• FORCED VACCINATION: Where is the Moral Force in America?

    Posted October 4, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    If We Can’t Protect Our Children Are We A Civilized Society?

    There is a (raspy) voice in America that is gaining bigger audiences, that is resonating with more and more Americans, that is calling Americans at all ends of the political spectrum to stand up against what is wrong in America.  It is a voice of integrity, a voice that seeks to protect defenseless children, a voice that calls for freedom of choice and free markets in healthcare, a voice that calls for America to rally against an American democracy that has morphed into fascism (industry control over government).  That raspy voice is that of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  (I say raspy because Mr. Kennedy has spasmodic dysphonia, spasms in the muscles in his voice box that interrupt his speech).


    Mr. Kennedy is not going to fit into everybody’s neat little political box.  His objective is to bring down Big Pharma.  While there are so many voices that decry what Big Pharma has done to America, Mr. Kennedy’s is the only voice with a plan to do that.  Kennedy wants to file suit against the big-four vaccine makers, launch legal discovery, and then file fraud allegations against these pharmaceutical giants that would bring them to their knees.

    But he is a Democrat.  And he is in the pro-global warming crowd.  That might not sit well with many Americans, especially conservatives.  Yet Mr. Kennedy assails his own Democrat party as being complicit in what he justifiably calls a crime – the fraud surrounding mass mandatory vaccination of American children.


    The issue of mandatory vaccination that now circulates in the public narrative is far more than just a medical issue.  The push for mandatory vaccines is “galvanizing a resistance movement” that is addressing a far greater issue — that of whether America is a free-market democracy any longer.

    Most Americans are confused over the issue of mandatory vaccination.  The scientific proposition is that we may have to sacrifice a few cases of vaccine-induced side reactions for the greater good of a population that is inoculated against what could be life-threatening disease.  Therefore, vaccine makers have legislative legal immunity against product liability.

    The false presumption is the unvaccinated pose a threat to the public by spreading what could be life-threatening communicable diseases.  Those few eccentrics who oppose vaccination are allegedly threatening the health of others.  Anti-vaxxers are ridiculed and labeled fanatics.


    But if 95% of American children are vaccinated, what danger could the few unvaccinated children pose?  And if children develop antibodies naturally against infectious disease without vaccination, is that against the law?


    The news media whose adverting base is largely comprised of Big Pharma companies, is complicit in this crime, failing to report that many of the reported infectious disease outbreaks emanate from use of newer synthetic vaccines that do not provide life-long immunity, and from hordes of unvaccinated illegal aliens who are crossing the border or travelers returning home from abroad.  Or worse yet, American children whose nutrient status is so poor due to processed food consumption that they have high-calorie malnutrition and can’t adequately develop antibodies against infectious diseases after they are vaccinated.


    The issue is not whether children get these infectious diseases or not since it is by infection that antibodies are produced that confer life-long immunity.  The issue is whether these infectious diseases induce so much hospitalization and death that vaccines are necessary.  The mortality and morbidity data used by pro-vaccine advocates either use dated studies before the era of clean (chlorinated) water, vitamin-fortified foods beginning in the 1940s and the Pure Food & Drug Act of 1906, or data from third-world countries where nutrition status is so poor that entire populations of children are vulnerable to death from infectious disease.

    We don’t need vaccines against cholera, typhoid or dysentery.  Disinfection via water chlorination, not vaccination, eradicated all three of them.

    I have documented in an authoritative and peer-reviewed 81-page report entitled BEYOND VACCINES that if children around the globe were adequately nourished, particularly with the trace mineral zinc, their thymus glands would produce a subset of “naive” T-cells needed to produce antibodies.  Zinc deficiency is rampant in America and attributed to the rise in autism, autoimmunity, and more notably, ineffectiveness of vaccines themselves.  Dietary supplementation (zinc, selenium, vitamin C & D) is wise for all children who undergo vaccination if for nothing else than limiting side effects and increasing the effectiveness of vaccines.  The ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine among the very young and the very old can be explained by the inadequate intake of zinc in the diets of toddlers and the inability to absorb zinc in senior adults.

    Without adequate zinc the thymus gland shrinks and immunity is compromised.  It is no wonder that the leading advocate of vaccination is such an opponent of dietary supplements which could supplant vaccines altogether.  These benign vitamins and minerals threaten the income this vaccine advocate earns from his many patents.

    An interesting connection exists between glyphosate (trade name Round Up), Monsanto’s weed killer that has been found to contain significant amounts of arsenicRFK Jr. has assailed Round Up as “unsafe.”  Arsenic depletes soil and crops of zinc.  A new practice in agriculture is to flood fields with glyphosate to ripen the harvest or corn, sugar cane and other crops.  This is the most likely origin of a hidden zinc deficiency in the population.


