• Why I Want To Be Infected With The COVID-19 Coronavirus And You Should Too

    Posted February 26, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Oh, you’re saying I must be crazy.  Who would want to intentionally get infected with the allegedly deadly COVID-19 corona virus that is now causing human populations to mindlessly cancel airline reservations, cause health officials to quarantine vacationers on ocean liners, has caused stock markets to crash and has emptied Chinese restaurants around the globe?

    Thousands of people in South Korea line up to get face masks. (You can make your own at home with a paper towel and rubber bands, but they are only presumed to be effectiveSurgical masks reduce aerosol viruses by 6-fold but live viruses are still detected in the air.  Only a N95-respirator reduces airborne flu particles by 100-fold).

    All because of a newly mutated virus that the world has no antibodies against, that is killing, well frankly – – – only those individuals with weak immune systems.

    I want to be infected so I will develop natural life-long antibodies against this mutated virus that appears to be produced in a laboratory, not mutated in the wild.

    Modern vaccines aren’t producing life-long antibodies. Right now, there is no approved vaccine, so you will have to think about how to produce natural antibodies against this dreaded virus.

    Would you get vaccinated?

    So, would you roll up your sleeves and get inoculated with a “live virus” vaccine if it were available today?  That would seem to be a contradiction.  You don’t want to become infected naturally but you would be willing to be injected with the virus + heavy metal adjuvants (mercury, aluminum) that might actually backfire and result in the vaccine provoking a mortal reaction (read more below).

    World populations are living on the edge of fear.  Vaccine makers could sell a few billion doses now that the remote possibility of unavoidable, untreatable death has been lodged in the back of everyone’s mind.

    Refuse vaccination and you will be burned at the stake

    Fear spreads faster than any coronavirus.  Asians are the new lepers.  During the Black Plague of 1348-50 A.D. that spread throughout Europe, a certain ethnic group was blamed for its spread and its members were burned at the stake.  When a vaccine does become available, if you refuse vaccination, don’t think your fear-crazed neighbors aren’t going to do the same.  Your house will be burnt to the ground, with you in it.

    Targeted prevention superior to mass vaccination

    Instead of boosting immunity in high-risk groups (young children who have not developed antibodies against many roaming pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and the very old who have a worn-out immune system), with poor nutrition being the underlying reason for the lack of immunity in both risk groups, instead of figuring out ways to boost immunity (vitamins, minerals) public health agencies are staging the world for its first global vaccination program.

    (This Is Only A Drill)

    Ditto for a third risk group – those people who take immune-suppressant drugs, or who take street drugs.  Deaths due to wintertime viral influenza are few in developed countries where public hygiene (chlorinated water), food fortification and number of sunny days are evident.

    Deaths must occur

    There must be some deaths to frighten human populations around world into willful compliance to get vaccinated.  So, quarantine the infected, make sure they get no natural sunshine vitamin D (the primary antidote), expose them to antibiotic-resistant bacteria in hospitals, and frighten them, which further weakens their immune system as stress hormones create sleepless nights, raises blood sugar levels and induce sugar craving, a phenomenon commonly observed in stressed lab animals.

    The coronavirus maps tell all; it is not spreading

    The obvious fails to be recognized.  Examine global coronavirus infection maps.  COVID-19 infected people are being transported back to their home countries on aircraft and the virus is only spreading to family members and then stopping cold.  A World Health Organization bulletin states: “Secondary infections mostly occurred in families, not communities.”  In other words, COVID-19 is familial, only spreading among families with poor health habits (smokers, drinkers, drug abusers, poor diet).

    Sunshine equatorial non-coronavirus zone

    Take a gander at the coronavirus infection maps.  The obvious escapes a frightened public.  There is a non-coronavirus zone in equatorial countries where sunshine vitamin D blood levels are characteristically high.

    Map: coronavirus

    Infection = life-long immunity

    The COVID-19 coronavirus is infecting a few, as laboratory confirmed by blood sample, and probably many more who have been infected but not experienced any or only mild symptoms.  The latter being people with a functional thymus gland that produces memory T-cells and results in lifetime immunity from this so-called skull-and-cross-bones virus.

