• Fear-Based Medicine Prevails Over Science

    Posted October 8, 2011: by Bill Sardi

    Doctor: “The test says you have prostate cancer.” Patient:  “Take it out now doc.”

    Males have heard time and again that the PSA test, which is a marker of inflammation in the prostate gland, is an inaccurate way to determine whether the prostate is cancer free and its use should be abandoned.  A repeat of this same message has just been issued.  But as an Associated Press report says men “may not listen” because the vast majority of men over age 50 already get tested.  Doctors have continued to string along instead of dropping the test from their physical exam regimens — it’s good for business.  Men are fearful, even that tough bearded former Marine.  A survey some years ago showed if men are told they have prostate cancer and their options for treatment are given to them at that time, most men will opt for immediate surgical removal of the prostate gland.  But if the decision is delayed for two weeks and men have opportunity to educate themselves about treatment options, far fewer will opt for treatment.  So the PSA builds fear and fear results in impulsive decisions to undergo treatment, in many cases for men who don’t have prostate cancer at all.  So how do you stop the train?  Great Britain doesn’t even use the PSA test.  This is immaterial.  Doctors are playing upon patient fears to boost their business.  What medical board will chastise them?  None.  It will be business as usual.  — Bill Sardi, Knowledge of Health, Inc.

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