• They Know Cancer Cures Are Coming And They Need A Committee To Stop Them

    Posted July 9, 2013: by Bill Sardi

    In the British newspaper The Telegraph, a writer there promotes legislation that is alleged to permit innovation in the war against cancer without penalizing physicians for stepping outside established norms.  Twill bet you the proposed law is simply bait for passage of a law that ensures no threat will come to the reigning cancer industry.

    Yet, in the words that were penned in The Telegraph, it was also admitted that existing law “obliges the doctor to follow the status quo, even though he/she knows it leads only to poor life-quality followed by death.”  The report goes on to say “the current law requires the deceased receive only the ‘standard procedure’ – the endless repetition of a failed experiment.”

    At least there is admission that current standard of care for cancer dooms the patient from the beginning.  However, the Medical Innovation Bill, as it is called, “requires approval of any proposed innovation by the hospital’s Multi-Disciplinary Team.”

    Can you imagine with all of the envy and lock-step progress by committee in modern medicine that ANY real cure would be permitted to advance to a human trial?

    It doesn’t take a permission slip for oncologists to recommend their patients avoid refined sugars that paralyze the human immune system.  Hopefully a committee need not decide whether a cancer patient with a low vitamin D level should be prescribed vitamin D pills, currently the most promising weapon in the war against cancer.  Entrenched forces must know vitamin D has recently been linked to over 160 human genes that control cancer and other diseases.  Global mortality rates tumble if circulating vitamin D levels can be doubled.  Doctors don’t need to be innovators to prescribe vitamin D. They will not be sued for doing so.  So what is the proposed legislation all about?

    What is really going on behind the curtains of modern medicine is a royal battle between Mother Nature and Big Pharma.  The mixers of modern elixirs want to promote vitamin D-like drugs (called analogs) over natural vitamin D.  Ah, while they may limit vitamin D pills to ineffective doses, at least they can’t outlaw sunning.

    Isn’t it about looming real cures like vitamin D and the immunotherapy recently announced in Japan where 345 consecutive cases of terminal cancer were cured?  They know cancer cures are coming and they are simple, non-toxic and inexpensive.  They need to provide a roadblock to protect the financial interests of the companies that brew toxic chemotherapy.

    Cancer patients need to look outside the halls of modern medicine if they want to find a cure for cancer.

    By the way, none of the over one-hundred posted comments on this article were meaningful or instructive.  Some ill-informed malcontents keep harping about vitamin B-17 from apricot pits curing cancer.  Others promote a naturopathic doctor who says she has “the cure for all cancers.”  Still others promote the Gerson Diet, which while beneficial, is not a cure.

    The only instructive comment I could find was this one:

    “I have undertaken some original cancer studies myself.  Whilst I have two sisters who both had different cancers, one of them twice, and both recovered.  The sister who had cancer twice, one Hodgkins (lymphoma), and years later a brain tumor, received no treatments by her own choice, and yet she is cancer free.  There has to be a reason.” —  © 2013 Bill Sardi, Knowledge of Health Inc.

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