• How To Acquire The Immunity Children Have Against COVID-19

    Posted September 7, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    One of the gross errors of modern medicine is to study why people are diseased rather than why they are healthy enough to escape the many maladies that plague mankind.

    There are many perplexing questions that go unanswered since the COVID-19 pandemic was announced by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020.

    One of them is why young children appear to be immune to COVID-19?  And if so, pray tell, why are vaccine makers and public health authorities making preparations to vaccinate the young?  And is there a safer non-experimental alternative to vaccination for children and adults since the new experimental RNA/DNA vaccines make guinea pigs out of our children?

    Casting a blind eye to immunonutrition

    Is it possible the increased use of natural remedies kept these children well?

    Immunologists commonly say there is nothing that can be done to boost the immune system other than avoid poor nutrition.  This is despite the fact there are major nutrient deficiencies in vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C, magnesium and vitamin B1 even in the well-fed American population that modern medicine overlooks.  Vaccines are posed as the only option against infectious disease.

    This time vaccine-happy pediatricians couldn’t say vitamins and minerals are unproven when the vaccines were experimental and as a class (reprogrammable RNA/DNA vaccines) and have never been used in humans.

    But as much as I am an advocate of immune-boosting dietary supplements to prevent or treat infectious disease to induce natural immunity as an alternative to vaccination, it is not plausible that kids used vitamins so religiously to extinguish this pandemic.

    Kids DO get COVID

    Experts now say kids do get COVID, but experience very mild symptoms.  Infection is desirable for natural immunity to occur.

    An unexplained anomaly has been the flu has vanished this season.  A report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association says children didn’t get the flu this 2020-21 season because they wore face masks and practiced distancing.  But that is preposterous.  That would mean these practices implausibly prevent the flu but not Covid coronavirus infections.  These are so-called experts saying this.

    Children appear to be innately immune from severe infection.  If face masks and distancing really do prevent infection, then they keep children from developing natural immunity and render them completely dependent upon immunization with an experimental RNA/DNA vaccine.  Maybe that is the true objective.

    Vitamins to the rescue?

    One explanation is that young children have active thymus glands that produce virus-killing T-cells up to around age 20.  Then the thymus gland shrinks and T-cells decline drastically.  BTW: The provision of supplemental zinc and vitamin D help to prevent thymus gland atrophy.

    For sure, public health authorities have been remiss in not recommending nutrient fortification during the pandemic.

    An answer to the question of childhood immunity

    Investigators at the University of Louisville attempt to answer the question why children under age 18 do not contract COVID-19, and in answering that question, they also attempt to explain why the BCG (Bacillus Calmette–Guérin) tuberculosis vaccine appears to confer protection from COVID-19 whenever it is part of a country’s childhood vaccination schedule.

    According to one online source, there are 16 countries that inoculate with BCG vaccine at birth.  There are another 31 countries that immunize with BCG but do not administer BCG booster shots.  Adults who were immunized with BCG at birth appear to be immune against TB and a variety of other infectious diseases.

    One report indicates for every 10% increase in BCG coverage there was a 10.4% reduction in COVID-19 mortality.  There are published reports that dispute any protection from COVID-19 infection with BCG vaccination.  But COVID-19 is so fraught with inaccurate false-positive cases due to a flawed PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, a test that is known to produce pseudo-epidemics, that the true test would be whether BCG-vaccinated populations develop immunity from other infectious diseases.

    Answer #2

    Another more likely explanation points to childhood vaccination which is 90+% coverage in the U.S.  In fact, it is difficult to say there is an effective anti-vax movement in the U.S. when better than nine out of ten school kids are immunized.

    What the Louisville University researchers say is that any kind of vaccination may confer protection against a broader number of infectious diseases than the vaccines were designed to prevent.  An example is the BCG tuberculosis vaccine, but other childhood vaccines could produce this protective effect as well.  

    Trained immunity in the 1930s

    A phenomenon called trained immunity can be induced by exposure to certain vaccines, microbes or metabolites.

    In the 1930s physicians observed that children who were vaccinated for any reason were less likely to die from other infectious diseases such as malaria, leprosy and respiratory infections. The vaccine that accomplished this broad immunity was the BCG vaccine for tuberculosis. The BCG vaccine prevents more diseases than it was designed to.

    Another example of entrainment was when small pox vaccination was introduced about 200 years ago, and up to its discontinuation in 1980, physicians noticed it afforded protection against the measles, scarlet fever, and whooping cough. This we now know as trained immunity—an agent that trains innate immune cells to provide long term immunity.


