• The Hoped-For Patient-Driven Health Revolution Fades To Black; Look Towards The Next Generation

    Posted June 9, 2011: by Bill Sardi

    I’m writing in a less hopeful mood today. The optimism that the masses would get wind of the ruse being played upon them by the pharmaceutical companies and the excessive testing and treatment prescribed by doctors is all but a fading dream.

    The Internet was the medium that was predicted to lead a patient-driven health revolution. While the Internet has expanded and penetrated into most American homes over the past decade, no bona fide health revolution is on the horizon. In fact, the greatest online traffic for health related issues emanates from spammers and online hucksters, not from Paul Revere-like pioneers who want to overthrow the reigning disease-care system.

    Health freedom orgs fail miserably

    So-called health freedom organizations have also failed in their efforts to rally the masses largely due to their own self interest and false belief that fund raising equates with change. No one will raise sufficient money to stand up to the entrenched healthcare lobby that has a stronghold in Washington DC.

    Health freedom groups are often side-tracked on seemingly important issues, like environmental toxins and carcinogens, when the lack of a simple B vitamin (folic acid) induces the same degree of DNA damage as exposure to toxic doses of atomic radiation. The environmental toxins may always be there. Promote folic acid which will repair the damage seems a better strategy. Some health freedom groups protest against environmental toxins that in low dose are actually hormetic agents – they trigger the body’s defenses and improve survival.

    Water fluoridation is another problem. It should certainly be undone but the masses are being culled faster by the millions due to drug side effects and the shunning of nutritional medicine. Fluoridation deals with morbidity, not mortality. Millions prematurely die from a lack of vitamin C and D due to premature heart disease and cancer while health advocacy groups lobby for the right to practice homeopathy or other therapies that are of marginal value and will not make a dent in the mortality rate.

    The myth of the best health care in the world

    A major push-back against the health care establishment HAS occurred, but only in the form of objection to Medicare cutbacks. The opposition to change has been led by large health insurers and hospital chains that were able to rally the public in a visible manner. Retirees want the status quo maintained despite the reality that Medicare faces a predicted $66 trillion shortfall over the coming decades. It’s an unreality game being played out. American seniors ought to all be treated for psychosis. They have lost touch with reality.

    Not science-based, but who cares?

    Despite the fact there are treatments but no cures for cancer, and only three major therapies appear to be backed by science (fixing broken bones, repairing teeth and replacing cloudy cataracts with clear lens implants), and the biological action of most prescription drugs can be duplicated with dietary supplements, the public is clamoring for more and more expensive high-technology care. A single example is men who opt for the less invasive gamma radiation treatment for prostate cancer even though there is no published data to show it extends survival.

    New therapies that are only proven to be better than a placebo pill drive most of the increase in health care costs today. Many times these new therapies are not better than older remedies whose patents have expired and are now forgotten. The masses flock to their doctors’ offices having seen a breakthrough medical technology on television.

    The hoax is on the people yet many feel they paid into the health insurance system and they want the best that modern medicine has to offer them. In fact, a point of American pride is that it has “the best healthcare system in the world.” It’s un-American to think anything less.

    Overtreatment driven by appealing to patient fears

    Fear certainly drives much of the excessive care being delivered. Cancer patients and their loved ones demand something, rather than nothing, be done. So chemotherapy is administered till treatment-resistance inevitably sets in and the patient often succumbs at an earlier date than if no treatment were rendered. While modern medicine is detecting tumors in their earlier stages, patients are dying on the same calendar day. There is no significant prolongation of survival for cancer patients. Cancer patients are told otherwise. False hope is fostered by the cancer industry itself.

    Modern medicine just ignores less costly/more effective cures

    Modern medicine often ignores proven therapies that are less expensive than conventional therapies. For example, there is evidence this reporter has uncovered which shows that supplemental vitamin C significantly reduces cholesterol via improvement in bile flow rather than by use of liver-toxic statin drugs that interfere with normal liver function. Patients who read this for the first time will likely be unsure and fearful of doing the wrong thing. So vitamin C therapy for arterial disease remains on the proverbial shelf.

