• BOOK REVIEW: I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

    Posted April 8, 2021: by Bill Sardi

    RADICAL LONGEVITY, Ann Louise Gittleman, author

    Publication date: May, 2021; 326 pages, Hachette Books.
    Reviewer: Bill Sardi, Knowledge of Health, Inc.

    Book Cover: Radical Longevity

    Even the press releases regarding this landmark book doesn’t do it justice.  You can’t get past the first page without saying: “I didn’t know that.”  Lots to learn… did you know that after age 60 your risk of death doubles every eight years? Page 244.  The book is about what you can do about that.

    It’s a how-to book.  And it spells out all the details, helps to answer your questions, offers encouragement (yes, you CAN reverse aging), even provides recipes if you are a foody, and an extensive list of dietary supplements (and sources), plus health habits and toxins to avoid.  And it’s written by the reigning queen of healthy nutrition, Ann Louise Gittleman.

    Now, now, don’t be thinking she crowned herself, this book reviewer did.  And it’s because Ann Louise has faced many of the health challenges in the book herself.  Hey, anybody can cite chapter and verse of scientific studies and never really know if a remedy or recipe lives up to its reputation.  Ann Louise does, firsthand.

    I like a book you can start at the end, thumb through, look at the charts and graphics and get an idea of what the book is about.  This is one of those books.  You will practically earn a diploma in health promotion by the time you read through the entire text.  And that puts you ahead of most doctors, since they are schooled in disease and treatment, but not health maintenance.

    For me, the best chapters are “Immunity Is Everything,” and “Free-Up Fascia For Youthful Movement.”  But you won’t know what you are missing if you don’t read it from cover to cover.

    First, begin by taking the LONGEVITY ASSESSMENT at the beginning of the book.

    Without revealing too much, here are some tips from the book:

    • 8,895 international units: That’s the amount of supplemental vitamin D you need every day.  Page 19-20
    • Getting enough sleep is essential for healthy bone marrow, where stem cells are made. Page 21
    • Breathing dry air is the major reason for respiratory tract infections.  Humidity is important.  Page 22
    • Your body stockpiles minerals as you age.  There are ways to get rid of excesses. Page 25
    • If you are exposed to fluoride or bromide, your thyroid gland will make the wrong kind of thyroid hormone. Page 26.
    • BPA, dioxin, atrazine herbicide, plastics (phthalates), rocket fuel (perchlorate in tap water), fire retardants, lead, arsenic, mercury, glycol ethers, pesticides and non-stick cookware represent the “dirty dozen,” environmental toxi-chemicals. How to get rid of all of the above.  Pages 31-34.
    • About 32% of Americans test positive for parasites. Page 34
    • The health benefits of sulfur-rich foods, like asparagus, onions, garlic and eggs.  Page 40.
    • Ever heard of dishwashing mold?  That’s on page 41.
    • Think of replacing your microwave oven with a steam convection oven.  Page 46.  Slow cookers are also extolled.  Page 57.
    • About a third of Americans have this, and there is no prescription medicine for it – – – fatty liver.  Pages 52 & 86.
    • Bacon has a staggering amount of an aging byproduct.  Page 54.
    • Learn what your fascia is.  Page 60.
    • Your body “remembers” trauma.  Page 61.
    • What the mischaracterized “forbidden fat” – omega-6 oils actually are, and why they are essential for life.  Page 69.
    • You’ll likely pay the price for being dehydrated in your life.  Learn how to hydrate.  Page 72.
    • There is a dietary supplement that activated 9-fold more longevity genes than a calorie-restricted diet or the widely heralded red wine molecule resveratrol.  Page 75.
    • Japan stopped using copper plumbing.  What happened?  Page 79.
    • How to bind copper and remove it from the body.  Page 82.
    • When your liver accumulates liver spots they back up into your skin.  Page 86.
    • Over 90 percent of your brain chemicals are created in your gut.  Page 91.
    • Roughly 80 percent of your immune system is in your digestive tract.  Page 91.
    • Loneliness is a problem if you want to stay healthy as you age.  Page 94.
    • The 5-day Radical Reset.  Page 123.
    • The Live Longer cocktail.  Page 132.
    • What is lipofuscin and why does it accumulate in our bodies as we age?  Page 168.
    • Avoid stimulants after 3 PM. Page 177.
    • Your doctor never told you about homocysteine, did he/she?  Page 185.
    • The Great Heart Attack Imitator.  Page 189.
    • Will your bones end up like chalk or ivory?  Page 200.
    • We lose 6 pounds of muscle for every ten years of life. Page 202.
    • Sugar is a calcium robber (really!).  Page 204.
    • Eczema? Psoriasis? You may be a quart low.  Page 217.
    • Do you want your body to be alkaline or acid?  (Don’t make a mistake here).  Page 226.
    • Why men AND women want healthy testosterone levels.  Page 232.
    • You suffered for years with low libido and then you discovered DHEA.  Page 236.
    • Promote production of your own stem cells.  Page 247.

    Here’s another health axiom.  My guess: for every ten pages you read of Ann Louise Gittleman’s book RADICAL LONGEVITY, you will gain another year of life.  Don’t miss a page.

    Pre-order a copy of Radical Longevity and get 3 free, bonus health guides, visit RadicalLongevityBook.com.

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