the high-risk Covid-19 mortality list.  So-called reinfections after initial vaccination are being mistakenly blamed on variants of the virus.  Vaccination will mindlessly continue until it becomes an exercise in futility and vitamin B1 is replenished.

    Historical perspective

    Beriberi was considered a prison camp disease from malnutrition.  But it became a notable disease in Japan when sailors, who drank sake, were given polished white rice.  The bran portion of the rice had been removed which contains vitamin B1.  Alcohol depletes vitamin B1.  The Japanese learned it was important to consume brown rice (with the bran).

    In the late 1890s chickens were found to have many of the same symptoms humans were then experiencing.  They couldn’t walk straight.  They had chronic diarrhea.  Doctors were certain it was a virus that was causing all the symptoms.  The chickens were locked down, isolated in individual cages (sound familiar?).  The symptoms persisted.  Then there was a change in the chow fed to the animals and they all got well.  The missing nutrient was vitamin B1.

    Covid-19 is largely an anxiety-driven dietary deficiency, not a virus outbreak.  That is not to say there aren’t viruses in circulation.  But B1 explains more of the symptomology than the virus.

    High calorie malnutrition

    Modern outbreaks of beriberi are what Dr. Derrick Lonsdale calls “high calorie malnutrition.”  Caloric intake is adequate, but B1 absorption and/or internal transport is being impaired by consumption of B1 blockers (alcohol, coffee, tea), or by medications such as antacids and diuretics that impair absorption or wash out this essential vitamin from the human body.  Sugar is another enemy of B1.


    Beriberi is a self-perpetuating problem because, when depleted, it can result in nausea and poor appetite, even anorexia.  Food doesn’t taste or smell inviting.  Less food intake = less vitamin B1.

    Vitamin B1 intake

    Most foods (flour) are fortified with vitamin B1 (thiamine).  Typical dietary intake of thiamin B1 is less than 2 milligrams per day.  The human body only stores ~30 milligrams of thiamine (B1), which can be depleted within days.

    The earliest signs and symptoms of the beriberi include lateral eye twitching (nystagmus) and calf pain as well as nerve tingling and loss of the sense of smell.  Incapacitating fatigue is another.

    A 154-lb. human body (70 kilograms) = ~70 million milligrams.  While thiamine is such a small part of the human body’s composition, it is critically important, essential for life.  Thiamine is just 0.0000004% of the human body.

    Dietary supplements

    Fat-soluble vitamin B1 (benfotiamine) was developed as the water-soluble vitamin B1 in multivitamins is easily washed out of the body and if the preferred form for supplementation.  Today benfotiamine is available as a dietary supplement at health shops and online vendors.  It is commonly recommended to alcoholics.  Magnesium is suggested as a companion supplement because it potentiates B1.

    What will the diplomats do?

    U.S. diplomats are calling Havana Syndrome a form of terrorism.  Too many highballs and coffee lattes are more likely the real problem.

    The Zerohedge report states: “as the number of victims’ grows, one thing’s for certain: whenever the US does find the source of the attacks, it’s going to be a major news story.”

    If vitamin B1 pills were sent to them, they would likely suspect it is poison.

    Don’t mistakenly blame your beriberi symptoms on the Ruskies (or the Chinese for that matter) and pay with your life.   Buy some life insurance in the form of B1 vitamin pills.  Don’t consume at same time as coffee, tea or alcohol.

    The ongoing saga: beyond Havana Syndrome

    Dr. Andrew Kaufman makes the seemingly unbelievable claim that there is no virus called Covid-19, nor are there any Covid-19 variants, which are actually conjured up in laboratories in silico (in a computer), not cultured from nasal samples taken at clinics where viral variants are occurring in humans.  There are also no confirmatory tests for these variants.

    The first year of the pandemic was contrived by re-categorizing deaths from other causes as Covid-19 and by employing the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) diagnostic test which is known to cause pseudo-epidemics.  Given the flawed testing, “outbreaks of COVID may not in fact exist at all.”

    Now the theoretical in silico (computer) analyses are producing a theoretical pandemic, resulting in the false claim there are deadly viral variants now driving disease symptoms and death.

    This is not the first pseudo-epidemic caused by a coronavirus.  Another occurred in 2003 in British Columbia.

    In the UK thousands of people “un-died” from Covid-19 after changing the definition of COVID deathOver 12,000 random tests must be performed to find one positive case of Covid-19.  So, the most cases that could possibly occur in the U.S. based on that 1 in 12,000 incidence/test rate would be 27,333 cases; and even among these, out of 15 positive tests, 14 will be false positives upon re-testing.  PCR tests usually flip (positive to negative) when repeated.

    Measures to block Covid transmission

    However, the fear and anxiety accompanying the staged viral pandemic, fanned by frightening news reports, results in destructive ways to handle the fear of imminent death.  This has induced an unprecedented increase in alcohol consumption and concurrent loss of sleep that has in turn resulted in an increase in use of caffeine (coffee, tea) as a stimulant.

    These beverages interfere with vitamin B1 absorption, stability or transportation in the body.  Vitamin B1 deficiency symptoms are prevalent among so-called infected individuals.

    The fear/anxiety model of the Covid-19 pandemic is further substantiated by more recent data showing the least vaccinated countries don’t seem to experience surges of viral infection.  Fear of vaccination, fear of vaccine-induced mortal side effects, and vaccination itself, induce more and more anxiety that again results in consequent use of beverages that circuitously induce vitamin B1 deficiency.

    For this counterfeit infection, politicians threaten to lockdown nations, suicide rates increase, and jobs are permanently eliminated, which again induces more destructive coping mechanisms.

    When the public reads a report of an anti-vaxxer who died of Covid, the presumption is they died of the virus.  Anti-vax radio commentator Phil Valentine of Tennessee, who reported symptoms that commonly occur among B1-deficient individuals such as coughing, congestion, and debilitating fatigue, was reported to have died of Covid-19.  A vitamin B1 deficiency was not even considered.

    Radio Commentator Phil Valentine with coffee

    Anti-vax radio commentator Phil Valentine frequently shown in his radio broadcast booth with a cup of vitamin B1-blocking coffee.

    Like the imaginary Havana Syndrome, it is this diet-induced vitamin B1 deficiency epidemic that produces most of the symptoms that are uncharacteristic of any other viral infections.  Modern medicine is clueless.  The masses are sitting ducks, killing themselves by making poor coping choices.

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