    Now if ANY virus were to be so deadly as to overwhelm human immune systems, humanity would have been eradicated long ago.  So, the paralyzing epidemic of fear that has gripped humans around the globe is uncalled for.

    Common adjuvant in vaccine could kill

    Are you holding your breath for a vaccine?  That is just what the vaccine propagandists want.

    Researchers say: “It is possible that a vaccine could be harmful.”  In other words, according to a report published in the Journal of Virology:

    “While coronavirus germs that induce protective neutralizing antibodies have been identified, coronavirus vaccines present a unique problem in that immunized individuals when infected by coronavirus can develop lung pathology (pneumonia), a problem that is further exacerbated by the formulation of vaccines with aluminum adjuvants!”

    Adjuvants (i.e. heavy metals) are added to vaccines to artificially provoke an immune response, when the real problem is poor nutrition.

    This study shows that coronaviruses utilize something called a spike protein to adhere to healthy living cells and invade them.  “Starch-based (inulin-based polysaccharide) adjuvants enhance neutralizing-antibody titers and protect against clinical disease but at the same time also protect against development of lung eosinophilic immunopathology.”  This means any coronavirus vaccine must avoid aluminum adjuvants (immune boosters).

    The use of starch-based adjuvants (polysaccharides from inulin) instead of heavy metals (mercury, aluminum) not only protect cells but block the inflammation and accumulation of fluid in the lungs that produces life-threatening pneumonia.

    Some researchers claim, despite assurances from the Centers for Disease Control that aluminum adjuvants are safe, “they have potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans.” Aluminum is included in many vaccines to prevent pneumonia, hepatitis, polio, diphtheria, influenza, encephalitis, and others.

    Must make T-cells

    A report published in Immunology Research says the acute phase of a coronavirus infection is associated with a severe reduction in the number of T cells in the blood.  “Antibodies that are completely protective” against a coronavirus target the spike protein.”

    T-cells make antibodies.

    Several studies have shown that most recovered SARS coronavirus patients have higher and sustainable levels of neutralizing antibody responses, whereas patients with a longer illness showed lower neutralizing antibody activity than patients with a shorter illness duration which suggests that antibody responses are likely to play an important role in determining the ultimate disease outcome.

    A T-cell response is critical in clearing a coronavirus from the lungs.  Pneumonia (lungs filling with fluid) is the chief cause of death from the COVID-19 corona virus.

    According to an authoritative report published in the Journal of Immunology, effective vaccines should confer long-term protection against future outbreaks of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) caused by a novel animal-to-human (zoonotic) coronavirus. Approximately 50% of convalescent SARS patients (a similar coronavirus) were positive for T-cell responses, and 90% possessed strongly neutralizing antibodies.

    Virologists say an understanding of how T-cells responded to the SARS virus will aid in vaccine design and evaluation.

    The thymus gland secretes two types of T cells called CD4+ and CD8+.  The CD8+ cells are more aggressive and respond to more life-threatening viruses.  CD4+ T cells serve to prevent rather than treat infection.  While both CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells are necessary for complete protection, virologists say CD8+ T cells “should be emphasized for optimal protection.”

    But hold on.  Researchers recently discovered how to weaponize CD4+ T-cells.  The discovery was made among a small population of centenarians.  Remarkably CD-4 T-cells were also found to exhibit toxic features among super-centenarians.  This was surprising because CD-4 T-cells usually perform helper roles rather than kill pathogens directly like CD-8 cells do.

    Supercentenarians exhibit a high level of cells that are toxic to pathogenic germs and tumor cells, sometimes amounting to 80% of all T-cells, compared to just 10-20% of controls.  These destroyer CD-4 T-cells were not only more abundant but were more toxic than in other subjects.  This was not a lab dish or animal study.  All this was revealed in a small group of super-centenarians.

    Indispensable zinc

    Zinc is indispensable for immunity.

