Posted March 14, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    The day is going to come when the long-awaited coronavirus vaccine becomes available.  Will it be your civic duty to submit to vaccination?

    I’m asking you why you are believing the scare tactics of the virologists, in particular that everyone will get infected with coronavirus.  Great!  Then nobody will need to get vaccinated!!  Because they will have already developed antibodies on their own.  This is the great ruse of the coronavirus.  Manipulation of the population by health authorities.

    A few may be sickened – – smokers, diabetics, obese, the aged, etc.  The very weak may succumb to a viral infection that would otherwise cause only mild symptoms.  The healthy will either experience a mild fever or no symptoms at all.

    A clinic in China reports 80% of infected individuals experienced no symptoms whatsoever.  The fearmongering virologists are frightening the public, urging people to self-quarantine, and not clueing in the public that vaccines will not be necessary for those who test positive for coronavirus but have developed antibodies on their own and have mild or no symptoms.   Don’t fall for the coronavirus con game.

    But on a future trip to the doctor’s office, you are going to be confronted with the option to inoculate with a coronavirus vaccine.  Presume you will have a choice to get vaccinated against coronavirus.  How will you go about making that decision?  Do you have the gumption to say no to the doctor?

    If you are like many others, you don’t want to get into any arguments (i.e. you don’t want to risk losing friendship over this, and you don’t want to alienate your doctor) and may not have time to read this entire report.  If you just want instruction about what to do to avoid the coronavirus and forget about the vaccine for now, skip forward to the last page of this report.

    Better safe than sorry you say to yourself.  Better to get vaccinated.  I offer contrarian thoughts about vaccination against coronavirus.  But, “what if?… you ask.  I know that is what you are thinking.  Deep down there is fear.  And fear breeds poor decision making.  But you may already have antibodies to coronaviruses.  But only the vaccine gives peace of mind.

    Little do we know, the problem is right there in your home – it’s your immune system.  And maintaining your immune system is much more powerful than vaccines.  In fact, vaccines don’t work without certain nutrients.

    What is fear after all? It is indecision.

    In light of the news reports surrounding the coronavirus epidemic, I now must ask: just how gullible are you?

    How can a naïve public that believes almost everything it hears and sees on evening TV network news is the truth, in any way question the prevailing fear that coronavirus kills?  You don’t understand, after watching hours of network evening TV news over your lifetime, that the pharmaceutical companies and vaccine makers “own” TV news?  That what you are hearing is propaganda?

    You mean to tell me, that after the CDC said that thousands more Americans (not really) died of the flu last year than this year, yet no panic resulted, no quarantines were called for, no hand-washing habits recommended or withdrawal from offering a handshake to friends?

    “Evil draws its power from indecision and concern for what other people think.”

    Last year was worse than this year.  Why didn’t TV reporters run around and report each and every case of the flu last year as they are doing now with coronavirus?  The flu is just as deadly to older Americans as coronavirus.  So why have public health authorities and news media chosen to frighten the public and suggest the public begin self-quarantining themselves because of this newly mutated pathogen?

    Do you think what you have been told about vaccines is true?  Do you think the American population is being set up, driven by fear, to clamor for a new vaccine?

    You had better hope, in the rush to market, the new vaccine doesn’t have another hidden virus in it like the polio shot did, which increased the risk for cancer.

    This coronavirus panic is fostered by self-interested parties who can’t even make enough people die to totally convince you to vaccinate.

    You are/aren’t being lied to about vaccines?

    What is the Centers for Disease Control’s history with regard to transparency and truthfulness regarding vaccination?

    What if I showed you convincing evidence that Americans are being lied to about vaccines?  Over 9 in 10 school-age kids are vaccinated.  Dutiful Americans see that their kids get the shots because that is the American way.  I think there is too much fear-based pressure for parents to withhold their school-age children from being vaccinated, particularly in light of recent outbreaks of infectious diseases that are being blamed on anti-vaxxers (actually being caused by synthetic vaccines not providing life-long immunity like old-fashioned vaccines once did).  That’s social pressure.  But there is also legal pressure.  In fact, failure to vaccinate your children is now considered child neglect these days.

