• Modern Medicine Runs Up The Bill And Insurance Had Better Come Up With The Money

    Posted April 29, 2014: by Bill Sardi

    Modern medicine has no impetus to be affordable.  Pharmaceutical companies are cooking up expensive cures that are in no way cost effective and then telling Medicare, Medicaid and insurance plans they had better come up with the money.  Patient clamor for the cure, and insurance companies just increase the premiums.  But in the case of public-funded health insurance pools, there is limited money.  Medicare is already trillions of dollars underfunded.

    Strikingly, there is no requirement that patients utilize less expensive approaches to deal with hepatitis C than the ($1000/day – $80,000 pharmaceutical cure (Sovaldi).   Patients will demand the expensive cure.  Now what?  Well, the pharma companies know what it costs for a lifetime of Hep-C treatment, so they gauge that determine the top price they can garner.

    An article published at Forbes.com reveals the current state of affairs involving this new Hep-C cure.  There are approximately 3 million Americans who have Hepatitis C.  If just 1,000,000 of them are thrown onto Medicaid and they all seek this cure at the same (why wouldn’t they, someone else is paying), it would run up an $80 billion bill ($240 billion if all 3 million are treated).  Ah, what’s a quarter of a trillion anyway?

    Add to this the $18,000 gastric bypass surgical cure for diabetes.  There are a whole litany of less expensive cures that are simply being ignored while doctors and pharmaceutical companies plunder insurance pools.  Payoffs to Congress keep it all going.

    Let’s not forget America is a debtor nation.  It is living on borrowed money.  The Federal government is printing electronic money at will to pay for Medicare and Social Security as well as military paychecks.  America has overspent by $17 trillion on its credit card.  Medicare faces trillion-dollar shortfalls.  The people keep clamoring for the cures, regardless of cost.  Where will this all end?  ©2014 Bill Sardi, Knowledge of Health, Inc.

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