• Ten Point Plan To Stop The COVID-19 Coronavirus Epidemic In Its Tracks

    Posted May 3, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    1. Focus on the most at-risk groups for mortal outcomes: nursing home residents; African Americans; hospital workers; the very old whose immune systems are not up to par; the very young who have an undeveloped immune system.  Focus on educating nursing home directors, hospital infection control officers, African American community leaders, school nurses.  Don’t rely on top-down instruction from government sources.  Utilize local resources to promote public health, sanitation, and immunity.  Gain the public’s trust via education.  Government offers no drugs or vaccines and was unprepared for this current epidemic, not even having sufficient masks, blood testing or sanitation practices in place.
    2. Population lockdown is an onerous, destructive, last-resort practice that is counterproductive as it eliminates the safety net our communities rely upon (doctors, hospitals, ambulances) and deprives the public of sunlight needed to produce natural vitamin D which is critical for immunity.  We now have a perpetual mandated population lockdown with no exit strategy in mind, which leads to public chaos.  Nutrition is the elephant in the room that modern medicine ignores.
    3. This infectious disease and all others are defined by their seasonal onset (winter) when sunshine vitamin D levels are low and immune systems are weak.  Coronaviruses become infectious in November and disappear in April with the arrival of spring and the solar equinox when the earth tilts on its axis back towards the sun in the northern hemisphere.  This highly infectious virus would, in a healthy population, provoke antibody production and life-long immunity.  But in unhealthy individuals it wreaks havoc and leads to hospitalization and death.  It is all important to boost immunity or vaccines and natural immunity will not offer any protection against infectious disease of any kind.  Notice that masks and hand washing are not needed in summer.  These ineffective practices only give the public peace of mind, not real protection.
    4. Test for vitamin D blood levels, not PCR for existence of the virus or coronavirus antibody tests.  Test for vitamin D blood levels upon hospital admission and in nursing homes and correct nutrient deficiencies with dietary supplements.  Test hospital workers who represent a third of all infections because they work indoors and typically have low vitamin D levels.  Nursing home directors need to be advised to take their patients outdoors for sunning.  Advise employers to give midday sunbreaks to their employees.  Schools, which are beginning to abandon physical education, need to maintain outdoor activities for children.
    5. Ensure that the public makes sufficient antibodies to any and all pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi they are exposed to by encouraging zinc dietary supplementation.  Zinc is required to make antibodies when we are exposed to pathogens in vaccines or circulating in the community.  Vaccines do not produce adequate antibodies without zinc.  Zinc blood tests are notoriously inaccurate and would produce misleading results.
    6. Recognize there may never be a vaccine against coronavirus.  Microbiologists have been unsuccessfully working for nearly a decade to make a coronavirus vaccine.  Vaccines activate antibodies in the blood stream but the lungs are “outside” of the body where white blood cells do not have direct effect.  For lung infections like pneumonia, the flu, coronaviruses and tuberculosis, inhaled vaccines or medicines would make more sense, not injected vaccines.  Vaccines are approved in healthy people but the obese, diabetic, immune compromised, dark-skinned, very old and very young may not produce antibodies after inoculation and develop side effects from the vaccine, with some requiring hospitalization which can lead to avoidable deaths.
    7. Mass vaccination as a public health policy for each and every bacterium and virus is a dead-end street.  There are ~16 approved vaccines in the U.S. and another 200+ in development.  As a society are not going to jab our school children with over 100 vaccines.  The human immune system naturally makes antibodies against all infectious diseases and depends upon nutritional factors to efficiently produce antibodies: vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, selenium.  No vaccination required.
    8. Reports that warm temperature and outdoor exercise improve human immunity fail to note that when temperatures are warm, people wear less clothing and expose more skin to the sun and exercise gets people outdoors and exposed to the sun.
    9. Tuberculosis kills far more people than the flu or coronaviruses and is not even in the public death totals.  TB is a seasonal infectious lung disease like the flu and coronavirus infections.  Many people assumed to have COVID-19 coronavirus lung disease actually have TB.  Tuberculosis primarily occurs among immigrants who were born outside this country.  TB is latent and erupts when immunity is weak.  Vitamin D is the primary antidote.
    10. The World Health Organization guidebook for dealing with epidemics calls for politicians to be removed from management of epidemics and for doctors to be placed in control.  Politicians attempt to gain political capital through the spread of fear and other manipulations.
      Mayors of towns will be confronted by the pro-vaccine medical establishment that will ridicule the measures suggested herein.  The medical community has a financial conflict of interest.  Towns and cities that ignore the advice herein will get tagged as death traps and people will no longer want to live there.  The economy of these communities will be destroyed.  There is already a population movement towards rural areas.

    Bill Sardi, Knowledge of Health, Inc.

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