Posted June 26, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    The attention grabber is a “scientific” study that shows people with a diagnosis of cancer have a statistically slower rate of memory loss than individuals not diagnosed with cancer.  The difference is not meaningful clinically, meaning you couldn’t tell the difference in mental performance between one patient and another, but maybe over time the trajectory of mental decline is curbed in some meaningful way. Well maybe not. Examine the chart below. The observation period was 10 years.

    Do you see much difference in the rate of decline between patients diagnosed with cancer at age 70 versus age 80?  Neither do I.  But they call this science.

    Chart: memory score: cancer vs no-cancer

    So what is the message?  If you are clueless, so is everybody else. You can read about it at THE DAILY MAIL or the actual scientific report at JAMA NETWORK OPEN.

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