• The Pandemic Within a Pandemic

    Posted August 17, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Modern Medicine Isn’t Going To Tell You What Is Really Causing All The Deaths.

    When The Public Realizes Vaccination Is Futile, The Public May Confront Themselves With The Real Cause Of The Pandemic

    It is heartbreaking to hear of people all over the world dying needlessly. But not because the masses chose to vaccinate or not vaccinate themselves against a mutated coronavirus with RNA/DNA vaccines, but because of a hidden epidemic that co-exists in the background of the worldwide pandemic that is now in progress. It is the failure of modern medicine to recognize this epidemic-within-an-epidemic that is causing more premature deaths than any mutated coronavirus.

    All of the case and mortality numbers regarding Covid-19 you read about from the most authoritative sources (CDC, WHO, VAERS, Johns Hopkins University, Statista, Worldometers, National Vaccine Information Center) are vastly misleading as to cause due to their omission of data involving the 2nd silent pandemic, which is almost completely preventable via food fortification, without vaccines.

    The sad truth is that due to the fear and anxiety fostered by the lockdowns and scare tactics employed to urge people to vaccinate, we are killing ourselves.

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  • Will mRNA-Vaccine Gain FDA Approval or Turn Out to Be a Catastrophe?

    Posted August 9, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    A 43-page landmark report entitled WORSE THAN THE DISEASE? REVIEWING SOME POSSIBLE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES OF THE mRNA VACCINES AGAINST COVID-19 has been published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice & Research.  Its chief author, an MIT scientist, is Stephanie Seneff.

    Using contrived infection and mortality data and a complicit fear-mongering news media, an emergency use permit was issued to immunize human populations worldwide on a life-and-death basis, waive the requirement for informed consent, and embarked on the world’s first genetically modified RNA (nucleotide) immunization of the general population.  An estimated 40 trillion RNA particles, stabilized and protected by polyethylene glycol (PEG) which also serves as an immune stimulant, are injected.

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  • If Spike Protein Facilitates Entry Of A Gain-Of-Function Coronavirus Into Cells, Then Why Are We Coerced To Submit To Spike Protein-Generating Vaccines?

    Posted July 31, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Sometimes the obvious skips right past us.

    We have all viewed film footage of multiple shots hitting President John F. Kennedy’s neck and head in a frontal attack, and part of his head was blown onto the trunk of his open limousine, but the story was a shooter behind the President’s moving vehicle with a crude rifle with no gunsight, was the lone assassin.

    Commercial aircraft were hijacked beginning at 7:59 AM and flying off course on 9-11-2001 and struck the World Trade Center Towers almost an hour later and no radar system detected or alerted the military in a timely manner.  Then Building 7 was “pulled” and fell when explosives would have had to have been placed prior to the event to do this. Don’t ask questions!  Accept the official interpretation of these events.

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  • Just How Is Autoimmune Disease Going To Be Fixed Without Vitamin C?

    Posted July 30, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    This report about autoimmune disorders focuses on a family of three human enzymes called ten-eleven translocation (TET) enzymes.

    Vitamin C stimulates production of TET proteins (ten-eleven translocation enzymes), important in the control of the immune system and in particular heading off autoimmune disorders.

    Lo and behold, a recent report entitled “Harnessing The Combined Power Of Vitamin C And Tet Proteins May Give Scientists A Leg Up In Treating Autoimmune Diseases,” says “You can’t make a banana split without bananas and you can’t generate stable regulating T-cells (thymus cells) without vitamin C or enzymes called TET proteins.”

    This has been known for almost a decade now, but researchers act like it is a new revelation.  In fact, these same researchers say they are “looking for more small molecules to stabilize TET enzymes that regulate T-regs,” when vitamin C is almost completely overlooked in treatment plans for autoimmune disorders.

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  • Jab Remorse

    Posted July 21, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    So, Now You Are Vaccinated Against COVID-19.
    40 Trillion Packages Of RNA Have Been Injected That Induce Irreversible Changes In Your Blood Vessels.
    Now What?

    Depending upon which source of information you believe, your life is in the balance if you make the wrong decision about COVID-19 vaccination.

