• The Poor Man’s Vitamin & Health Supplement Regimen For 39.2-cents a day ($143.08 a year)

    Posted August 12, 2013: by Bill Sardi

    With a growing number of Americans earning fewer dollars that are devalued by a hidden 9.3% inflation rate, it is getting more and more difficult to purchase quality dietary supplements that provide for basic nutritional needs over and above those provided by the diet. Even the best diet will not provide for known nutritional gaps, particularly for vitamin B1 (thiamin), vitamin B12, vitamin C & D.

    The following items were selected and priced from iherb.com and provide for needed fiber and selected vitamins. The cost to purchase this entire set is $38.15 for six items.

    1. Bob’s Red Mill Rice Bran
      $5.54 1 tablespoon 68 servings 8-cents a day
    2. Bob’s Red Mill Flaxseed Meal
      $6.37 32 oz 1 tablespoon 138 servings 4.6-cents a day
    3. Source Naturals vitamin C
      $8.95 8 oz 226.8 grams
      1/2 teaspoon (approx. 2.4 g) 94 servings 9.5 cents a day
    4. Source Naturals Vitamin D3
      $8.95 2000 IU 200 softgels 1 capsule per day 4.5-cents a day
    5. Source Natural Vitamin B1 thiamin
      $3.35 100 -100 mg tablets 3.4-cents a day
    6. Doctor’s Best Vitamin B12 as 1500 mcg. Methylcobalamin
      $4.99 60 veggie capsules 1 capsule per day 8.3-cents per day

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