    There is sort of an emerging health revolution underway with vitamin D, led by Dr. John Cannell, founder of The Vitamin D Council, and sales of vitamin D have risen dramatically to $450 million a year. But that represents just $1.43 per person per year, about what it costs for a single tin of cat food. Donuts and Moon Pies obviously out-sell vitamins. It’s “the American way.” It’s going to be difficult to get a natural health movement to grow exponentially.

    What government hath wrought

    Meanwhile government has played a role in lending its imprimatur to all manner of problematic drugs and vaccines. There was a temporary public rebuff of flu shots during the 2009-10 flu season, but still millions of misled Americans lined up for the shots.

    The number of flu-related deaths are overstated to strike fear in the population. Most Americans who die of the flu are nutritionally deficient not vaccine deficient. The massive deaths cited in the influenza outbreak of 1918, the so-called Spanish flu, were actually caused by a drug company over-promoting mega-dose aspirin that year. Aspirin depletes vitamin C and dulls the immune system. This still remains a hidden fact.

    Americans are now being coerced into taking flu shots as a requirement for schooling or employment, or coerced to take statin drugs to get health insurance – what represents fascism in American medicine. When government covertly works in league with drug and vaccine companies to mandate use of health products, that is fascism. The public often sees nothing wrong with this since it falsely believes government is always working in their best interest.

    The widespread public campaign to push flu vaccines on the public has been called disease mongering. The idea of disease mongering is to expand the definitions of disease to sell more drugs and vaccines. In fact, virtually every disease is treated as if it were a drug deficiency when it is often a dietary disorder. An example is attention deficit disorder among growing children, which is inappropriately treated with a stimulant drug when it often emanates from iron deficiency anemia.

    The introduction of high fructose corn syrup, bemoaned by many a dietician as having spawned the diabesity epidemic in America, was developed by none other than the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    Government agencies never properly screened bisphenol A, a hormone disrupting chemical, used in baby bottles and as a liner in tin cans. Americans consume about 7 pounds of bisphenol A annually. Now researchers call bisphenol A an “obesogen As early as 1981 bisphenol A was identified as a teratogen – an agent that may induce birth defects. Yet it is “FDA approved.”

    Industry has countered by issuing reports stating that low-level exposure to bisphenol A is not problematic. But now it is revealed that exposure levels have been underreported. One pregnant woman was recently found to have bisphenol A levels that were 300 times greater than the average level.

    Are the population control conspiracy theorists right?

    Maybe the conspiracy theorists who claim there is an effort to cull the population finally have substance behind their suspicions.

    Fat and cholesterol is required for production of sex hormones and it is no coincidence that the phobia over dietary fat paralleled the expansion of fertility clinics across America. Fluoridated water reduces male fertility. Hydrogenated fats (trans fats) reduce female fertility. Even statin drugs appear to reduce male fertility. Is a hidden population control effort underway with a naïve and overly compliant citizenry ready to adopt whatever government health authorities dictate?

    None the wiser

    With all of this having been said, a vast number of Americans are none the wiser. Still 100 million Americans a year line up for problematic flu shots. The Centers for Disease Control intentionally misled the public when the time window to treat the flu had been passed and any further vaccination would be worthless.

    The government also included data from wintertime colds with flu cases to spread fear of an imagined flu pandemic.

    With the 2010 flu vaccination campaign a flop, leaving millions of unused doses of the vaccine, government agencies have come storming back by inducing pharmacy chains across America to vaccinate against the flu in an even larger manner than before.

    Government hides its failures

    This writer even discovered the side effects of a flu vaccine used in a government sponsored vaccination program among nursing home patients in 1992 were so severe that for the first time since the Spanish flu in 1918 U.S. life expectancy did not rise. Yet this fact was hidden from the public. Think of how you hide a fact that large! You have to control the news media to do it.

