• The Coronavirus Circus Continues

    Posted May 6, 2020: by Bill Sardi


    • Researchers report most people infected with COVID-19 experience little or no symptoms; but only 8% developed sufficient antibodies in recent study. Without natural exposure and infection, COVID-19 will surely return in November.
    • The threat of re-infection: maybe just false-positive blood tests.
    • Treatment kills: over-reliance upon ventilators can induce lung trauma and death.

    (To be read like it is an advertising script)

    Welcome to the first U.S. lockdown and quarantine, brought to you by the World Health Organization; covertly funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; and the Centers for Disease Control, a front for vaccine manufacturers; and funded by The World Bank; and enforced by your duly elected State Governors, who have banned sunshine and destroyed all wealth and savings as well as demolished the future for our children; and made (hopefully) temporary laws banning the assemblage of any religious group and negated all rights and freedoms under the Constitution in the name of an invisible virus that is less deadly than the annual flu; and opposed by the Bangladesh garment workers who are more afraid of starvation than coronavirus infection; in order to hide from a virus that has killed 252,000* worldwide as of May 5, 2020, or 3/1000ths of one percent of the world’s population (compared to the Spanish flu of 1918 that killed an estimated 17-50 million people (9/10ths of one-percent to 2.8% of the world population).  All of our sponsors deserve credit for saving the world from an imagined viral oblivion (fake epidemic) as humanity eagerly awaits the arrival and rollout of the first COVID-19 vaccine and the first anticipated global vaccination program; a vaccine that would require universal inoculation of 7.8 billion people to spare the lives of 252,000 people (30,952 people will have to be vaccinated to save 1 life and induce more deaths than it prevents—see below); a vaccine that is not likely to produce antibodies among high-risk individuals (diabetics, cancer patients, obese, very old) and end up causing ~1% side effects that require hospitalization (based on flu vaccination data) or 78,000,000 hospitalizations, and 1% of those hospitalized are predicted to die from hospitalization (780,000 otherwise avoidable deaths).  Bottom line: save 252,000 and kill 780,000 for a net -528,000).  Stay tuned for next year’s lockdown… and if you this is all fake news, we now have resumption of fake baseball in South Korea›

    *Claimed deaths, not a body count

    Fake fans

    Need for the vaccine

    In an unpublished report, researchers suggest less than 8% of populations have been infected by the COVID-19 coronavirus, far less than the 70-85% needed to ensure herd (natural, without vaccination) immunity.  Therefore, a resurgence of the virus is predicted.

    And what if a vaccine is never approved?  Ian Frazer, an Australian virologist says microbiologists have not been able to produce a coronavirus vaccine in the past 8 years.  If all the safety steps are taken it would take till 2036 for an approved COVID-19 vaccine to be available.

    What lays ahead?  If COVID-19 returns in November it will be blamed on the protestors.  Unless the world is shown that nutritional medicine can keep COVID-19 coronavirus in the closet, the misled and fearful masses will apply social or even legal pressure for forced vaccination (survey shows 9 of 10 Canadians approve mandatory vaccination).

    The treatment kills

    My impression is that the treatment has been killing the COVID-19 hospitalized patients. A news report dated April 28, 2020, reveals machinery that oxygenates a patient’s blood outside the body produced a 68% survival rate compared to 10-20% survival for patients placed on ventilators.

    Use of nasal cannulas to deliver oxygen to the lungs is proving to be less traumatic to the lungs and improves survival.  Why modern medicine didn’t realize this before in the treatment of pneumonia goes unexplained.  Maybe ventilators have been killing patients for a long time.  Some published reports appear to confirm, it is ventilator-trauma that can kill.  Treatment itself (ventilator associated lung injury) is a major cause of death in the intensive care unit.  Some reviewers of medical care suggest less reliance upon ventilators as the mortality for ventilator-induced pneumonia was found to be 16% versus just 3% among those patients without ventilator-induced pneumonia.

    Threat of re-infection

    There is much talk of re-infection of COVID-19 coronavirus.  This raised suspicion patients initially infected did not develop sufficient antibodies from the first infection.  But now South Korea admits 292 cases classified as reinfection were simply “false positive” blood tests.  Had this admission not gone public governments could hold populations in lockdown indefinitely.

    Final note

    A report published in The Atlantic is entitled: “Get used to it: this lockdown won’t be the last.”

    And then there are those inappropriate displays of bored hospital workers at Tik-Tok working on their dance routines.  And the me-generation doesn’t stop there.  Now there are even stylish surgical scrub suits for the fashion-conscious nurse.  You can watch the video of the two women walking through an obviously rented warehouse for the photo-op filled with boxes of their stylish hospital garb.  Just what America needed….  Saving lives stylishly.

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