    In immunological lingo, trained immunity is called TRIM, short for TRAINED IMMUNITY, which runs counter to the current dogma taught in  medical schools.

    Current dogma

    It is commonly taught that the human body first responds to  infectious agents (pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi) by activation of an army of white blood cells, namely neutrophils, monocytes, macrophages and natural killer cells.  This is called the INNATE IMMUNE response.

    Innate immunity produces broad protection against any and all pathogens, but does not produce long-term memory immunity.  Or at least that is what most medical textbooks teach.

    Seven or eight days after onset of initial symptoms the ADAPTIVE IMMUNE SYSTEM kicks in and produces germ-killing B-cells (from bone marrow) and T-cells (from the thymus gland) to produce long-term antibodies and memory T-cells that then provide ongoing protection and prevention.  That is why colds or the flu last a few days before symptoms dissipate as adaptive immunity is activated.

    Trained immunity operates independently from adaptive immunity.

    The University of Louisville immunologists say TRAINED IMMUNITY results in white blood cells called macrophages and monocytes have been entrained to exude long-term immune properties and also “educates” the ADAPTIVE IMMUNE SYSTEM to produce more potent T-cells.

    The current problem

    Cold and flu viruses mutate so rapidly, vaccines cannot possibly keep up.  Conventional vaccines require a laborious process of being cultivated in eggs.  But now, the new RNA/DNA coronavirus vaccines are made in a day, making it possible to rapidly produce booster shots that address viral variants.

    Public health officials are coercing the entire world’s human population to be vaccinated against each and every COVID-19 variant.  There are plans to produce endless booster shots for every infectious variant of coronavirus.

    Just wait till the vaccine makers get to producing RNA/DNA vaccines against other viruses.

    But there is another major though unexpected development that needs to be revealed.

    The new discovery

    There is a natural molecule that re-trains the immune system to produce long-term immunity with or without vaccination.

    Though fairly well known by immunologists, most of the public has not heard about the natural molecule that produces TRAINED IMMUNITY.

    The natural molecule that has remained in obscurity is derived from baker’s yeast cells. It is called BETA GLUCAN.  It is widely available as a dietary supplement and is easier to administer than shots with needles.

    Beta glucan is a natural string of sugar-like molecules called polysaccharides that are found in the cell wall of bacteria and fungi and is often obtained from baker’s yeast cells (not to think it will give you a yeast infection).  Mushrooms and seaweed (fucoidan) also induce immunity via their polysaccharides.

    Glucans act as training agents to amplify the immune response.

    Trained immunity happens independently of T cells and B cells.  In other words, the first-responsive innate immune cells (mostly macrophages, monocytes) can acquire properties normally attributed to the secondary-responsive adaptive immune system that produces long-term memory immunity via T-cells and B-cells.  This is ground-breaking news!

    Researchers explain trained immunity as “a process by which innate immune cells undergo functional reprogramming after certain stimulations/infections (beta glucan), which amounts to a de facto immune memory that supports long-term immunity.”

    Great importance

    The old but recently re-recognized discovery that innate immune cells (monocytes, macrophages) retain a memory from prior bacterial, viral and fungal challenges, is of great importance.  When these “trained white blood cells then come into contact with heterologous (different) secondary stimuli (beta glucan) they are programmed to produce a more robust immune response.”

    The first evidence of long-lasting innate immunity in humans emerged from observation of populations immunized with BCG tuberculosis vaccine.  Immunity was conferred from unrelated pathogens.  Not only immunity from other non-TB respiratory infections and sepsis, but also melanoma skin cancer.

    The science behind beta glucan

    What does the science say about beta glucan?

    The protection from infectious disease afforded by oral beta glucan may not seem so stupendous, but that may be due to the variable quality of beta glucan supplements (discussed below).

    Societal benefits

    These University of Louisville-based researchers underscore the societal advantages of oral beta glucan, namely the avoidance of overwhelming the healthcare system in a pandemic, beta glucan’s high safety profile compared to vaccines, and its known ability to mimic broad immunity produced by the BCG vaccine.

    More health benefits

    Beta glucan has already been used as an adjuvant to vaccines. Furthermore, beta glucan, almost amazingly, inhibits blood platelets from sticking, that is, forming blood clots. And even more striking is that beta glucan reduces emotional stress and anxiety, something that accompanies every disease.

    Beta glucan dietary supplements are sold all over the world and a number of beta glucan supplements have earned the right to make certain health claims.