    Zinc is an essential trace mineral that is highly important for the proper function of the human immune system.  With zinc deficiency, which is common even in populations in developed countries, proper function of the immune system is not ensured.

    Mild zinc deficiency is common among healthy elderly adults which leads to impaired immunity.  The provision of zinc improves the balance of T-cells.  Zinc reduces the incidence of autoimmune diseases.

    Even a mild shortage of zinc results in impaired T-cell function.  Thymulin activity, the hormone secreted by the thymus gland, declines in cases of zinc deficiency.  Zinc deficiency also results in an imbalance between T-cells.  Zinc is required for regeneration of new CD4 T-cells.

    The human body contains 2-3 grams (2000-3000 milligrams) of zinc, most which is bound to proteins, particularly to its carrier protein metallothionein (met-tal-o-thih-o-ne-in).

    The most prominent effect of zinc deficiency is a decline in T-cell function.  The total number of neutrophils, the first arriving white blood cells to fight infection, is not different in the aged compared to younger adults.  But the ability of neutrophils to kill off pathogens is impaired by a shortage of zinc.

    The thymus gland is where T-cells are produced by cells called thymocytes. The thymus gland shrinks at any age due to a shortage of zinc.  The provision of zinc reverses the involution (shrinkage) of the thymus gland.

    Universal zinc therapy has been called for to counter the age-related decline in immunity.  The healthy adult zinc-sufficient thymus gland is about the size of a walnut.  By age 70-80 this gland shrinks to the size of a pea due to (a) low zinc intake; (b) poor zinc absorption, often due to a lack of stomach acid or use of acid blockers; (c) binding of zinc to metallothionein, thus rendering it non-bioavailable.

    Even among adult populations that consume the 15-milligrams/Recommended Daily Allowance of zinc, deficiency states are frequent.  To make matters worse, just when zinc is most needed, it is not provided. Hospital diets do not provide sufficient amounts of zinc.

    Mega-dose zinc supplementation doesn’t induce an over-responsive immune system.  Rather it just stores away more zinc on its carrier, metallothionein.

    Zinc adequacy normalizes the immune response.  Selenium releases zinc from its carrier, metallothionein.  Adults who take supplemental zinc with selenium have been found to have higher antibody levels.  Selenium levels are also related to the number of CD4 T-cells.

    What to do

    1. First recognize the best diet will not provide sufficient amounts of zinc, that is, unless you eat oysters every day.  This is true for children and adults.
    2. Zinc oxide, the most economical form of zinc sold in health shops and online, is insoluble and may not absorbed by some individuals.
    3. Many readers may already be supplementing their diet with multivitamins that provide zinc, usually 15 milligrams, the Recommended Daily Allowance.  So further zinc supplementation may not be needed (but zinc oxide would still be almost useless).
    4. There are many good forms of zinc, zinc citrate being pre-digested and has a high absorption rate (56-71%).  Zinc citrate is 31% of elemental zinc compared to 23% for zinc sulfate.  Zinc citrate is very economical.
    5. Zinc supplements should be consumed with food when stomach acid levels are high, which facilitates optimal absorption.  Zinc is often harsh on the stomach and taking it with food allays any nausea or gas.
    6. Copper competes with zinc and excess copper may be counterproductive.  The zinc/copper ratio is a predictor of mortality.  Excess copper in relation to zinc doubles the risk for death.
    7. Vitamin B6 is necessary for the proper absorption of zinc.
    8. The safe upper limit for zinc is 40 mg/day.  Up to 45 milligrams of supplemental zinc per day has not been found to decrease copper status in elderly individuals.
    9. Excessive zinc (50 mg and 100 mg pills) can lead to suppression of the immune response.  This may explain why many animal and human studies with zinc have failed.
    10. Selenium as a mild oxidant facilitates the release of zinc from its carrier protein metallothionein.
    11. Iron inhibits CD4 T-cells.  Iron-free/copper-free multivitamins are preferred.
    12. For active symptomatic forms of coronavirus infection, zinc acetate lozenges work rapidly to quell symptoms and shorten the course of disease.
    13. Don’t forget vitamins C & D.

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