    Patients have no gumption

    When informed that cholesterol is not the primary cause of coronary artery disease (calcium is), and that statin drugs have a higher side-effect-to-benefit ratio (virtually 100% side effects and 3% effectiveness –1 in 71 users over 5 years avert a non-mortal heart attack), statin drug users typically respond that they are afraid to withdraw from this drug and don’t have the gumption to stand up to their doctor.

    My doctor says I will die of a sudden heart attack if I don’t take this pill,” is often heard. This doesn’t sound like a health revolution that is ready to depart from the existing paradigm.

    It’s an upside down world

    We live in an upside down world these days. Years ago no one would have never thought of what you are about to read.

    A century ago, before the era of antibiotics and other modern medicines, there would have been a torrential demand for a pill that even hinted it could delay the ravages of aging. Ponce de Leon would have risen out of his grave for it. But today the public is jaded.

    When red wine resveratrol pills were first introduced in 2004 an online AARP poll revealed most senior Americans would forego an anti-aging pill for fear of running out of retirement money. With the growth of the senior adult population in America, health care costs to treat age-related disease are soaring out of control. In fact, modern medicine has priced itself out of existence as millions of Americans simply cannot afford to purchase health insurance. If a pill would delay the onset of age-related disease by just 7 years it would save Medicare from insolvency. But could you get senior Americans to take it? Polls show only if it were provided to them for little or no cost.

    Today millions of Americans take a baby aspirin and/or statin drugs to avert a sudden mortal heart attack. But, as previously mentioned, statin drugs do not reduce the risk for death from an acute heart attack and the dose of aspirin being used by most Americans (81 mg) is not sufficient to prevent a blood clot in a coronary artery that causes most mortal heart attacks. So the two major preventive measures against mortal heart attacks are ineffective. (Population control conspiracy theorists take note again.)

    But when animal studies not only showed that one brand of red wine resveratrol pill not only prevent blood clots in coronary arteries like aspirin does, and switches on protective measures that turn mortal heart attack into non-mortal events, doctors and the public largely disregarded this discovery, with only a few people opting to purchase a cheaper unproven resveratrol pill against the one that was shown to work in the animal lab.

    Their very lives were at stake and most of the consumers who elected to take resveratrol pills made their brand choice solely upon price. It would require 5 to 35 of the cheap resveratrol pills to provide the dosage of resveratrol in the pill that was proven to work.

    Doctors demand controlled prospective studies before changing their course of therapy. But since there is no ethical way to demonstrate resveratrol pills work to save human lives other than retrospective studies, Americans still die needlessly while taking statin drugs and aspirin tablets that give them a false sense of security.

    In an even more perplexing dilemma, an oral nutriceutical pill looms that can replace expensive injectable drug treatment for macular degeneration, a condition that robs senior adults of their central vision. But preliminary marketing studies show most eye doctors would shun this development because it takes thousands of dollars out of their pockets and retail pricing for a 30-day supply of the pills directly to seniors would have to be below a $10 price point, which is less than the cost of produce such a pill. Even though this pill would cost only ~$300 a year, and injectable drug treatment would cost Medicare $9200-$20,000, there is no foreseeable way to sell it to miserly patients or greedy doctors.

    Furthermore, this resveratrol pill appears to cure the one out of six cases that fail to maintain their vision after receiving the injectable drug. The pill is a great discovery, but over pocketbook issues patients will have none of it. Ironically, this pill is priced at less than $1.00/day which is below the cost of cigarettes and excessive alcohol which are primary risk factors for the disease. Many patients opt for the needle stab directly into the white of their eyes because it is covered by Medicare whereas the nutriceutical must be purchased out-of-pocket.

    Here we have an opportunity to save billions of healthcare dollars and improve care, and neither patients nor doctors appear ready to adopt this technology. This is the crazy world we live in today.

    Will there be a healthcare revolution?

    My friends, there will be no healthcare revolution. Those individuals who have already bolted from conventional medicine stand to benefit from learning about home remedies that will serve them well. Few senior Americans don’t take prescription drugs, but I’d be certain that most who are prescription-drug-free are dietary supplement users.