    A problem with what I write today is that the information below, which is essential to know to maintain health following COVID-19 vaccination, may induce more fear and anxiety, which is what is driving the pandemic and the misdirected decisions over COVID-19 vaccination.   I’ll explain more about this below.

    According to Our World Data as of July 20, 2021, 161 million Americans are fully vaccinated out of a population of ~328 million (49.1%).

    It is difficult to understand why anyone would immunize, not with a vaccine, but a 5-times gain-of-function bioweapon, which is what the COVID-19 RNA/DNA vaccines are.  But the news media is running a fright campaign that causes people to make health decisions out of fear.

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  • Red Blood Cells Of Long-Haul COVID-19 Patients Are Deformed; May Explain Blood Clotting Risk.

    Posted July 7, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    But What Causes Red Blood Cells To Be Misshapen May Not Be A Virus At All

    If the public is to believe all of the unusual and atypical symptoms caused by COVID-19, uncharacteristic of any of the other seven types of coronaviruses, one might conclude this isn’t a virus at all.  It must be something else.  In particular, modern medicine is perplexed over patients with long-term symptomology, what has now been called long-haul COVID-19.

    Researchers at the Max Planck Institute For Physical Medicine in Germany find red blood cells from recovered long-haul COVID-19 patients to be misshapen which they say may explain the phenomenon of oxygen deprivation and other symptoms among these patients.

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  • Why Get Vaccinated?

    Posted June 8, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Chart: Why Get Vaccinated

  • FDA Protects COVID-19 Vaccine Makers, Seeks Withdrawal of Competing Dietary Supplement

    Posted May 22, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Amazon Appeases FDA Removes Sulfur-Based Dietary Supplement From Online Offerings Because It Cures COVID-19 And Threatens Vaccine Emergency-Use Provisions

    Late last year (2020) the FDA issued a warning letter that a sulfur-based dietary supplement couldn’t be lawfully marketed because it was first studied as a drug in 1963 and marketed in that same year under the trade name Mucomyst to break up mucus accumulation in the upper respiratory tract (bronchus, lung).

    The dietary supplement industry legally challenged the FDA over this categorical restriction for use solely as a drug to treat disease to the exclusion of its use to promote health, which is the what dietary supplements are permitted to claim.

    In May of 2021 Amazon.com, obviously the major online marketer of dietary supplements, caved in to the FDA and removed the sulfur-based pills, called N acetyl cysteine, or NAC for short, from its online offerings. The dietary supplement industry is advising its members to continue selling NAC supplements.  The FDA and supplement industry are in a standoff.

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  • What About COVID-19 Vaccination For The 10 Million Americans Taking Immune Suppressive Drugs?

    Posted May 20, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Can Dietary Supplements Safely Be Substituted?

    An estimated 10 million Americans take immune suppressive drugs to quell autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, Graves’ disease, inflammatory bowel disease.  Over $1 billion of immune suppressive drugs are sold annually to control symptoms of these body-against-itself autoimmune diseases and to prevent organ transplant rejection.  These vulnerable patients were supposed to be screened by a doctor before inoculation with COVID-19 vaccines.  But they have been indiscriminately immunized.

    True, RNA vaccines don’t expose these patients to actual viruses like common vaccines do.  Antibodies are produced by genetic stimulation of antigens rather than by a viral particle.  But there is question whether the vaccine will adversely affect these patients and take them on a hell ride, or worse.

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  • How Are They Ever Going To Live This One Down?

    Posted May 2, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Chlorine Dioxide Is Unequivocal Cure For Symptomatic & Laboratory Confirmed Covid-19 Infection

    Remember when the President made off-the-cuff statements about using disinfectants to potentially treat the coronavirus and the news media ridiculed him, saying he belonged in the “company of pseudoscientists and purveyors of phony elixirs who promote and sell industrial bleach as a ‘miracle cure’ for autism, malaria and a long list of medical conditions.”  (April 27, 2020 NY Times).

    UnivisionNews called the President a “follower of the church of bleach.”

    Days prior to the President’s announcement during an April 23rd press conference on COVID-19, the President had been contacted by the founder of a company, Genesis II, that sells chlorine dioxide bleach as a “miracle solution” (Miracle Mineral Solution). The President said: “I see the disinfectant that knocks it out in a minute. One minute!”

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