    The connection between zinc deficiency and autism is compelling.  An association between a shortage of zinc and autism has been demonstrated in both the animal lab and in human investigations.  Zinc deficiency is linked with behavioral difficulties in young childrenZinc deficiency is also linked with dyslexia (reading difficulties).

    Zinc deficiency could lead to a compromised immune response that leaves newly vaccinated children vulnerable to vaccine-induced disease (vaccines being a delivery system for attenuated pathogenic bacteria and viruses).

    Beware making assumptions that zinc blood levels are adequate and therefore not problematic.  Zinc is bound up to a binding protein called metallothionein that reduces its bioavailability.  Zinc blood tests that fall within the normal range are notoriously misleading for this reason.  The trace mineral selenium releases zinc from metallothionein.


    Better than 95% of American school children are vaccinated, and most of the small percentage of unvaccinated children are newborns under age 1 whose parents have not brought them to a pediatrician to start a schedule of 72 vaccinations and there is no end in sight.  There are another 124 vaccines for infectious disease in the R&D pipeline that are going to get forced on young children.

    But some doctors write exemptions for vulnerable children whose siblings have developed crippling vaccine-induced reactions, or other children who have weak immune systems and are most vulnerable to serious side effects caused by vaccines.  It is these at-risk children who must now be vaccinated, or else they can’t enter public school.


    Vaccine science is not likely to convince enough Americans of the terrible hazards posed by over-vaccination.  Most Americans find science difficult to evaluate and they haven’t time to sort out all the arguments.  Mandated vaccination is a pediatrician’s cash cow.  The vaccines don’t cost much but pediatricians don’t have to advertise to fill their offices with patients with mandated vaccination in place.  Working from fear and ignorance, most parents bend to the requirement to vaccinate their children.

    But there is a country that is not mandating vaccines and has measurably far greater childhood health status than the U.S.  (Read this prior sentence again and let that stick into your mind.)


    What Americans never hear (except at RFK’s Children’s Health Defense website) is that Japan has the second lowest infant mortality rate and is the least vaccinated developed country in the world (U.S. ranked 56th in infant mortality).  Vaccination is voluntary in Japan.  The MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine has been banned in Japan, there is no mandatory hepatitis B inoculation of newborns, and does not require vaccination against the human papilloma virus.

    A startling report about Japan’s exemplary childhood health status is found at RFK’s Children’s Health Defense website.  Don’t let the worldwide web censors lead you away from this revealing report.  You won’t read about it at the New York Times, or Washington Post, or hear about it on ABC-NBC-CBS-FOX-TV.

    If you are on the fence in the vaccine debate, take a step back and consider what you just learned.  An entire country of unvaccinated children is healthier than the U.S.


    Why can’t American medicine explain what causes the growing problem of autism?  Doctors can explain why vaccines DON’T cause autism, but they can’t explain what DOES cause this debilitating behavioral syndrome.  Seemingly authoritative studies showing vaccines are not associated with autism.  However these studies depend upon a comparison group used to dismiss the connection between vaccines and autistic behavior.  Don’t be fooled by rigged science.


    It is upon the passage of California’s SB276 that now mandates vaccination and removes all medical and religious exemptions, that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stood to give an extemporaneous speech on the steps of the Capital building.  Text of that speech (abbreviated, paraphrased) is presenting below:

    If we can give government the right to inject untested medical products with zero liability into our children coercively, where does the power of government end?  What has happened to the Democratic party?  We are the party that stands up to bullies.  Yet you have all of the members (of the California legislature) who have voted for this (mandatory vaccination) and none of them can answer the question, where is all the autoimmune disease coming from?  According to Health & Human Services 12% of the people in my generation, prior to 1986, had chronic diseases.  Today it is 54%.  Where do we find a list of these chronic autoimmune diseases?  We can find a list of all the autoimmune diseases on the product insert of the vaccines.

    We showed legislators there is no grandfathering of medical exemptions planned.  This state is doing something horrendous.  It is stepping between the doctor and the children in this state whose doctors have told them they cannot afford a vaccine because it could cripple or kill you.  The State of California’s bureaucrats are going to step in between doctor and patient and force that vaccine on these children.

