• Nation In Coronavirus Turmoil

    Posted April 3, 2020: by Bill Sardi


    Fearmongers show the body bags and caskets, display the obituaries; feature news reports of a newborn baby with coronavirus.  News media and government propagandists display a world with no virtually defense against a deadly viral pathogen.  No masks (nearly useless anyway) and a shortage of ventilators (70-90% die if they get to this point).

    Now mayors (not health authorities) mandate masks and really whip up more fear.  Every politician wants to hang his political hat on his handling of the coronavirus outbreak.  Wear a mask or otherwise you won’t be allowed to stand in line to get food at the grocery store, or at least others in line will chase you away, being fearful of transmission of infectious disease themselves.

    With the population feeling defenseless because there is no vaccine, a last gasp measure is to quarantine and socially space (isolate) people, which is obviously not working in Italy (see chart below), didn’t work on an ocean liner, and didn’t work on an aircraft carrier.

    Chart: Covid-19: Italy

    The masses follow instructions/orders by their overseers, with no awareness that lack of sunshine vitamin D is what triggers these seasonal infectious disease outbreaks in the first place.

    News media to blame

    A report published at Foreign Policy magazine states: “We should recognize that news media is overwhelmingly incentivized to produce negative and alarmist headlines without accompanying historical context and analytical expertise for the average person to evaluate the severity of those headlines.”  Author Micah Zenko goes so far as to say: “Fear is a national security crisis” in itself.

    Another report published in Psychiatry Research says: “Fear seems more certainly a consequence of mass quarantine.”

    Even anti-government news media like Infowars stoke the coals of fear and panic (headline: “coronavirus is now the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.” (totally false).  Yellow journalism reigns.

    The term “killer virus” is used for effect and is frequently found in news reports.

    You can’t go online without some real-time tabulator of COVID-19 cases and deaths being displayed.  These real-time death charts have literally replaced baseball scores.  It’s the political drama in America now.  Counting deaths related to a virus instead of home runs.

    Reporting each and every case of the common cold

    COVID-19 coronavirus was a common cold virus.  Now it is a deadly pathogen.  Imagine doing this in prior years, running around counting the number of people with colds and reporting the on the TV weather report.

    What does TV news resort to now to capture viewers?  Individual reports of people’s ordeal with a head cold.  “Molly Johnson tells her personal story about her ordeal with her diarrhea, fever and sore throat – on the news report at six.”  The TV cameras will soon be following ambulances to cover sensationalist cases of bleeding hemorrhoids (“if it bleeds, it leads” is an old saying in journalism).

    Modern medicine employs fear

    Modern medicine has repeatedly used the fear of not taking drugs, not taking statins to lower cholesterol, for a long time.  This is despite as many people have mortal heart attacks with low as high cholesterol.

    Attempts to convince people to change health habits with facts against fear is an uphill and often fruitless battle.

    Only a few will need to be hospitalized.  But “what if?” is the question in the back of the public’s mind.  That is how vaccination is sold.  Few parents have the time to examine the (lack of) science behind vaccination.  Scientific information is not often examined when making a decision to vaccinate.  There is social pressure and the fear of making the wrong decision and being blamed for “my kid getting chicken pox.”  Better not be a bad mother.

    In case you didn’t realize, the “live attenuated” vaccine IS the chicken pox, and if your child’s immune system is not up to par, the child will develop symptoms of the disease.  Same goes for flu shots too.

    What about all those deaths in New York?

    News reports focus on the startling number of deaths in New York City.  The American public is reading reports of massive death at Elmhurst hospital in New York City.   New York is the center of the US COVID-19 pandemic.

    Shocking video coming out of Elmhurst Hospital showing row upon row of patients with COVID-19 infection and refrigerated trucks with body bags inside emanate from a Dr. Colleen Smith.

    Dr. Smith MD is identified as a “simulation specialist.”  Dr. Smith is also an author on a report published at The Journal of Teaching & Learning Resources entitled “A Simulated Mass Casualty Incident Triage Exercise: SimWars.”  An April 2, 2020 report published by State Of The Nation reveals that same video footage as a “staged panic that became a live drill.”

    Disregarding the fake video, the majority of infected patients and deaths reported at Elmurst Hospital occurred among undocumented immigrants.  These are people who were born overseas and many brought the tuberculosis bacterium with them in a dormant state.  Years later, after entering the US, health authorities call for the masses to stay indoors, away from sunshine and vitamin D, and latent TB erupts.

