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    Posted May 1, 2014: by Bill Sardi

    Flaxseed is a popular health food.  It is available as raw seeds, crushed seed (flax meal, since raw seeds will not yield nutritional value, however you can crush your own seeds in a coffee grinder) and pressed flaxseeds to produce flaxseed oil.

    Flax provides three primary classes of nutrients: 35-45% omega-3 oils (70% alpha linolenic fatty acid, the richest source in nature); protein 20-30% and fiber 28%.

    Flaxseed is also loaded with an array of vitamins and minerals and is a rich natural source of phytate (IP6) as an antioxidant mineral stabilizer.  Barlean’s flaxseed meal (Forti-Flax) provides a complete list of the nutrients provided in flaxseed.  Flaxseed is also the richest source of phyto-estrogens called lignans. [Voprosy Pitania 2012]

    Every home should have flaxseeds and/or flaxseed meal to add to the diet as good preventive medicine.  The strength of the science surrounding flaxseed is growing. [Pakistan J Pharm Science Jan 2013] Consider some of the following published reports:

    • Animal and human studies support the hypothesis that flaxseed lignans providing 600 milligrams of lignans/day would combat high blood sugar, elevated cholesterol and blood pressure, central obesity, blood clotting and inflammation.  [Journal Nutrition Metabolism 2012]
    • Flaxseed meal has been used in animal studies and when combined with estrogen preserves bone mass and strength more than either agent alone.  Flaxseed does not promote growth of uterine tumors.  [J Medicinal Food Sept. 2012]
    • Flaxseed consumption is associated with a mild reduction in breast cancer risk.  [Cancer Causes Control April 2013]  Flaxseed has been shown to reduce mortality among patients living with breast cancer and improve mental health.  [Integrative Cancer Therapy Sept 2013]
    • In animals flaxseed produced a remarkable 40% reduction in arterial plaque.  [American Journal Physiology Heart Circulation Physiology June 2013]
    • Flaxseed meal reduces blood sugar and insulin among overweight, obese individuals. [Nutrition Research May 2013]
    • Flaxseed oil produces greater remission rates for patients with multiple sclerosis than fish oil.  [International Journal Neuroscience Nov 2013]
    • High-lignan flaxseed oil is superior in its ability to reduce cholesterol than regular flaxseed oil.  [J American College Nutrition 2013]
    • Flax is among a limited number of dietary components associated with improved mental performance among senior adults.  [Alzheimer’s Dementia Nov 2013]
    • Remarkably, 30 grams of milled flaxseed produced a -15/-7 point reduction in systolic blood pressure among patients with blood pressure over 140.  [Hypertension Dec 2013]
    • Lignan-rich flaxseed testosterone-induced inflammation and prostate enlargement in animals.  [Journal Medicinal Food Jan 2014]
    • Flaxseed (30-grams a day) reduces markers of inflammation associated with advancing age in humans.  [Experimental Gerontology April 2014]
    • Flaxseed protects against radiation injury (diagnostic x-rays, gamma-rays) and environmental radiation. [Asian Pacific Journal Cancer Prevention 2014]
    • This author has found flaxseed to be a good remedy for acne.  [Natural Products Communications Nov 2011]

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