• Modern Drugs & Circuses

    Posted November 16, 2012: by Bill Sardi

    A typical overweight, diabetic patient with high blood pressure and joint pain is likely to be taking an anti-diabetic drug like metformin that depletes vitamin B12; a water pill (diuretic) that depletes potassium, magnesium and vitamin B1; a liver-toxic cholesterol-lowering statin drug that depletes coenzyme Q10 and mimics the biological action of vitamin D; an ACE inhibitor that depletes zinc and thus results in copper overload; a beta blocker that depletes coenzyme Q10 and induces asthma, fatigue, impotency and impaired circulation; a steroid like prednisone that depletes vitamin C, calcium and magnesium; and a baby-sized aspirin tablet that depletes vitamin C, folic acid and iron.  There is no way such a patient will ever get well taking such a regimen, which is common in the over-drugged population.  These drugs cause so many side effects, such as chronic heartburn and mental depression, that even more drugs are required to deal with these side reactions.  All this simply represents disease substitution rather than disease elimination.  This is what the FDA drug approval process promotes.  A bonanza for pharmaceutical companies but a travesty for naïve Americans, who have been misled that America has the best health care system in the world.  (It’s actually a disease-care system.)  – Bill Sardi

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