• Americans Go Back To Work

    Posted May 20, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Before You Lose Your Country and Your Lives

    We all need to get back to work or there will be no normal American life to return to.

    The current refrain is that by breaking the lockdown Americans may be responsible for their grandmother’s premature death by spreading the dreaded COVID-19 coronavirus in the community. So says a highly visible virologist on television who serves the White House as spokesperson for the Centers for Disease Control, an agency even she says she can’t trust.

    The truth is opposite. And if Americans don’t go back to work immediately they may be responsible for the deaths of their own families and millions of other fellow Americans. We aren’t just talking about anxiety, suicide, loneliness and low vitamin D levels from being confined indoors. We are talking about food shortages and even starvation in some families as well as financial insolvency, ruination of credit, family conflict, divorce, desperation and loss of hope.

    Americans are like a herd of sheep backed against a cliff with no place to go. They are being backed against a precipice by expert fearmongers pretending they are foxes in fox skins. Sooner or later the sheep jump off the cliff thinking there is no other way out. America is now facing that kind of horrid moment
    when its people do themselves in.

    We live in a highly interdependent society.

    • The trash man must do his work or streets will fill with waste and public hygiene becomes a bigger issue than the coronavirus. Rats will run wild splurging on the garbage that mounts. The Plague might return if rats are given garbage to eat.
    • The slaughterhouse must process meat or the animals must be slain and buried.
    • The cows must be milked or the babies will go without infant formula.

    Too many Americans are resigning from their jobs that make contact with the public because they think they are going to get the virus and die.

    But you do death-defying things every day.

    Motor vehicle crash 1 in 106
    Fall 1 in 111
    Walk across the street, hit by car 1 in 541
    Swimming, drowning 1 in 1,121
    Eating, choking on food 1 in 2,618
    Bee sting 1 in 53,989
    Hurricane, tornado 1 in 54,699
    Risk of dying of COVID-19 coronavirus in the next 3 months 90,263 deaths (as of May 18, 2020) in 328,000,000 US population or 0.000275 (almost 1 in 5000)… but wait!
    Risk of dying of COVID-19 coronavirus if you have no pre-existing risk factors like dark skin (low vitamin D), diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure…. 73% of US COVID-19 deaths had these pre-existing factors…. So, deduct 73% of deaths, leaving 24,371 deaths among 328,000,000 = 0.000074 or 7.5 per 100,000 (or ~1 in 13,333)… but wait!
    Risk of dying if you are under age 65 and you don’t have dark skin (low vitamin D level) and you are not confined indoors like nursing home patients, and you aren’t taking immune suppressant drugs = 1% risk… Deduct 99% of deaths….= 902 remaining deaths among 328,000,000 = 0.0000027 or almost 3 in 1 million (1 in 333,333!)

    We depend on each other

    AMERICA GO BACK TO WORK! Don’t listen to the so-called experts. You are risking the lives of your loved ones and millions of other unless co-dependent Americans return to work. We depend on each other.

    We have already dismantled our safety net and hospitals and doctors’ offices have closed for good. Don’t help dismantle America. Remember the nursery rhyme: all the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again. Think that you are going back to work so your family does not go without food and medicine.

    Infectious but not deadly

    The COVID-19 coronavirus is very infectious, but not deadly. If you don’t get infected and develop life-long antibodies you will be vulnerable to this disease. You can wait for a vaccine, which is a minute-dose of the virus itself, but there is a very remote chance a vaccine will ever materialize. Microbiologists have been working on a coronavirus vaccine for over 8 years now. All of the coronavirus vaccines failed to be licensed.

    Don’t make a guinea pig out of yourself

    If you elect to vaccinate you will be submitting yourself to a giant human experiment. Regardless of whether the vaccine works or not, there will be a predicted 1% risk of side effects (1 in 100 we learn from flu-shot studies) that would be severe enough to cause hospitalization….. which means 3,280,000 Americans would need to be hospitalized out of 328 million population. Those numbers would overwhelm hospitals that only have ~100,000 critical care (intensive care unit) beds.

    Using data from an influenza vaccine study, hospitalization could result in 1% death rate (1% of 1%, or 1 in 200) possible risk of death, or 32,800 needless deaths in the U.S.

    The vaccine may be perfectly safe, at least in healthy adults. But once hospitalized, medication errors, antibiotic resistance, over-use of ventilators, medication interactions, may result in the demise of the patient. The vaccine will be declared perfectly safe, but hospitalization itself is risky.