    Stand-alone beta glucan

    The aforementioned report by University of Louisville researchers, as published in July of 2020 in the journal Frontiers in Immunology, says there is “strong evidence” in support of beta glucan as remedy for Covid-19 independent of its role as a vaccine adjuvant. In other words, it can stand alone and fight the virus.  Beta glucan just doesn’t reduce the sniffles, it has been shown to reduce mortality rates from infectious disease (influenza, experimental animal study).

    Researchers in France echo the University of Louisville investigators and posit that beta glucan can also work synergistically with vitamins C and vitamin D to promote human health.

    Reverse macrophage laziness

    Beta glucan also reverses something called macrophage tolerance (laziness).

    After initial exposure of monocytes and macrophages to toxins or germs, a state of hypo-responsiveness is commonly observed, which is called tolerance.  While tolerance protects tissues against damage caused by infectious inflammation itself, this diminished ability to respond to toxins underlies susceptibility to infection that commonly occurs in severe infections.  Beta glucan can reverse tolerance.  This is accomplished by epigenetically reprogramming these white blood cells.

    Already in use among animals

    The rub is that beta glucan and accompanying trained immunity is already being practiced in veterinary applications among herds of cattle, sheep, goats, poultry and swine, especially among infant animals prone to infection because of their undeveloped immune systems.  Beta glucan has been used successfully with rabies shots for dogs and works via trained immunity.

    Beta glucan can possibly replace over-used antibiotics and help to quell the plague of antibiotic resistance.

    Vaccine adjuvant (enhancer)

    According to a report published in the journal Anticancer Research: “The common dogma states that glucans act on cellular immunity only.  Now glucans are considered to have important potential as a part of vaccines.  High quality glucans will stimulate an antibody response to the same effect as monoclonal antibodies.  Glucan supplementation reduces both the weight of tumors and the number of tumor colonies.”

    Will any beta glucan product do?

    Over 7,000 published reports describe the various biological effects of glucans. But unfortunately, it is difficult to sort out which commercial products actually work. There are differences in molecular weight, solubility and purity of glucans. Numerous studies have been done to help sort out the confusion.

    An authoritative reports states:

    “One of the problems is the fact that, despite the overwhelming number of scientific reports, far too many individual commercialized glucans have been used that differ widely in source, solubility, molecular weight, branching and other characteristics…. All this leads to confusion, with numerous  manufacturers  claiming that their glucan possesses the highest biological activities. The problem of diverse data can be solved only by comparative studies. However, scientific  reports  directly comparing individual glucans are limited.”

    Comparisons of commercialized beta glucan products explains all of the confusion in the marketplace over these otherwise promising products.  One study revealed 50% of beta glucan products had no biological activity even at the highest doses!

    Underutilized medical technology

    Beta glucan is not even on a list of prescription drugs and natural remedies know to quell COVID-19 symptoms.  The promise beta glucan offers is only dimmed by the variable quality of B/G supplements available commercially.  Study after study, after study, comparing ability to activate antibodies, activate phagocytosis (ingestion of foreign particles and germs), produce a significant effect at the lowest dose, activate nitric oxide gas, produce interferon, were achieved with a unique branded glucan (Wellmune).

    Given that current experimental RNA/DNA vaccines:

    • Do not limit transmission and spread of the COVID-19 virus;
    • Nor do they prevent “breakthrough” re-infection
    • Nor do they address long-term symptoms of COVID;
    • Nor do they address the most current variant and therefore require endless booster shots;
    • And they incessantly produce spike protein which opens the cellular doorway for even more virus to enter;

    It is clearly apparent something else must be done.  Beta glucan therapy activates TRAINED IMMUNITY and is safe even for the youngest infants and during pregnancy and is proven over time.

    Innate Immune System Trained Immunity Adaptive Immune System
    Timing of Response Immediate Immediate Latent (5- days after initial infection)
    Mechanism Responsive to General Threats Epigenetic
    Activation of Nitric Oxide
    (favorably alters gut bacteria)
    Responsive to Specific Antigens Produced by Pathogenic (Disease causing) Agents and Vaccines
    Activated by Pathogenic & Non-Pathogenic Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Protozoa, Toxins, Malignant Cells Vaccines
    Pathogenic & Non-Pathogenic Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Protozoa, Toxins, Malignant Cells
    Comprised of Neutrophils
    Natural Killer Cells
    Trained Macrophages & Monocytes Antibodies (temporary)
    B-cells (bone marrow)
    T-cells (thymus gland)
    Scope of Immunity Broad Specific Memory Immunity
    (Trained Macrophages, Monocytes)
    Specific Strain of Virus or Bacterium
    Memory Immunity

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