• Collapse Of Conventional Medicine Update #1 May 4, 2014

    Posted May 6, 2014: by Bill Sardi

    This columnist, having written a free online e-book some years ago entitled THE COLLAPSE OF CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE, has frustratingly witnessed an undeserved love affair between the American public and the healthcare industrial complex.  Americans adore their doctors to a fault and wear the false claim that America has “the best healthcare system in the world” with misdirected pride.   Americans’ over-reliant faith in doctoring and prescription medicines has cost many hundreds of thousands of lives.  But Americans keep coming back for more.  Inexplicably, some Americans participated in public demonstrations to oppose any cutbacks in Medicare even though it is a program that is underfunded by trillions of dollars.

    Americans simply don’t know what else to do when they get sick but run to the doctor’s office.  What did moms did for their kids decades ago for their kids’ earaches and high fevers and grandpa’s angina?  We’ve forgotten what home remedies are.

    I simply don’t know what it will take to shake Americans away from their misplaced faith in American medicine.  Dead bodies haven’t dissuaded Americans to seek healthy alternatives.

    Having not made a measurable dent in the reigning healthcare empire, this writer will trudge on.  I’m starting a periodic update on the collapse of American medicine as I read about it in the news reports of the day.

    Today we are going to look at this week’s news reports with my brief comments:

    Headline: Up To 39% Of Premature Deaths Preventable, CDC Says

    Source: MedScape

    The Centers for Disease Control says 39% of the deaths from the five leading causes of death could be prevented (91,757 heart disease deaths; 84,443 cancer deaths; 28,831 death from lower respiratory diseases, 16,973 deaths from stroke and 36,836 unintentional injuries).

    The CDC’s director of prevention says “it’s painful to know that we’re losing over 100,000 people every year in this country that could have been prevented.”

    What planet is this doctor standing on?  Preventive medicine is not a part of American healthcare.  What is called prevention is a charade.  Prevention is largely comprised of more and more health screenings to find yet more and more treatment to deliver.  There is no drug or effective program to prevent cancer, heart disease or diabetes other than blame patients for their poor health habits.

    Headline: Antibiotics Are Losing Effectiveness In Every Country, Says WHO

    Source: World Health Organization

    Predicting devastating consequences of killer disease, the WHO says the predicted problem of antibiotic resistance has agonizingly come true.  A person who suffers a small scratch in their skin that gets infected could now die unmercifully because antibiotics have become ineffective globally.

    While pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi are everywhere, little effort is made to pique the performance of the human immune system.  Thousands of patients are admitted to hospitals with compromised immune systems and it is no surprise they are never discharged alive.

    Instead of ensuring no patients are admitted to hospitals with a vitamin C or D deficiency, infectious disease experts focus on fighting “superbugs” like antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus aureus.  Health authorities say this is a wake up call.  But nutritional deficiencies that comprise the human immune system go ignored.  Enter hospitals at your own risk.

    Headline: The Questionable Link Between Saturated Fat And Heart Disease

    Source: The Wall Street Journal

    This long overdue report is an admission that modern medicine has misdirected Americans for decades without shame or apology.  Where were the investigative reporters when the anti-fat, anti-cholesterol agenda unfolded when the French and Japanese ate fattier foods and had higher cholesterol numbers and had far lower mortality rates?

    The Fourth Estate, the American news media, allowed American medicine to get away with murder.  Despite this admission, the American Heart Association wants to expand the number of Americans who should be placed on cholesterol-lowering drugs.  Reporters say this approach is controversial rather than saying it is preposterous!

    Headline:  Meta-Analysis Of Side Effects Of Statins Shows Need For Trial Transparency

    Source: British Medical Journal

    Editors at the British Medical Journal have the integrity to speak out against false claims made by statin drug makers that their drugs exhibit a low rate of side effects.  They take two statin drug trials to task:

    The MEGA (Management of Elevated Cholesterol Trial (Adult Japanese) involving 15,210 subjects; 7201 of these patients were excluded from analysis, skewing any data which said statin drugs have a low rate of side effects.

    The JUPITER trials (Justification For Use Of Statins In Prevention) involving 89,890 subjects.  Only 19,323 of these patients were included in the analysis.

    Patients who take statin drugs who experience side effects often abandon their use and then are not counted among those who experience side effects.

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