• Natural remedies for warts

    Posted June 10, 2013: by Bill Sardi

    Inquiry:  I have wart on my finger, knee and inner thighs.  Please help me find a remedy.

    Reply: warts are skin growths that emanate from papilloma virus infection.

    Warts may be a sign of weak immunity and should prompt supplementation with vitamins D and C and selenium and zinc.

    There is evidence that topical application of vitamin D3 is effective, as is topical vitamin A.  Vitamin A & D ointment is widely available in drug stores.

    Excessive alcohol consumption is associated with development of warts.  Alcohol depletes zinc and vitamin A.

    Zinc deficiency is prevalent among individuals with warts.  Topical zinc sulfate is also reported to be effective.  I wouldn’t be surprised to find zinc oxide, commonly used as a sunscreen agent, works well.  Oral zinc therapy is also reported to help quell warts.


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