    Did you know that many physicians don’t vaccinate their own kids like they recommend to parents? (That’s another lie, if not a betrayal of trust.)

    So, let me throw some additional evidence in front of you.  Below is a chart showing the flu vaccine ineffectiveness for 15 consecutive years.

    Source: WIKIPEDIA





































    It’s what the above chart doesn’t reveal that is most troubling.  The data above does not reveal that every year the flu vaccine was almost worthless among the very young (under age 6) and the very old (over age 70), the highest risk groups for death from the flu.  That is because these two age groups are not able to produce sufficient antibodies after inoculation.  It is the immune system, not the vaccines, that is failing.

    Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Reports (Feb 16, 2018), a federal publication, noted that 43% of the 100+ million Americans vaccinated against the flu in 2018 actually got the flu (maybe even from the vaccine itself).  The flu vaccine that year was barely effective for children and adults up to 49 years old, but “no statistically significant protection was observed in other age groups,” including people over age 65.

    But the CDC had early data in its hands and its minions, pediatricians and pharmacists at drug stores that offer flu shots, were still urging folks to get vaccinated!  How’s that for deception?

    Back to the coronavirus circus

    For the most part, reported cases of coronavirus in the U.S. are the result of overseas travelers returning from China and exposing their family to the virus.  And the CDC began asking Americans if they would begin self-quarantining themselves?  It isn’t spreading into the community.  So why suggest self-quarantine?  What is spreading is seasonal flu being paraded as COVID-19 coronaviral infections.

    Ah, but what about those nursing home cases in the State of Washington that sprung up out of nowhere?  Health authorities didn’t tell you the tests for this virus have a lot of (47%) false positives.  Authorities were saying the tests weren’t even available.  In one study, among 1460 cases of unexplained respiratory illnesses reported to the Centers For Disease Control, only 2% were laboratory confirmed coronavirus.

    Older adults are highly vulnerable to pathogenic germs of any kind.   So, should all the retirees in the U.S. vaccinate for each and every prevalent life-threatening pathogen – – the flu, pneumococcal vaccine, shingles (herpes zoster), to name a few?  Should the masses vaccinate even when their immune systems aren’t up to par and they aren’t likely to make sufficient antibodies against any of these infectious diseases following vaccination?

    Let me show you this…. It is a chart showing the number of people who need to be vaccinated in order for one person to benefit.



    Number needed to be vaccinated for 1 to benefit

    Flu vaccine

    Children age 6 months to 4 years 1852 need to be vaccinated to prevent 1 hospitalization

    Flu vaccine

    Infants 4255 to prevent 1 hospitalization

    Flu vaccine

    Adults 71

    Shingles/herpes zoster vaccine

    Adults over 70-years of age 231

    Pneumococcal vaccine

    Older adults 5206

    Tuberculosis vaccine

    Adults 646

    Gardasil vaccine (cervical cancer)

    Sexually inactive girls 9,080

    Coronavirus vaccine
    (in development)

    Everybody ??

    What this chart says is you and your loved ones don’t have a chance in hell of ever benefiting from inoculation.

    So, what level of effectiveness do you expect from the new vaccine against coronavirus?

    What more could the vaccine makers do to destroy your misplaced confidence in their products?

    It’s your immune system, stupid!

    When cardiologists in China examined COVID-19 coronavirus infected patients who had heart disease, they found those cardiac patients who had severe coronavirus infection had low white-blood cell counts and higher markers of inflammation and 88% of non-survivors were obese compared to just 19% of survivors.  Would an available vaccine change these numbers?  Not likely.

    Do you understand, if your immune system is weak, none of the vaccines are likely to produce sufficient antibodies against ANY infectious disease?

    Truth in numbers

    As of March 8, 2020, an estimated 107,502 cases of coronavirus (diagnosis confirmed by various inaccurate methods) had been reported among a population of 58 million people in Hubei Province, China (epicenter Wuhan), or ~2 people per 1000.

