• Sixty Good Reasons Why You Should Be Taking Vitamin C Supplements

    Posted April 27, 2015: by Bill Sardi

    1. Are you under stress? Undergoing divorce, loss of a loved one, financial stress? You need more vitamin C.
    2. Do you have a runny nose? You could use some vitamin C as a natural antihistamine.
    3. Does your skin bruise easily? That would be an overt sign you need more vitamin C.
    4. Do you have gallstones? It would be advisable to take extra vitamin C.
    5. Do you have hemorrhoids, spider veins, varicose veins? Begin taking extra vitamin C to strengthen blood capillaries.
    6. Do you smoke tobacco? Now is the time to start taking extra vitamin C as smoking depletes vitamin C.
    7. Are you pregnant? Then take extra vitamin C to keep from losing your pregnancy.
    8. Is you blood sugar elevated? Now is the time to take vitamin C throughout the day.
    9. Have you had a heart attack? If so, supplement your diet with vitamin C to promote healthy coronary arteries.
    10. Are your eyes chronically red? Extra vitamin C may help.
    11. Have you had an abnormal Pap smear? Take vitamin C along with folic acid to help normalize cervical tissue.
    12. Do your gums bleed? That is an overt sign you need more vitamin C.
    13. Do you take aspirin daily? Aspirin depletes vitamin C and supplemental vitamin C should be added to your diet.
    14. Do you have macular degeneration? There is no better time to start taking vitamin C than now.
    15. Are you recovering from a wound or surgery? This is the best time to supplement with extra vitamin C.
    16. Does your doctor say you have a liver problem? Take vitamin C to improve liver glutathione levels (glutathione is a key antioxidant).
    17. Are you trying to mend a broken bone? Vitamin C supplementation is advised.
    18. Are you developing cataracts? It’s best to take extra vitamin C.
    19. Does a loved one struggle with schizophrenia? Vitamin C is worth a try.
    20. Do you notice pinpoint bleeding around your hair follicles? That is an overt sign you are Vitamin C deficient.
    21. Does the hair on your body take a corkscrew shape? Another sign you need more vitamin C.
    22. Do your legs ache when you walk? That might be peripheral neuropathy that can be resolved by taking vitamin C pills.
    23. Do you experience recurrent infections? Your immune system may be compromised by a lack of vitamin C.
    24. Do you consume added sugars in your diet? Sugar paralyzes white blood cells and depletes vitamin C.
    25. Are you irritable or short tempered? That is yet another sign of vitamin C deficiency.
    26. Blood pressure elevated? Extra vitamin C should be consumed throughout the day.
    27. Exposed to lead or mercury? Supplemental vitamin C is advised.
    28. Are you chronically fatigued? You may be anemic. Take extra vitamin C in its ascorbic acid form with meals to improve the absorption of iron from foods.
    29. Is your appetite poor? Extra vitamin C might be of help.
    30. Do you use an asthma inhaler that contains a steroidal drug? Steroidal drugs (example: prednisone) deplete vitamin C from the body and supplemental vitamin C is required to avoid deficiency.
    31. Do you take water pills (diuretics)? These drugs deplete vitamin C from the body and require supplemental vitamin C.
    32. Do you take antacids of any kind such as for heartburn? These drugs impair vitamin C absorption.
    33. Are you a postmenopausal female who practices estrogen replacement or a fertile female taking the birth control pill? Then you need extra vitamin C to make up for its depletion by these hormones.
    34. Do you take Tylenol (acetaminophen) for pain? This pain reliever depletes glutathione from the liver, a key antioxidant. Vitamin C raises glutathione levels.
    35. Do you drink alcohol daily? You should supplement your diet with vitamin C (along with zinc, thiamin vitamin B1, magnesium).
    36. Do you get dizzy when you stand up from the sitting position? You may benefit from adding extra vitamin C to your diet (plus vitamin B12).
    37. Do your joints ache? You may have pseudo-arthritis. Try vitamin C.
    38. Do you have blotches of blood underneath the skin on the back of your hands? This condition is called ecchymoses and is resolved by taking vitamin C.
    39. Do your eyes bulge out? Extra vitamin C should be employed.
    40. Do you have shingles (herpes zoster)? Vitamin C may help resolve symptoms.
    41. Do you have melanoma skin cancer? Vitamin C may help prevent its spread.
    42. Do you have viral outbreaks like herpes lip sores or chronic hepatitis? It is important you supplement your diet with vitamin C.
    43. Do you have glaucoma? Vitamin C may be beneficial.
    44. Have you undergone weight-loss surgery (gastric bypass)? Guard against vitamin C deficiency by supplementation.
    45. Are you unable to walk and need a motorized chair or wheelchair? Vitamin C therapy has been demonstrated to resolve this problem.
    46. Are you overweight? Vitamin C deficiency contributes to obesity.
    47. Men: are your sperm levels low? Extra vitamin C may help.
    48. Do your growing children complain of painful legs? They may need more vitamin C.
    49. Are you battling cancer? Cancer cells use up more vitamin C and supplementation is demanded.
    50. Are you bleeding at the back of your eyes? Reach for vitamin C.
    51. Is your blood platelet count low (inability of blood to clot)? Vitamin C is necessary for normal blood clotting.
    52. Can’t stop eating? A lack of vitamin C (and zinc and vitamin A) are associated with low levels of leptin, a hormone that signals the body has had enough to eat (satiation).
    53. Ladies: do the top chambers of your heart flutter (atrial fibrillation)? Vitamin C may help resolve this problem.
    54. Men: want to live longer? Just 300 milligrams of vitamin C (which would require consumption of 6 oranges a day) resulted in men living six years longer. Vitamin C supplements are suggested.
    55. Are you battling the common cold? Extra vitamin C , especially with added zinc gluconate helps reduce the severity and duration of a cold.
    56. Do you have H pylori infection that shuts off stomach acid secretion that impairs absorption of vitamin C from foods and supplements? 52% of the American public does and needs extra vitamin C.
    57. Are you a sugar craver? Craving for sweets may emanate from overgrowth of a yeast called Candida albicans that depletes vitamin C from the body.
    58. Need tissue regeneration? Vitamin C is needed to produce regenerative stem cells.
    59. Do you have short telomeres (end caps on your chromosomes)? Vitamin C is associated with longer telomeres.
    60. Men: erectile dysfunction? In an animal study, vitamin C erased the problem.

    Do you need any more reasons before you start supplementing your diet with vitamin C?

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