    One of the frustrations for many people who are avidly informed dietary supplement users is their inability to convince spouses and family members of the benefit of nutritional medicine. The natural healthcare revolution is stopped cold at this point because word-of-mouth often fails to convince loved ones. Most supplement users will nod their heads after reading this.

    No amount of scientific evidence is going to convince people who are mistakenly suspicious of vitamin pills and who won’t invest a nickel on their own health. They are not about to admit they have fallen for a fraud by taking problematic prescription drugs.

    The best approach now is to work to introduce vitamin pills to the next generation. Comic books that target children and encourage kids to use vitamins should go a long way towards repudiating drugs later in life. The promotion of vitamins C and D and fish oil to children would be good starters. Moms and dads would likely start taking junior’s vitamin pills now and then, and who knows, we might finally have a revolution underway.
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10 Responses to “The Hoped-For Patient-Driven Health Revolution Fades To Black; Look Towards The Next Generation”

  1. Brenda Says:
    June 9th, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    Bill, thanks for telling the truth, even though I am sure you are criticized for it…your advice has helped me and my family more times than I can count! May God bless you!

  2. Louis Says:
    June 9th, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    Dear Bill,

    First of all, thank you for writing such informative articles. I’m always looking forward to reading the next one ! You’re correct in your statement, I’m indeed nodding my head, and seeing close relatives suffer while refusing to incorporate “natural health”. When you analize what they eat, you can clearly see they’re having multiple nutritional deficiencies, with the obvious symptoms reflected in their “diseases”. But they’re given medication in stead of nutrition. In my view, doctors’ educational back ground is the real problem of this all. Anyhow, don’t give up your endeavor to educate people, your messages are trickling down and they’re an important step to something greater and better. Once again, thank you !

    My best,

  3. Sheldon P. Starle Says:
    June 9th, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    Bill: I am sad to see you feel so glum when I see more hope. Now, I am not selling resveratrol or other health products but I have seen changes in social conscious people—because if you do not educate those of us that like to think—then the info will not filter accross to others. You know I am a lawyer and I am pretty close to discgusted because the stars of the flag are corporate symbols.The fact is that those young men who dropped from the French sky would turn over in their grave at the vast curruption—But, take a breath—suddenly on TV you see beverages (I’m pretty much away from sugar) are being made with sugar not the corn crap; this a.m. I noticed there is some new product that is bio-friendly where you have 50 wash loads so concentrated that the bottle is the size of a Woolite. My friends talk to thers —I know eight families that say they are your customers or are keenly aware of your hard work. The fight is vs greed, not knowledge. Shame is the only way—and those jerks at Delta–to do that to our soldiers and not have the president of the company aologize and return the money instead of the faceless announcement that they will add a free bag. But take heart–don’t you see the difference? Unfortunately, it takes generations to waken people. It has to be rotten to feel the fight is all your own—I have felt that in cases—especially consumer cases. Wakening people from a system is difficult; you (finally) cannot find sugar drinks at—of all places Cleveland Clinic. I am not saying any words to benefit the greedy—but I am pointing out that institutions HAVE to accomodate mass thinking—but unfortunately the masses do not run thei own businesses. But if you are down—WE ARE. You are angry because your business makes sense but no one will buy. So? Step back and think of different approaches—I know you have—but you need to be less angry. I used to get pssed off when client’s would stay on the phone too long—I did NOT want them to waste money! But I had to settle down when I realized that the reason they were calling is they did not know. There is no doubt that averice is what is in the way—-but you need to figure how you can go a little easier on yourself. Please–do not send a message that disheartens–it is not productive–we, who like you and want you to win, do not want you down. I did not tell my eye doctor who is 90 years old to go fuck himslelf—because he is a man of great heart and age—-Having colleagues who push you in the wrong direction—because of the mass energy, must be difficult for him. But, I caught the drift—I rather told him how I believed that that the use of your product worked to my benefit. Shel