    That means 57,892,498 would need to be vaccinated to prevent 107,502 from being infected, with the mistaken assumption the vaccine would be 100% effective.  538 would need to be vaccinated to prevent 1 infection, and 16,666 would need to be vaccinated to prevent 1 death.  In other words, the chance of you ever benefiting from a coronavirus vaccine is nil, and that is with the presumption the vaccine is 100% effective.

    If the vaccine were ~33% effective as flu vaccines are overall, then even fewer would benefit (not develop infection or die).  However, given vaccines of any kind don’t work well among the elderly, and given that most deaths occur among the aged, the number of deaths (3,657 as of March 8, 2020) would not likely fall, even with mass vaccination in China.  So almost all adults over the age of 65 who would be vaccinated in China would still be at mortal risk.  The rate of vaccination is almost meaningless, the responsiveness of your immune system is paramount.

    The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.

    Of the 54 cases in the U.S. as of March 9, 36 were travel related.  So, we are down to 18 infections among 325 million Americans.

    I need to inform you an experimental coronavirus vaccine was tested on animals and they all died.

    Do you realize every time you or your children were vaccinated, you were duped?

    Modern vaccines are marginally effective.  Most kids make antibodies against disease-causing infections because they have a healthy immune system, not necessarily because they were vaccinated.

    I recall film producer Aaron Russo conducted  man-in-the-street interviews about taxes.
    He asked Americans if they knew of any laws that they were required to pay taxes?
    Many responded not to pay taxes would be un-American.
    That is so unbelievable.
    America was founded on a protest to a tea tax. (Remember burlap bags of tea were thrown into Boston Harbor,
    the so-called Boston Tea Party?)
    Americans often wear their stupidity on their sleeve.
    America was founded on opposition to authority.
    But today, to oppose government is un-American.
    To oppose vaccination is to be put on a list to be sent to the asylum for re-education.
    This is the same government that is lying to you about vaccines, and most everything else.

    Cannot make an independent decision

    Despite all the logical thinking I have shared, it is likely you are still not sure.  You couldn’t stand up to your doctor and refuse a coronavirus shot.  And that is because you are not used to making healthcare decisions, or frankly ANY decisions on your own.  Too many Americans rely on their parents, government, teachers, drill sergeants, and doctors, to make decisions for them.  They have never made an independent decision about their money, career, religion, or their health.

    Many Americans navigate with a group-think mentality.  We may like to hang with like-minded individuals (the Facebook mentality), but then again, maybe the blind are leading the blind.

    In the land of the blind, a one-eyed man is king

    Many Americans take a report like this and run to their trusted doctor to ask if any of this is true.  Do you think a doctor is going to admit it’s all a lie, that the jig is up, that vaccination is a fraud?  That doctor would face ouster from the medical board.

    I’m standing out on the end of a limb attempting to convince you are making the wrong decision to vaccinate.  I’m not a doctor, so it is easy to disregard what I have written here.  Just for the record, doctors, government and the news media, all sources of information about vaccines, have a vested interest in them.

    You haven’t the time to learn of an even more deadly pathogen that kills far more people than any coronavirus.  Paralysis sets in.  At least habitual hand washing relieves the tension, helps you deal with the problem, even if irrational and of little benefit.

    Obsessive/compulsive hand washing is actually recognized as an aberrant behavior, and now social pressure comes to bear, and the entire population in the U.S. is compulsively washing their hands.  The whole country is becoming OCD.  Remember, there is no coronavirus outbreak in sunny equatorial countries, regardless of hand washing practices.

    Even if the new vaccine is deemed to be safe and effective, among individuals with a weakened immune system, the vaccine itself could trigger serious side effects that result in hospitalization.  And then, due to a lack of sunshine vitamin D in hospital intensive care units and possible medication errors, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, my calculations show thousands more senior Americans would die of the vaccine than from the virus itself.

