• By The End Of The Year We Won’t Need Vaccines. So Why Are You Getting Jabbed?

    Posted October 9, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    Maybe This Is Why Government Has Been In Such A Hurry To Vaccinate Everybody, So Vaccine Makers Will Get A Return On Their Investment Before Competing Technologies Are Introduced

    Modern medicine has now come up with a doozy of a pill, and believe it or not, it is being panned as an alternative to vaccination!  But in a modern version of “your money or your life?”, it isn’t going to come cheap.

    As the first oral antiviral medication for COVID-19, it is likely to gain emergency use authorization without prolonged studies. It may save your life, but it won’t keep you from getting sick.  Anything that keeps you from getting sick is not in Big Pharma’s business model.

    Zero mortality rate in one study

    The pro-drug (metabolizes into a drug), generic name molnupiravir, taken twice a day, demonstrably reduced the need for hospitalization from 14.1% to 7.3% and mortality dropped to zero compared to 8 deaths among 775 patients treated.

    Good-bye booster shots and vaccine passports

    Good-bye booster shots also.  Molnupiravir works against all variants.

    Unlike other anti-viral drugs like Remdesivir which must be administered intravenously, molnupiravir can be orally administered.

    Universal anti-viral

    Molnupiravir is also pannned as a broad-spectrum anti-viral that halts not only strains of COVID-19 coronavirus but all viruses – it inhibits Chikungunya virus, respiratory syncytial virus, hepatitis C virus, norovirus, influenza-A & B viruses and Ebola virus, and all human coronaviruses.

    Needle phobic?  Get in line: ramping up production and delivery

    Its drugmaker is planning on delivering 10 million courses (5 pills) by the end of 2021 @$712 per course ($142.40 per pill).  Without going through any steps of approval, it’s reported the US government has already issued a contract for 1.7 million courses (X $712 =$1.2 billion).

    How did it ever get patented with decades of preceding science?

    It’s difficult to believe Molnupiravir got a patent.  It has been known for decades that C9H13N306 or N4-hydroxycitidine (molnupiravir) induces errors into the virus’s RNA that lead to the demise of virally infected cells.

    Unconscionable profit margin

    The cost to manufacture Molnupiravir is said to be $17.74 for a 5-pill course of treatment.  Its $712 re-sale price is a 40x markup.  For comparison, drug companies in India will put molnupiravir on the market at $12 for a 5-day course.

    Government funded but turned over to private enterprise

    A report posted as TheIntercept.com documents government funding has been involved in the development of molnupiravir.

    A list of US-funded patents for molnupiravir funded by government grants can be found online.

    Under the Bayh-Dole Act (1980), the federal government can suspend use of patents when government-funded drugs are over-priced.  Instead, “government just have it away to private industry with apparently no strings attached.”  $35 million of public money was used to develop the drug.

    Could be a biological catastrophe

    One hitch, drugs in the same class as molnupiravir have been linked to birth defects in animal studies. So, no sex during the course of medication!

    Molnupiravir produces mutations in the virus that result in its eradication.  While molnupiravir exhibits 100-times greater anti-viral activity than the anti-viral drug ribavirin, some reports claim this “mutagenesis” poses risks for the patient.

    It could metabolize into a precursor of DNA, enter the nucleus of a cell and induce cancer.  One scientist emphatically states: “This drug will be incorporated into DNA.”  The same drug was abandoned for use in treating Hepatitis C because of the potential risk it could cause mutations.

    A drug industry publications states:

    In theory, mutagenic drugs can cause either birth defects or cancer. The inclusion criteria for the Phase 3 study of molnupiravir required males to refrain from donating sperm and either agree to abstain from sex or use contraception. Females were required to not be pregnant or breastfeeding. Women who were of child-bearing age had to agree to use a highly effective contraceptive method or be abstinent for 28 days from the start of the study intervention. In addition, women of childbearing age must have had a negative highly sensitive pregnancy test within 24 hours before receiving the first dose of medicine.

    It’s difficult to call this a safe drug with precautions like this.  It sounds like thalidomide, the anti-nausea drug that resulted in many birth defects in the 1970s.

    However, this drug will not have immunity against liability as do vaccines.

    Paradoxically, a drug company press release claims “molnupiravir is not mutagenic or genotoxic in in vivo mammalian systems.”

    Could be a biological catastrophe

    However, in what has been called a potential biological “catastrophe,” Molnupiravir can be metabolized by a host cell to a 2’-deoxyribonucleoside form by the ribonucleotide reductase enzyme and then incorporated into the host cell DNA, which has been demonstrated in animal cells.  At that point the body could start killing itself.

    More economical and broadly effective remedies overlooked

    Of course, the Food & Drug Administration, reliant on close to 45% of its budget from drug company user fees, is not likely to be searching for more economical remedies.

    Unheralded study confirms mechanism for lysine treatment and prevention

    In an obscure and unheralded study overseas researchers report in the journal VIRUSES that a 10-cent amino acid, lysine, reduced viral RNA to 4% in a lab dish study.  This discovery is backed by human experience where lysine is almost eradicating COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic.  Lysine worked without interference of spike protein or ACE2 receptor, the doorway for viruses to enter living cells.  Lysine was found to work by rebalancing the arginine/lysine ratio towards lysine and via alteration of calcium influx into virally-infected cells.

    Lysine treatment is totally non-genotoxic.  No virus made its way to the nucleus of infected cells, the nucleus being the storehouse for the human genome of 21,000 genes.

    Avoidance of arginine-rich foods and lysine supplementation is advised for patients with COVID-19 as well as other viral infections such as influenza and herpes-family viruses.  Unlike vaccines and molnupiravir, lysine can be used preventively, especially because of its economy and lack of side effects.

    Earlier in 2021 US-based researchers were the first to report that lysine used clinically halts COVID-19 infections.

    Table salt quells symptoms of COVID-19

    Going another step further, the same overseas research team noted that the addition of ammonium chloride to induce alkalinity, blocks entry of a pseudo-COVID-19 virus particle.  The use of alkalizing nutrients such as table salt could be efficacious.

    In a pharmaceutical industry publication, gargling with salt water (sodium being alkaline) was reported to inhibit coronaviruses, influenza A, herpes and other viruses and was effective at relieving symptoms across many strains of viruses.

    Almost all participants in a study who gargled with salt water reduced their duration of their illness by 1.9 days.  Most viral infections last 7-10 days.  Given there are ~200 cold viruses, such a broad acting treatment is in desperate need.

    A report in the Journal of Global Health, researchers report a sodium nasal rinse + gargling reduced symptoms of a block nose by 3.1 days; cough by 3.3 days; hoarseness by 2.9 days.

    What is a country that says it is broke giving away a patent it funded?

    For a country that is broke and threatening a government shutdown, and says it needs to raise the debt limit by  trillions of dollars, and its Treasury Secretary says she wants to track down almost all bank transactions to collect $7 trillion more in taxes, it is certainly incongruent to issue a contract for a $712 5-day course of pills, which may seem like a bargain given the cost of hospitalization, but is not consistent with the FDAs mission to “responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices” without any regard for cost.

    How many insiders at the FDA, as well as Congressional representatives, have already purchased stock in the Molnupiravir drug company?

    Why do we let them get away with all this?  Just opt for lysine tablets.  So far, since the COVID-19 pandemic was announced in March of 2020, ~44.2 million cases have been confirmed.  Treated with Molnupiravir, that would cost over $31 billion compared to $221 million for lysine pills.  It’s your choice America.

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