• Natural Immunity Prevails Over Newly Approved Pfizer Messenger-RNA COVID-19 Vaccine

    Posted August 28, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Natural Immunity Confers 13-Fold Decreased Risk For Unexpected Infection After Vaccination

    August 26, 2021: In the wake of the U.S. FDA August 23 approval of the Pfizer messenger-RNA COVID-19 vaccine comes a startling reversal in the agenda to vaccinate the entire planet.  Investigators in Israel report that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against COVID-19 coronavirus infection as well as symptoms and/or hospitalization involving the Delta variant of the virus compared to Pfizer RNA (BNT 162b2) two-dose vaccine immunity.

    There was an alarming 13.06-fold increased risk for unexpected breakthrough infection involving the Delta variant compared to those subjects who were previously infected and developed natural immunity!

    Israel is a country where ~60% of the population is fully vaccinated (Statista Aug. 18, 2021),

    The preliminary report, published as a preprint at MedRxIV, the health industry’s online preprint (prior to peer review) repository, had strong statistical power.  Overall, there were three groups of 16,215 matched subjects from 673,676 enrolled people in in their health plan that were fully vaccinated, 62,883 who were unvaccinated but had previously been infected and 42,099 individuals who were eligible for study of previously infected individuals who were candidates for vaccination.

    The study involved members of Israel’s 2nd largest health plan who were vaccinated prior to February 28, 2021 or who had both a documented COVID-19 infection by that same date and received one dose of the vaccine by May 25.

    During the study period, 257 cases of COVID-19 were recorded; 238 in the vaccinated group and just 19 in the previously infected group (reinfections).  After adjustment for co-morbidities such as diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity, the staggering 13.06-fold increased risk was recorded for breakthrough infection as opposed to reinfection.  Apart from age, none of the comorbidities significantly affected the risk for an infection during the follow-up period.

    When comparing symptomatic cases, 191 occurred in the vaccinated group versus 8 in the previously infected group.  Eight (8) hospitalizations occurred in the vaccinated group and 1 in the previously-infected (natural immunity) group.  Overall, there were 640 infections in the vaccinated group versus 108 in the previously infected group (5.96-fold difference); as for symptomatic cases, there were 484 in the vaccinated group and 68 in the natural immunity group (7.13-fold difference).

    The CDC says the Delta variant is nearly twice as contagious as previous variants.  The CDC concedes the RNA vaccines are “not 100% effective,” but in the same sentence say they are “highly effective at preventing severe disease and death.”  And in another concession, CDC says “there will be thousands of fully vaccinated people who become infected and able to infect others, especially with the surging spread of the Delta variant.”

    This is the second report from Israel that natural immunity is superior to vaccination. On April 20, 2020 involving another health plan, vaccinated was deemed to be 92.8% effective against the COVID-19 virus versus 94.8% for unvaccinated individuals.  That report questioned the need to vaccinate previously-infected individuals.

    Among healthcare workers who experience more than average exposure to COVID-19, there is zero risk for reinfection after natural immunity is developed.  “Not one of 1359 previously infected subjects who remained unvaccinated had a COVID-19 infection over the duration of the study.”

    Even the National Institutes of Health posts a report saying “Lasting immunity found after recovery from COVID-19.”

    On June 22, 2021, every-which-way Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, who had once advised Americans to wear three face masks, in a misdirection said the “new Delta variant is the greatest threat to defeating the pandemic.”

    According to a report by Children’s Health Defense, The Centers For Disease Control’s aggressive efforts to vaccinate every American is uncalled for given that most people have already acquired natural immunity.

    Texas physician and cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough cites an Oxford University Clinical Research Group study that Pfizer’s vaccine is at 17% to 42% efficacy.  The FDA said its bar for approval vaccines was 50%, but then went ahead and announced approval of the Pfizer vaccine anyway (Emergency Use Authorization, FDA, May 2021, page 10).

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