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    Posted May 18, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Researcher Says It May Be Possible To Use Your Own Salivary Antibodies To Send A Signal To The Brain For The Body To Make More Natural Antibodies Without Vaccines

    The critical situation posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus among high-risk individuals and the vulnerability of the earth’s 7.9 billion human population to a newly mutated COVID-19 coronavirus without a proven vaccine has prompted Moshe Shifrine PhD  to pose a revolutionary therapy based upon his decades of research in the field of olfactory (smell) therapy.

    Dr. Shifrine holds two patents on the use of odors to tickle the olfactory bulb in the nose to produce hormones like testosterone and insulin.  Dr. Shifrine writes:

    “Just a small number of molecules (in a concentration in billionths of a gram) in the nasal passages are needed to carry scent to the 20,000 nerve receptors in the olfactory bulb that is located on both hemispheres of the forebrain.  When the molecules attach to these receptors their vibratory signature sends an electric signal to the hypothalamus in the brain that results in the production of the smelled substance.  For example, the scent of testosterone or insulin stimulates the body’s production of these hormones.”

    Dr. Shifrine instructs:  The olfactory system is able to distinguish 12,000 different aromas.

    Dr. Shifrine holds a patent (US 8,679,507 B2) for the use of truffle extract that contains a very small amount of natural testosterone. A whiff of same has been demonstrated to double testosterone levels in men in all ten subjects tested.  The truffle extract, available commercially, also elevates testosterone levels in females and was demonstrated to alleviate common symptoms of menopause.

    Shifrine, who has spent 15 years investigating olfactory science, suggests, via a natural mechanism he calls HARMONIC OLFACTORY IMMUNITY, that it may, in a patient with COVID-19 coronavirus-infection, be possible to obtain natural antibodies from saliva via a mouth swab and expose the olfactory bulb to them via the nasal passages.  This in turn would make direct contact with the brain and therefore would purportedly increase antibody response throughout the body.

    The thymus gland, where T-memory cells are made to produce life-long immunity, is under control of the hypothalamus in the brain, so this is not a far-fetched idea, even if unproven. Surgical removal of the pituitary gland, which is under control of the hypothalamus, results in thymus gland atrophy (shrinkage).

    While this specific effect hasn’t been put to the test yet, says Dr. Shifrine, given the present desperate circumstances with no antibody provoking vaccine in place, he asks health practitioners treating COVID-19 coronavirus infected patients to begin exposing the olfactory system to COVID-19 coronavirus antibodies when they obtain mouth swabs for antibody testing.  Then conduct before and after tests to see if there is an antibody-boosting effect.  The presumption is that infected patients are already producing antibodies, but maybe just not enough.  It’s kind of like a vaccine booster shot.

    Truffle therapy potentially helpful for COVID-19-treated men

    More convincingly, Dr. Shifrine’s truffle extract has direct application for COVID-19-infected men with severely low testosterone levels who are now reported to be at grave elevated mortal risk in the hospital intensive care unit.  Almost 70% of hospitalized males had a strikingly low testosterone levels that is correlated with a severe and fatal outcome.  More males than females are stricken with COVID-19 infection.

    COVID-19 coronavirus infected males exhibit very low testosterone levels, meaning the virus may be the cause for the deficiency.

    Diabetes too

    Dr. Shifrine’s olfactory technology is also a proposed remedy for diabetes.  Injected testosterone can result in a significant reduction in the amount of insulin medication required to bring blood sugar levels to normal.  In some cases, the truffle/ testosterone therapy results in complete remission of all symptoms of diabetes, reports Dr. Shifrine.  Smelling insulin itself can also cause the body to produce insulin, he adds.

    Diabetics can determine if truffle/odor therapy works by measuring their blood pressure, says Dr. Shifrine.  If blood sugar is under control, blood pressure should normalize, he says.

    For reference, young men produce ~6 milligrams of testosterone a day; healthy women produce 0.3 milligrams/day.

    Pharmacologists immediately recognize the distinct advantage of direct stimulation of the hypothalamus via olfactory stimulation because it does not need to pass through the blood-brain barrier like drugs must do.

    Declining testosterone levels in men are not a part of normal aging.  In one study only obese men who were former smokers experienced a significant decline in testosterone levels.  Also men with greater body mass experience a two-fold decline in testosterone compared to men of normal weight.

    Unmarried men also experience greater reductions in testosterone than married men.  So low T is not governed by advancing age so much as it is a reflection of our health habits and diet.

    Testosterone levels in males have been troublesomely in decline over recent decades.

    There is considerable evidence that hand grip strength correlates with testosterone levels.

    In an article written at Forbes.com entitled “You’re Not The Man Your Father Was” it was noted in a 2016 study that young men age 20-34 years of age could apply only 98 pounds of force with right-handed grip, down from 117 pounds by a man of the same age in 1985.

    Natural decline in hand grip strength usually begins at about age 55.  Men with stronger hand grip strength have better quality erections.

    And it’s not just virility and sex drive that goes wanting with a shortage of testosterone.  It’s also a strong predictor of future mortality.  Men with low T levels also lose bone and muscle mass and they become frail by the 8th decade of life.  And yes, predictably, men with low T levels also begin to lose their minds.

    Truffle extract is available in a spray bottle and is used much like perfume.  This writer finds it makes a man feel younger.  My grip strength is 160+.  It is commercially available under the trade name VITAL-T-BOOST.

    A more comprehensive report on how men can raise their testosterone levels via truffle olfactory therapy written by his author is available online.

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