  4. Michael Says:
    June 9th, 2011 at 11:12 pm


    you are so right on with this article and i stand guilty of buying from my pocket book regarding the Reveratrol. in this economy, i feel i have to get the most for what ever money i have so i look for maybe what is just as good but cheaper. I am sure many, many people are doing the same thing unfortunately. with what money we have to use for vitamins we have to try to make it all work.

    question? for us that are on a limited budget and still want to eat healthy and take vitamins, what vitamins would you recommend that would cover everything. Multivitamins? C,D, Resveratrol etc…Your advice to this question is probably one many of us would like to hear and also put into practice.

    take care and keep up the Great Work,



    Growing children need to supplement their diet with vitamin C, vitamin D, fish oil, and B vitamins. Full-grown adults need to be taking a multivitamin (preferably iron and copper free), fish oil and that should cover most of the nutritional needs. This should be economical. Speciality supplements for aging, prostate, brain, joints, etc, can be taken in addition. – Bill Sardi

  5. Dolly Says:
    June 9th, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    Hello Mr. Sardi. Thank you for a good article. Yes, the situation is depressing at times, but only because people can’t seem to get out of their own way.

    UNLESS and UNTIL the public get it through their heads that government exists to self-perpetuate, and that in order to self-perpetuate, government must expand into every facet of life in order to control people, then people are lost–they have literally lost control of their own minds and lives. Some people unfortunately are comfortable in the matrix and if given the information, and the chance, they don’t want to be removed from it. (Recall the character “Cipher” in the Matrix movie who betrayed his friends and asked to be put back into the matrix in order to be “someone important” inside the matrix–you know, sort of like a “made man”.)

    In addition, beware of charitable foundations and NGOs of all stripes which may start out with good intentions and reasonable sounding goals(the exoteric goal) but they are quickly subverted into working toward a rather different (esoteric) goal. (Read the book “Political Ponerology” whose publication Zbigniew Brzezinski managed to halt at one time). The people who are put at the top of the ‘charitable’ group structures seem to arrive in their positions apparently because of having had the “proper training” or “background” in such work. Soon the group exists solely as an arm of a different agenda, the good and reasonable earlier intentions having been co-opted, and the group now exists to further the esoteric agenda and keep some high level bureaucrats in their jobs of guiding it. (The largest and most influential bureaucracies tend to be run at the top by inter-generational bureacratic families.)

    Through a world wide web of compulsory schooling, mass media, including Hollywood, “personal” computers (they are not personal they are tools of government and the parallel government), and through the public relations(read propaganda) arms of the think tanks, NGOs, and transnational corporations, most of which have more money at their disposal than the total GDP of some countries, YOUR perceptions, your mind and your life, and the lives of your families are the target. This is a very, very old agenda. This is not an accident. This is not a coincidence. This is an upside down world because it has been planned and guided to be an upside down world. You are meant to be bombed with tons of trivial and useless information, each and every day. This will numb you. This will kill your soul. This will keep you off balance. This will cloud your thinking.

    People who refuse to take responsibility for their own lives will lose their identities altogether. They are conditioned into herdthink/groupthink. None of us needs Medicare or Medicaid or a “healthcare” industry to tell us what ails us. We certainly don’t need insurance companies. AND we don’t need the wasteful wars of agression which do nothing but continue and expand the emperium and waste the money extorted from the fruits of our labor as tax money.

    Common sense tells us what ails us. We must use our common sense, our 6th sense, our intuition, our ability to quietly think through a topic. There are no magic medicines; no magic potions or quick fixes. Anythign that is too good to be true, IS NOT true. Anything that is mass produced, is produced for the masses. If it’s produced for the masses, it’s invariably cheap, or lacking quality. If it’s cheap you want, it’s cheap you’ll get. THERE IS NOTHING OF VALUE that is “free” and ultimately nothing is actually free. Everything has a cost and people who choose to ignore this truth may find the ultimate cost extremely unpleasant.