    I see big pharmaceutical companies, the most evil companies on earth, commoditizing our children and giving our children a tsunami of chronic disease.  The pharmaceutical companies are going to get rid of infectious diseases like chicken pox and measles.  But they are going to trade that for rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and autism and ADHD.  All these infectious diseases are treatable in a week.  But none of the subsequent vaccine-induced chronic autoimmune diseases are treatable or curable. The pharmaceutical companies are making $50 billion selling vaccines but making $500 billion selling the drugs to treat these chronic diseases their vaccines created.  (This represents disease substitution, not disease prevention.)

    We went through this with all the Democratic legislatures.  “A Democratic legislator said to me, if you continue to insist upon this, you aren’t going to have any friends.  I don’t need these kind of friends.”

    They did this (voted for mandatory vaccines) because of friendship.  They knew what they were doing was wrong.  They decided to stick with their tribe rather than sticking with our children.

    This is the political party (Democrats) that is supposed to stand up for freedom of choice.  When did it become the enforcement weapon for the pharmaceutical industry in its war against our children?

    The kind of advocacy you are dealing with is a giant juggernaut structure that is unstoppable.  It is very difficult to slow their momentum.  They’ve captured everything.  They’ve captured our newspapers.  Some news sources are paid off.

    A lot of media has self-appointed themselves as the guardian to protect the public from dangerous knowledge.  That is not the job of the press.  The job of the press is to inform the public.

    Democracy relies on the free flow of information.  When you start censoring information you better look who you are censoring for.  That is the tyrant.

    They own our doctors.  They own the regulatory agencies.  They own all the states.  They have disabled the court and the lawyers.  How do you stop that kind of juggernaut?  (Dictionary definition: JUGGERNAUT — a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force or institution.)

    I don’t want any of you to go away disheartened.  What happens when we lose?  We got stronger.  Do not despair.  We are going to win this battle.  We are going to sue them in the state court, in federal court, in the appellate court, and if we need to in the Supreme court.

    Don’t complain.  Don’t whine.  Don’t cry, or die.  Communicate with each other.  They cannot stop us now.  We are on an insurgency.  We are not going to go away.

    This is the biggest battle of our lives and you are privileged to be part of it.  It is probably the most important battle in human history.

    Since the beginning of our country, our greatest political leaders have been warning Americans of the dangers of big government.  The biggest threat to America is excessive corporate power.  Our visionary leaders warned America would never be destroyed by a foreign enemy, we are too big and powerful, but our beloved democratic institutions would be subverted by malefactors of great wealth.

    The domination of government by business is called fascism.  What we are fighting for are the essential tenants of American democracy, which is free market capitalism, which we don’t have.  There is no market for vaccines.  They destroyed the market for vaccines.  They couldn’t sell them.  So, they forced them against our will.

    This is the only industry that can injure and the injured cannot get a jury trial.  They only way they can win is with censorship and coercion.  What we are standing up for is our children.

    We are going to stand shoulder to shoulder.  We are going to bring them down.


    After all you have learned here about the lies and deceit issued by the vaccine industry, I’ll bet you like most Americans are still sitting on the fence over this issue and out of fear wouldn’t have the gumption to resist having your children vaccinated.  So, what would it take to get you to think otherwise?  How about if you learned that federal health officials and the news media hid thousands of vaccine-related deaths.  Would that convince you?

    My investigation found life expectancy in the U.S. declined sharply in 1993, the first time since the Spanish flu in 1918.  There were 50,000 excess deaths among nursing home patients late in that year.  The Clinton Administration obtained Medicaid approval for flu shots in nursing homes that same year.  Apparently a hot-lot flu vaccine killed thousands of elderly patients in care homes and the news media and public health authorities covered it up, knowing its disclosure would bring down the entire vaccination program in the U.S.

    Would killing 50,000 elderly Americans and then covering it up at least give you pause over what you have read about America’s vaccination program?  What else is the vaccine industry hiding?


    American citizens are so exasperated to see elitist politicians and corporate CEOs skating free from prosecution, even to the point of selling opioid drugs that have resulted in an unprecedented decline in life expectancy.  In just one year (2016) doctor-prescribed/pharmacy dispensed opioid drug overdoses killed 42,248 Americans, far more than illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine.  The purveyors of these opioid drugs just pay a fine, government essentially gets paid off, and the perpetrators fly to the Bahamas to spend the rest of their lives in luxury with their remaining ill-gotten wealth.  What immoral arrogance.

    When is somebody, anybody, who is at the top of government, banking or healthcare, going to see jail time for their crimes?  Where are the Grand Juries?  Is everybody in authority paid off?

    End Note: RFK Jr. needs $1.2 million dollars to launch legal action against Big Pharma and its overvaccination war against our children.  Think of donating $10-100 to Children’s Health DefenseBecome a member of Children’s Health Defense.

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