    New York City is reported to be home to 560,000 undocumented immigrants.  When the word “immigrant” is mentioned, that points to tuberculosis, not COVID-19 coronavirus.  Tuberculosis kills far more people than any coronavirus.  What triggered these deaths months after the initial spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus?  Obviously, the quarantine.

    How quarantines provoke TB

    Dr. Dick Menzies of the Montreal Chest Institute at McGill University gives us a clue.  In the text Community-Acquired Pneumonia (Kluwer 2001) Menzies writes:

    “Transmission (of TB) occurs almost exclusively indoors.  Risk of transmission in the indoor environment increase if the room is too small and/or the rate of exchange of air is low (i.e. poor ventilation).  Both of these factors act to increase the concentration of airborne tubercle bacilli and therefore the likelihood of inhaling them.  Dark and damp conditions will increase the survival of airborne tubercle bacilli and therefore increase risk of transmission.”

    But where does this end?  There are numerous infectious lung diseases including deadly tuberculosis that kills over 1.5 million a year that can induce pneumonia (water-filled lungs).  High-risk individuals are at risk for ANY potentially mortal pathogenic bacterium or virus, not just COVID-19 coronavirus.  Now the main objective of modern society is not to be productive but to hide from each and every disease.

    Boost immunity in high-risk groups

    Health authorities should target high-risk individuals (diabetics, smokers, drinkers, drug users) with remedies that boost immunity (vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc).  These remedies are anathema to the CDC, a governmental entity that has a narrow vaccine-only approach.

    Natural immunity is superior to masks, quarantine, vaccines

    People are not cognizant of the many pathogenic germs that the human body is exposed to and develops antibodies against over a lifetime.  A slight fever may arise, and lifetime antibodies are made.  We may not even aware of this.  The human body is designed to fend off infectious disease without having to wear masks or hide from disease indoors.

    The idea is to take a healthy population and expose them to a prevalent pathogen like COVID-19 so the masses are naturally inoculated.  There will be no need to vaccinate if the masses are exposed to COVID-19 naturally and develop antibodies.

    Look at Britain

    Look at Britain where health officials presumed only a small number of people were at risk for hospitalization and an even smaller number would die, and quickly began screening blood tests for coronavirus antibodies, to confirm their projections.  (The US weakly began testing for the presence of the COVID-19 virus, not the antibodies.).

    If few people tested positive then the worst of the epidemic lay ahead.  But they determined by March 19 an estimated 68% of Britons must have been infected and had already developed antibodies.  Even if a vaccine were available, it would only be problematic at that point.  Infection and transmission was seen as a positive, rather than some fear-evoking crisis.

    Britain is also issuing “immunity passports” to people who already contracted COVID-19 to allow them to travel and return to a normal life.

    In the UK schools, restaurants, theatres remained open and only high-risk individuals (the elderly) were advised to stay at home.  Britain eventually reversed its “herd immunity” policy, but it was too late , the people had developed immunity.  Even the most efficient vaccination program relies on so-called “herd immunity” as a 100% vaccination rate is beyond practicality.   Health authorities talk about building up herd immunity with vaccines, so why is this different, doing it naturally?

    What are we left to conclude?

    So, is the CDC attempting to keep the masses vulnerable to COVID-19 so they must be rescued by some future vaccine that many biotech companies are racing to develop?

    Health authorities at the Centers for Disease Control certainly must be aware of the volumes of published data showing “sunlight deficiency” is the primary inducer of seasonal influenza and tuberculosis.  If the CDC is ignorant of this fact, they need to turn in their badge.

    So, is the CDC intentionally trying to produce hospitalizations and deaths?  There is something going on here that is very covert and deceptive.  How does India, a country of 1.2 billion people, close down its economy over 53 COVID-19 deaths while an estimated 435,000 annual deaths due to tuberculosis are reported there?  (April 3, 2020) Somebody is pulling strings worldwide.

    Globalist objectives

    The COVID-19 plannedemic perfectly achieves objectives of globalists.  Stop using paper money because it is a vehicle to transfer the virus – use credit cards instead.  Voluntarily stay away from other people, so there can be no public assembly dissent.  Obey your political leaders, or else you won’t be allowed to resume business.  For the sake of public safety, volunteer to go out of business so you have no remaining wealth and you will become totally dependent on government for survival.

    Next up: submit to vaccination and an imbedded marking on your skin (the “mark of the beast”) to prove you have been vaccinated, or else!  Billionaires who have invested in vaccine technology will demand a return on their investment.  To hell with boosting natural immunity so vaccines are not necessary.  Throw your sunshine vitamin D pills into the wind.

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