• How The Scientific Establishment Takes On Criticism

    Posted August 16, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    On April 22, 2017 I posted a pointed article at Knowledgeofhealth.com that branded negative news reports about dietary supplements as “fake news.”  Among other targets of my criticism was the American Council on Science & Health (ACSH).  A spokesperson for ACSH said the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 swept away “all regulations that vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements prove they are safe and effective prior to marketing.”  It took the ACSH 16 months to catch up to my rebuttal to news reports that were in circulation last year unfairly damning vitamin pills.

    On August 14, 2018 a spokesperson for the ACSH belatedly fired back, ridiculing this health journalist and resorting to ad hominem attacks, calling me a “conspiracy-loving screwball.”  He also published a photo that might confuse readers it is a personal photo of Bill Sardi that was originally posted at the website of a recording engineer who said the photo characterized an impersonator on Twitter (not Bill Sardi).  This is bizarre.

    Conspiracy Theories Guy

    Here is my rebuttal:

    TO: American Council on Science & Health

    Re: ‘Acsh Is Fake News!’ So Says Anti-Vax, Conspiracy-Loving Screwball

    Appreciate the free publicity.  The bots love this stuff.  Why would ACSH resort to personal attacks and ridicule?  Not a word of substantive criticism about anything I have written.  Your guy bloom is Big Pharma personified.  I’m an advocate for non-Rx home remedies.  We obviously have differences.  But I didn’t call him a screwball.  To resort to ad hominem attacks should be beneath the very science ACSH espouses.  Must have struck a nerve.  Let’s see, ACSH represents science and I represent pseudoscience, is that about it?

    And the initial example is ACSH’s position that the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 swept away “all regulations that vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements prove they are safe and effective prior to marketing.”  Yes there are “disgraceful cancer claims made by marginal renegade supplement makers,” but they get correction letters from the FDA and visits from the FTC.  The supplement industry is spending millions of dollars to comply with the law and to ensure Good Manufacturing Practices, which include accurate labeling, are adhered to.  Categorically, you can’t demand dietary supplements prove they are effective for any disease without then re-classifying them as drugs.  If a vitamin C supplement is found to cure cancer, it would be a drug and cannot be classified as a dietary supplement any longer.  You’re asking for a $50 million study to prove the obvious, that thiamin (vitamin B1) cures beri beri and niacin cures pellagra.  If supplement makers had to do that, the cost of vitamins would soar beyond affordability, which is what has happened to Rx drugs.  And, supplement makers still can’t make a claim their products, like vitamin C, cures scurvy or eradicates symptoms of scurvy.  And Big Pharma keeps selling drugs that deplete essential nutrients with no unction to disclose this fact in their labeling.  So some drugs simply represent disease substitution. Meanwhile, according to Poison Control Center data there hasn’t been a reported death from lettered vitamins or mineral supplements for many years running.  Supplements are safer than tap water, food, aspirin, vaccines.

    Paul Offit may be your hero but he neglects the role of nutrition in maintaining a healthy immune system and relies on toxic adjuvants to provoke an immune response.  This has resulted in vaccines that really don’t work well for the very young and the very old.  You might want to check out my 80-page referenced report at www.beyondvaccines.com that has been peer reviewed by noted scientists and asserts zinc, a trace mineral, is overlooked in infectious disease.  Zinc is required for T-memory cells that develop life-long immunity via thymus gland secretion.  In fact, zinc should be used in place of toxic vaccine heavy metal adjuvants like aluminum and mercury (thimerosal).  Zinc sufficiency would theoretically result in school aged children being exposed to infectious diseases and incurring mild overnight symptoms (mild fever) with development of antibodies without vaccination.  The infectious disease outbreaks today largely emanate from synthetic vaccines being used that only offer short-term immunity.  But the unvaccinated are blamed for these outbreaks.  Overlooked are vaccine-induced infections.  Yes, vaccines are a little bit of disease.  They can harm the immune compromised.

    Worship your false heroes of “science.”  Criticism of ACSH’s positions are deserved but rewarded with ad hominem responses. Argue the science, not the messenger.

    Bill Sardi
    Knowledge of Health, Inc.

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