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    Posted March 15, 2015: by Bill Sardi

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    Book cover: We already know how to Cure Cancer - by Bill Sardi

    I knew when I accepted the invitation to speak at the National Health Federation’s 60th annual awards dinner on January 31st, 2015, that I faced a challenge.  The point of my speech that night would take only a single sentence:  sugar causes cancer.  But what surrounds that statement would either make my speech convincing or not.  After all, you have to think about the preconceptions of your audience before you attempt persuasion.

    And with that in mind, I would have to overcome my audience’s prevalent but mistaken belief that alkaline diets cure cancer.  As you will learn below, I failed to totally dispel that idea.

    Since I delivered that speech a number of people who shunned chemo and radiation treatment and have survived cancer by many years emailed me to say yes, they too had done their own research and realized sugar causes cancer.

    The evidence that sugar causes cancer dates way back in the archives of medicine and is irrefutable (the way cancer is detected these days is to inject radioactive sugar and take a computerized image – a PET scan — of the sugar feeding the voracious appetite cancer cells have for sweets).

    But there is more to learn about sugar and cancer than just to shun sugary foods.  The body makes its own sugar in the form of glucose and that is the primary form of sugar that feeds cancer.  There are natural molecules and synthetic drugs that help inhibit glucose entry into cancer cells that my e-book presents.

    The reason why I offer an e-book is that some people are intellectually insulted by the many cancer nostrums that are offered online these days.   This e-book provides many scientific references that can be checked directly via online links.

    Oh, don’t think of taking my e-book to your oncologist to convince him or get his opinion.  Oncologists generate 80% of their income delivering chemotherapy drugs intravenously in their offices.  Anything that would interrupt that income stream will be predictably dismissed as unproven.

    After I delivered my 17-minute speech a woman stood up to tell the audience that, yes, cancer can be overcome and she told how she overcame her own breast cancer with an alkaline diet.  I realized then an ingrained belief is not going to be easy to dispel.  By the way, the uncontrolled growth of breast tumors is strongly associated with sugary foods in the diet.

    For that desperate cancer patient who has undergone chemo and radiation treatment and has exhausted all their options, maybe this e-book will be life-saving for them.  Cancer patients are so gripped with fear it is unlikely they will initially opt for such a simple remedy as a sugar-free diet to overcome cancer.  The book is available at Amazon.com  — © 2015  Bill Sardi March, 2015

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