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    Make Sure Your Kids Get Measles!

    Fascism: Authoritarian rule characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society; when industry controls government to do their bidding.

    Yes, you read that sub-title correctly — make sure your children get measles says Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, a vaccine expert.  What?  You must be thinking those who lead the anti-vaccine movement are really out of their minds now.  But wackos they aren’t.

    A massive effort by health authorities to stomp out non-medical exemptions (NMEs) for vaccines is fostered by a current outbreak of measles that has prompted what seems to be an orchestrated effort in various States to introduce legislation to outlaw these NMEs.  Such a campaign is headed for certain catastrophe.

    Recognize the Centers for Disease Control defines an outbreak of just 3 or more cases of measles in any geographic area.  No one in the U.S. has died of the measles since 2015.  So, we are not talking about mortality, we are talking about preventing fevers, rashes and coughs that accompany measles, at least in well-fed populations where malnutrition is not rampant. Yes, you will read news reports that hundreds of children are dying of measles on the island of Madagascar, but malnutrition, not under-vaccination, is the problem there[1].  Emergency vaccination has not been able to quell the measles outbreak on Madagascar.

    Current efforts to end non-medical exemptions for vaccines morphs into medical fascism.  Not only is mandatory vaccination categorically flawed — the idea the unvaccinated are responsible for spreading infectious disease to the vaccinated (that means the vaccines must not be effective given that better than 90% of school children are already vaccinated), there is strong medical evidence that measles vaccination is not effective because of (drum roll) vaccination.   That circuitous statement demands explanation.

    Here are the unsettling titles of recent scientific reports that point to measles vaccination is the problem, not the solution:

    “Reduced antibody response to infant measles vaccination.”  — Clinical Infectious Diseases, Oct 1, 2017

    “An increasing, potential measles-susceptible population over time after vaccination in Korea” — Vaccine, July 24, 2017

    “Declining measles antibodies in the era of elimination” – Vaccine, Jan 25, 2018

    “A number of countries with sustained measles control have now demonstrated that measles-specific antibodies decline with time since vaccination,” says a troubling report from health authorities who monitor infectious disease in Australia[2].

    “Waning levels of measles antibodies with increasing time post-vaccination suggests that measles susceptibility is potentially increasing in Korea,” says another report[3].

    Epidemiologists who oversee vaccination programs say the problem is related to limited immunity produced by vaccines compared to “naturally acquired immunity triggered by measles infection.”  What investigators are saying is, only natural exposure to the measles virus, a full-blown feverish episode of this infectious disease, will develop effective long-lasting immunity[4].

    Researchers in Canada explain it this way: antibody protection of children born to vaccinated mothers declines compared to mothers who were never vaccinated and developed antibodies after a natural bout of the measles in their childhood.4  This now prevalent decline in antibodies among infants in their first two years of life persists even with second (booster) vaccination!  Modern vaccinology is headed in the wrong direction.  Stop the vaccine train —- reverse the engines.  Lives of young infants could be at risk if measles vaccination efforts continue.

    It is vaccine expert Sharon Tenpenny D.O., writing and speaking online at VAXXTER.com, who provides the best online advice about measles to concerned parents.  Dr. Tenpenny says vaccination doesn’t prevent infection but it does prevent transmission.

    She cites a CDC report[5] that states 42% of measles cases reported from 1985 thru 1988, over two decades after introduction of the first measles vaccine in 1963, were among vaccinated persons who were inoculated on or after their first birthday.  During these years 68% of measles cases in school-age children occurred among those who had been appropriately vaccinated.  In a misdirection, this led to the recommendation of a second booster shot.

    As vaccination programs ramped up, the age of onset shifted from school-age (5-19) to children under 5 years of age.  The CDC report notes that susceptibility of infants younger than age 1 increased due to their mothers who developed weak antibodies from vaccination rather than from a virus encountered in circulation in the population.  Mothers who had higher antibody counts from natural infection transferred immunity across the placenta to their fetus and this immunity lasted until children reached 5-9 years of age, which Dr. Tenpenny says is the desirable time for children to get the measles and develop their own enduring antibodies.

    Yes, unvaccinated individuals are more likely to get measles, but they are also most likely to develop life-long immunity, something vaccination doesn’t achieve.  This is why adult measles vaccination is being promoted, to the glee of vaccine makers.

    When industry controls government to mandate vaccination, as is now happening, this is out of control fascism.  An overly fearful public can’t see the objective is corporate profits, not health.  Let’s vaccinate the whole world – 7 billion people and then add booster shots.  Then make it a law that kids get vaccinated.  But measles has a 2-to-3-year cycle that will cyclically erupt with measles cases regardless of vaccination.  Dr. Tenpenny says the same cyclical outbreaks will occur every 2-to-5 years for whooping cough (pertussis).  And the outbreaks are all inappropriately being blamed on anti-vaxxers.

    Dr. Tenpenny teaches viral-induced fever is desirable.  Measles can induce fevers of 103-105-degrees F.  Just control fever to 102-degrees F by use of vitamins A & D says Dr. Tenpenny and make sure kids are hydrated.

    Dr. Tenpenny says: Measles virus infects different organs, induces a fever and wakes up the immune system (B cells, macrophages) and disseminates immunity to all tissues with accompanying fever at the age appropriate time which is age 7 to 9 years of age.  Fever locks-in membranes in gut, kidneys and the blood brain barrier and teaches the body to activate immunity against “non-self” agents.  She teaches, over time more infants will be susceptible to measles infections at younger ages due to mothers being vaccinated.  Measles is important for female children to have to protect their own offspring later in life.  Her 21-minute instructional videotape presentation on measles can be viewed on FACEBOOK (if they don’t censor her).


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