    Vaccination is problematic. The vaccine is a little bit of the COVID-19 coronavirus itself. You expose yourself to a little bit of the virus in hopes you develop sufficient antibodies that will provide you with life-long immunity. But about 40% of people don’t develop sufficient antibodies.

    If you are diabetic, are obese, take immune suppressant drugs, have dark skin and therefore low sunshine vitamin D blood levels, then any vaccine may not produce sufficient antibodies against the COVID-19 coronavirus and you stand a chance of developing the horrid symptoms of full-blown coronavirus lung infection.

    The other epidemic: Vitamin D deficiency

    COVID-19 patients have lower blood levels of vitamin D. In one study of COVID-19 infected patients, 74% were vitamin D insufficient or deficient. Another study shows 100% of those patients hospitalized for COVID-19 coronavirus infection over the age of 75 were vitamin D deficient. Don’t give any credence to news stories you read that there is no evidence that vitamin D is helpful for COVID-19. You hear these negative news stories because the news press is in league with the vaccine makers to make you plead for vaccination. In one study only 2% of the patients with normal vitamin D levels were in critical condition versus 59% of those with low vitamin D blood levels. Health authorities in England have already issued a declaration for their population to start taking vitamin D supplements.

    If you have been staying indoors for a couple months now you have been depriving yourself of sunshine vitamin D. Your liver is supposed to store 3 months of vitamin D to get humans through winter when cold weather keeps people indoors, away from sunshine. We also wrap ourselves in warm clothing in winter that keep warmth in, but blocks skin exposure to solar radiation that is required to produce vitamin D. You need to be outdoors in midday sun with skin exposed to make natural vitamin D. Presume your vitamin D blood levels are low and supplement your diet with the newly recommended 8000 units of vitamin D daily.

    Did you know there is a belt around the earth of countries that report almost no deaths from COVID-19 coronavirus? That belt is centered on the equator. Equatorial countries receive more solar ultraviolet radiation because the atmosphere sun rays pass through is thinner. You can mimic this protective effect by taking sunshine vitamin D in a bottle – vitamin D pills. And you ask why public health authorities and the news media don’t tell you this. Yes, it’s a shame.

    More than 90% of people who are infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus experience no symptoms or mild symptoms. If you supplement your diet with zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C and selenium, you will improve your odds of experiencing symptomless infection and life-long antibody protection.

    Lockdowns and quarantines don’t work

    A report published in EURO SURVEILLANCE indicates only a very strict, almost 100% compliance with a lockdown and immediate isolation of those who exhibit symptoms would need to be achieved to effectively block its transmission and spread. Just the matriculation of health care workers to mix with infected patients results in a third of the infections. Just emergency personnel such as law enforcement and paramedics would eventually spread this virus. Just visits to the grocery store violate a complete lockdown. There is no way to completely lockdown a modern society. Only small households with 2 or at most 3 family members will be able to slow the transmission of the disease. Germany’s BILD newspaper says “lockdown was a huge mistake.” Then your only option, without a vaccine, is to optimize your immune system to develop life-long antibody protection.

    Another word of caution: synthetic vaccines today often don’t provide life-long immunity. This is why we see outbreaks of measles in school children these days.

    Do we need to vaccinate?

    According to the most recent data, 93% of the American population that has been infected with COVID-19 coronavirus has recovered. By taking dietary supplements (vitamins C, D, minerals zinc and selenium) the remaining 7% of individuals would prime their immune system and be expected to develop antibodies and life-long immunity.

    If you remain in lockdown you just delay inevitable exposure to this virus. Health authorities want people to beg for the vaccine so they can test it on you. Don’t let them make a guinea pig out of you!

    How to avoid viral mutations

    Will the virus die off once large populations develop antibodies against it? There is concern the COVID-19 coronavirus may return with a vengeance. Once the virus is in circulation and many people fighting it off, developing antibodies without symptoms, the virus may mutate. Individuals in the population who are being freshly exposed to the COVID-19 coronavirus may experience a mutation, a different viral strain that is more or less lethal. It is important for individuals to ensure they consume enough selenium, a trace mineral, that prevents viral mutations and has been demonstrated to improve the cure rate by 500% to protect large populations from the COVID-19 coronavirus.

    The choice is yours Americans. Your country is rotting away without you. GET BACK TO WORK!

    P.S. – Forward this report to your timid and fearful friends and family. Yes, we are all in this together, but we also want out of this together.

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