• How Are They Ever Going To Live This One Down?

    Posted May 2, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Chlorine Dioxide Is Unequivocal Cure For Symptomatic & Laboratory Confirmed Covid-19 Infection

    Remember when the President made off-the-cuff statements about using disinfectants to potentially treat the coronavirus and the news media ridiculed him, saying he belonged in the “company of pseudoscientists and purveyors of phony elixirs who promote and sell industrial bleach as a ‘miracle cure’ for autism, malaria and a long list of medical conditions.”  (April 27, 2020 NY Times).

    UnivisionNews called the President a “follower of the church of bleach.”

    Days prior to the President’s announcement during an April 23rd press conference on COVID-19, the President had been contacted by the founder of a company, Genesis II, that sells chlorine dioxide bleach as a “miracle solution” (Miracle Mineral Solution). The President said: “I see the disinfectant that knocks it out in a minute. One minute!”

    Forbes magazine ran an article saying bleach (chlorine dioxide) had been touted as a false cure for COVID-19. Most other news agencies parroted this report.

    Not to allow this issue to die, a year after that event, a report published in Frontiers In Political Science says:

    • “… the world was horrified by the President’s suggestion of drinking household disinfectants to prevent COVID-19.”
    • “…chlorine dioxide is not safe for human consumption.”

    Adoption of chlorine dioxide for use as a “cure” for COVID-19 was linked to illiteracy. Such an idea was branded as pure “pseudoscience” and was evidence of the “politicization of scientific misinformation.” Vaccines would remedy the problem, once they become available, said researchers.

    The evidence

    Fast forward to April 2021. The Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine issues data that was never released to the general public.

    Statistics of Bolivia where the use of water-solubilized chlorine dioxide (ClO2) for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 was approved by law in early August 2020, demonstrate a marked reduction in cases and deaths in that country. The highest peak recorded in Bolivia was epidemiological week 29 (10,939 cases), with cases falling to 670 in epidemiological week 45,(representing a 93% decrease). The case-fatality rate decreased from 8% to 4.5% in epidemiological week 36, coinciding with the massive use of dioxide in the population without it being possible to affirm with certainty that dioxide is responsible for this decrease. From a peak of 2,031 daily cases on August 20, 2020, cases dropped to 147 daily cases on October 21, 2020, representing a 93% decrease. Daily deaths decreased from a peak of 132 on September 3, 2020 to 24 deaths on October 21, 2020, with an 82% decrease in mortality.

    The public in Bolivia, hearing of the condemnation of CIO2, reduced consumption of chlorine dioxide which was linked with a rebound in cases.

    A controlled study

    These researchers decided to launch a controlled study. The dose of chlorine dioxide used was 30 milligrams per day for 21 days which is well below the No Observed Adverse Effect Level. Just a small group of 20 patients was compared against 20 in a control group that received anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, steroids, and antihistamines.

    Ten milliliters of chlorine dioxide at 3000 parts per million concentration was added to 1 liter of water for the test subjects to drink, every other hour.

    While the study group was small, the effect was overwhelmingly in favor of chlorine dioxide as a “cure” for COVID-19.

    Determination of symptomatic relief 7 and 14 days after the onset of symptoms found that chlorine dioxide rapidly abolished symptoms of cough, shortness of breath, fever, headache, throat pain, chest pain – 70% reduction by the 7th day of treatment. More importantly, blood platelets normalized (which is what is causing the horrific blood clotting problems associated with vaccination). Oxygen saturation of the blood as measured by oximetry showed marked improvement. For comparison, the control group struggled on with lingering symptoms.

    One-hundred percent (100%) of the patients with a positive PCR test (polymerase chain reaction, the current test used throughout the world to test for COVID-19) were negative for COVID-19 by the seventh day of CIO2 treatment.

    Researchers wrote: “We can affirm without a doubt… that chlorine dioxide is effective in the treatment of COVID19, making PCR negative in one hundred percent of cases at 7 days, significantly and rapidly modifying the symptoms of the disease, significantly reducing laboratory parameters to normality within 14 to 21 days.”

    Here is the visible evidence:

    Comparison: blood sample - chlorine-dioxide injection

    This positive news comes on the heels of the report issued by the United States Department of Justice, that an indictment for “selling toxic bleach as a fake ‘miracle cure’ for COVID-19.” The indictment was issued against marketers of “Miracle Mineral Solution.”

    Not to ever allow a cure to get ahead of the science, nor a natural inexpensive remedy to replace patentable pharmaceutical nostrums, namely experimental vaccines, which are also unproven and there is no data as to their safety. The innocents who dared to offer a real cure are up on the chopping block.

    Just remember March 8, 2021 as the publication date of the above-mentioned study, when the health quacks and pseudoscientists were vindicated. But will they be pardoned?

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