    You had better be right about your decision to vaccinate.  You can take your chances with the vaccine or the vitamin pills.  At the very least, taking the vitamin pills may avert some of the side effects of vaccines – any vaccines.

    Let’s hope this viral epidemic goes away.  Coronavirus could “disappear,” as summer approaches.  But it could also return at the end of the year.

    From what you have learned about in this report, is there any reason why you would go ahead and be vaccinated against coronavirus when it becomes available?

    Circle your answer: YES or NO

    Below I’m going to share with you some unarguable evidence that nutritional medicine is a safer and more effective alternative to vaccines and should be a priority in your home to stay healthy.

    Here is my best advice, gleaned from published scientific reports:

    I’ll make it real simple: Get some sunshine and/or take a sunshine vitamin D pill.  Also take a vitamin C pill and a zinc pill.  Here’s why:

    Take vitamin D:

    Incontrovertible data reveals wintertime influenza including coronavirus infections arise in winter when sunshine vitamin D blood levels are low.  As the earth tilts on its axis away from the sun in the northern hemisphere, less ultraviolet solar energy reaches the surface of our skin to naturally produce vitamin D.  Somehow this fact, that humans need more vitamin D in winter, escapes being put into practice.

    Don’t use the Daily Value (printed on the Supplement Facts box on dietary supplements) or the Recommended Daily Allowance to determine how much vitamin D you should take.  Health authorities conveniently made a calculation mistake and underestimated how much supplemental vitamin D is needed.   Adults need ~8000 units, infants ~1000 units, and children 3000 units, of supplemental vitamin D per day.  You can’t argue that a lack of vitamin D is the governing reason why flu and coronavirus outbreaks come in winter and vanish in summer.  Around 42% of the adult U.S. population has low blood levels of vitamin D.   That figure rises in northern latitudes to almost everybody in winter months.

    To normalize the immune response so that white blood cells called neutrophils don’t over-respond to produce inflammation themselves that then results in your lungs filling up with fluid, vitamin D and the red wine molecule resveratrol combined normalize the immune response.  Resveratrol by itself is a potent anti-viral agent against coronavirus.  In a lab dish, resveratrol “completely blocked viral replication even at a low concentration.”

    Take vitamin C

    It is an irrefutable fact that animals that internally secrete vitamin C from their liver do not develop coronavirus infections.  Kids will need 500-2000 milligrams of vitamin C per day taken 2-3 times a day; adults 500-1000 milligrams per day taken 3-4 times a day (since oral C is rapidly excreted – – within 30 minutes – – after ingestion.  Much more vitamin C will be needed if an active infection is in play.

    Take zinc

    Unassailably, T-cells are critical to produce long-lasting memory antibodies against coronaviruses and other pathogenic bacteria and viruses.  The trace mineral zinc is required to produce T-cells that produce lasting immunity.  Just click on the above link and visualize all the evidence.  Zinc inhibits growth of RNA viruses like coronaviruses.  Many children in the world are zinc deficient, if for no other reason than they are picky eaters who consume a lot of belly-filling carbohydrates (bread, pasta, cereal).

    I’m fighting a losing and unpopular battle.  Americans believe in vaccines – – 95%+ vaccinate because once fear is created, there is no peace of mind without vaccination.  Very, very few Americans vaccinated their children after an examination of the scientific rationale behind them.  They vaccinated their children out of fear.  We have replaced faith in God with faith in our government, and our doctors.  It would be unamerican not to vaccinate.  And what happens when your god gets caught lying to you?

    Regardless of the credibility level of my argument against vaccination, you will decide in favor of vaccination because doctors and health authorities have left you with nothing but phobic hand-washing to quell your fears.  To convince you, they need some deaths.  My analysis shows vaccines cause more death than the infectious diseases.  You don’t have a deficiency of vaccines.  Vaccines ARE the disease.  Your immune system needs essential nutrients, without which, no vaccine can possibly work.  So, at the very least, take the vitamins and trace minerals, so the vaccines you have (mis)placed your faith in, will work.

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