    There is no ‘revolution’ except in the space between your own ears. The way out; the only way out, is INDIVIDUALITY. Without it, you are nothing. Without it, your family is cannon fodder. Do not join groups. They are easily infiltrated and manipulated. It doesn’t matter what the group purports to be fighting, or promoting, or tracking, or working on. It is all made to appear very enticing, very heroic, very advant garde, very ‘now’. Do not give money to think tanks, to charities, to NGOs, or to ‘re-search’. Have you ever wondered why it’s called research and not just “search”? And if it’s research, who did the intial search-ing and what did they find? And what did they choose to hide?

    If you want to help others, help others INDIVIDUALLY. If you want to give money, give money to your relative, or your friend, or your neighbor who is down-and-out, who has too many bills, who may lose their home, who can’t afford organic food and phytonutrients. Buy the organic food and phytonutrients for them. And don’t expect anything in return. I mean nothing. If you are giving help (monetary or otherwise) it’s because you need to make a difference in your world; that little part of the world in which you live. That’s what really counts. Don’t send your money to another state or another country where you have no idea what is being done with it or what agenda is being pushed with it.

    The facts of what is happening and what is planned are all around you- disregard them at your own and your family’s peril.

  6. Jim Counihan Says:
    June 10th, 2011 at 12:25 am

    Bill: I agree wholeheartedly with your newsletter. I think that another point should be made: some of the population might be really trying to augment their poor diets and habits with inferior supplements that appear on supermarket shelves and on website of unscruplous distributors. Educating these people to what to look for before they purchase vitamins and siupplements seems like a good idea, but probably an impossibility. Perhaps, someday, sincere supplement researchers (and I would put you at the top of that list) would consider publishing a list of brand name vitamins and supplements from reputable manufacturers, their ingredients and what ailment/disease/preventive measure the products are directed to address. You have done this, mentioning brands, in some of your articles and writings. Until then, we rely on you (quite a bit, actually) to keep us informed and healthy. Please don’t quit on us. WE NEED YOU.

  7. belle Says:
    June 10th, 2011 at 3:45 am

    As long as third-party payors predominate in health insurance nothing will change. If people took responsibility for their own healthcare they would act a lot different. When people get something for nothing they value it less.

  8. Sharon Says:
    June 10th, 2011 at 3:52 am

    Thanks Bill you are right, yesterday I received a call from from the overnight camp that my twin children were to attend telling me that they will not allow them to attend camp because they have not been vaccinated. They changed the regulation two years ago. NO EXCEPTION! They were to begin camp next week! American Health Freedom ia being taken away. I will not vaccinate my children due to religious believes as well as what you wrote about. I due believe that Americans will wake up if the results of nuticuticals get promoted. thanks for you thoughts.

  9. Bill Sardi Says:
    June 10th, 2011 at 4:01 am

    Reply to all: this generation is toast. It has fallen for so many ruses they are an easy target for the propaganda coming out of modern medicine. The point of my article was to say I will attempt to re-focus on children who are the next generation. I will re-direct my graphics directors to produce books for children about health and nutrition. The Communists knew they could do nothing to change the minds of the existing adults who opposed them, so they killed them off. But they produced comic books to mind-change the kids. While we don’t want to issue propaganda, we do want children informed about vitamins, one of the greatest discoveries ever. A tragedy is that some kids personally know more about Ritalin than vitamin C or D. Like school curriculums don’t teach about where money comes from, to keep us in the dark on that topic all of our lives, the same is true for vitamins. It is what they conveniently don’t teach our kids that is important. We don’t want the next generation to be mindless, waiting for the television to do their thinking for them. I’m preaching to the choir (again). All say “amen.” Have to get to those young minds that haven’t been twisted yet. -Bill Sardi, Knowledge of Health, June 9, 2011.

  10. Dolev Gilmore Says:
    June 10th, 2011 at 10:49 pm

    I agree it seems impossible to change the whole world. As an orthomolecular nutritionist, I’m happy if I could just help a few lives.

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