• Investigators Find The Genetic Delivery Man of Disease – And It’s In A Milk Carton

    Posted January 7, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    Disease investigators are calling for ultra-heat treatment of unfermented cow’s milk products, in particular infant formula, to abolish the transmission of genetic material that programs humans for disease. [Journal Translational Medicine 2019]

    While most cow’s milk undergoes heat Pasteurization to kill off potentially pathogenic germs, that is not sufficient to block the transmission of genetic material (microRNAs) that program humans for disease.

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  • The Delayed Disease Bomb

    Posted November 7, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    A biological reality is that many Americans may have been genetically pre-programmed to develop diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, become obese, even suffer with mental depression and other mental problems, based upon circumstances in their mother’s womb and very early childhood.  That is when the human library of ~25,000 genes that resides in the nucleus of every living cell in the body develops what are called epigenetic tags or marks.

    Genetics is the arrangement of steps (nucleotides) on the DNA ladder that is fixed whereas epigenetics involves the dynamic protein-making aspect of genes (called gene expression or gene silencing) that helps humans adapt to their immediate environment.

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  • Lessons About Salt and Health

    Posted August 13, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    The Idea Salt Is/Isn’t Bad For Your Health Depends On What Your Definition of Is Is.

    Do you find yourself reaching for the saltshaker and then deciding not to salt your food because scientific reports say not to?

    Join the confused.

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  • The Baking Soda Cure-All Redux

    Posted August 11, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    It tastes salty.  It is in your kitchen.  And it’s dirt cheap.  And it’s threatening Big Pharma?  What is it?

    Just tell your doctor: “Hold the steroid shots, anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers.  I’ll take a quarter teaspoon of baking soda straight up with water.” Could Big Pharma be brought to its knees by sodium bicarbonate pills?

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  • The Baking Soda Cure For Almost Everything

    Posted April 26, 2018: by Bill Sardi

    The three trillion-dollar income stream produced by the medical industrial complex is about to come demolished by a home remedy – baking soda. Buy stock in Arm & Hammer. (Church & Dwight Co. Ltd.)

    Now for the details:

    Researchers at the Medical College of Georgia have discovered a nerve center in a cell layer in the spleen that controls the immune response and therefore inflammation throughout the body. Given that virtually all chronic age-related disease involves inflammation (called inflammaging), this discovery is of monumental significance and has widespread application for virtually every organ and tissue in the body as the spleen is not only an abdominal organ that is involved in the recycling of old blood cells but is also a key part of the human immune system.

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  • The Hidden Mineral Deficiency That Induces Hypertension

    Posted November 29, 2017: by Bill Sardi


    The following report links high blood pressure (hypertension) to a shortage of zinc due to poor dietary intake, impaired absorption and/or lack of bioavailability. The report is requisitely lengthy to fully document the problem to the scientific community and other demanding reviewers. For time-pressed readers, the first four pages cover the main findings of this report.

    The issue of whether zinc is involved in the etiology of hypertension has been mired in confusion for years as various animal and human studies employed overdoses of zinc, which actually does induce hypertension.

    However, a compelling quadratic intersection of geographical factors, reported for the first time in this report, provides compelling evidence that hypertension emanates from poor zinc nutriture.

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  • See If You Can Catch The Misdirection In The Following Statement: “Humans Cannot Hope To Live Longer Than 115 Years Despite Medical Advances.”

    Posted September 2, 2017: by Bill Sardi

    Notice the word “hope.”  Don’t be starting to expect you will live beyond what life insurance actuaries have planned or you will gum up their projected profitability schemes.

    Before readers even get past the first paragraph of this report, I can hear many saying in the back of their minds, “Oh, I never want to live that long.”

    That is because modern medicine has instilled into everyone’s mind an indellible image of wrinkled, feeble, drooling, mindless, incontinent, wheelchair-bound seniors as what they have to look forward to if they live exceptionally long.  If that is the negative image you have of old age, watch for my next report that takes you to a geographical place where humans simply defy the biological clock hands of time, don’t need doctoring and don’t even look their age.

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  • Another Wonder Drug; It Makes You Wonder

    Posted August 29, 2017: by Bill Sardi

    If you think cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are an affront to your intelligence because they were approved on the false promise they save lives yet have only been proven to spare one non-mortal heart attack among 70 high-risk or one in 200 healthy adults over a 5-year period, then you will be just as outraged at the latest blockbuster drug Big Pharma just pulled out of its bags of tricks.

    The drug, a monoclonal antibody called Ilaris (canakinumab), which is not new (first described in the medical literature in 2009), is being lauded in the news media (the sycophants of the drug industry) as a wonder drug that could save thousands of lives.  It is being “hailed as the biggest breakthrough since statins. “

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  • Marriage, Sex & Frustration

    Posted August 17, 2017: by Bill Sardi

    The Less-Tosterone Problem

    All the agony for only imagined ecstasy. Men being shut out of bedroom activity like they have fleas – it’s a growing epidemic in America. All of the heart ache, frustration and futility a man faces when he is perplexed over how to successfully arouse his wife only to feel rejected time and again, and finally feeling forced to think of the unthinkable, a break from marriage vows to seek physical affection elsewhere, or resorting to view pornography as a substitute, or worse, a dissolution of marriage altogether. Why is this happening in epidemic proportions in America?

    I don’t know how many times men have said to me: “What marriage? It’s more like I’ve got a roommate, not a wife.”

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  • Fiber Hailed As Remedy For Wear-And-Tear Arthritis (But Is All As It Seems?)

    Posted May 27, 2017: by Bill Sardi

    A recently published study hails high fiber diets as a preventive for wear-and-tear arthritis (osteoarthritis) of the knee.  [New York Times, May 24, 2017; Annals Rheumatic Diseases May 23, 2017] Another recently published study corroborates the association between high fiber diets and reduction in knee pain. [Arthritis Care Research Nov 2016] But is all as it seems?

    Not all sources of fiber are the same.  Within whole grains (rice, wheat, oats) is bran that contains an iron-binding molecule called phytate or IP6 (inositol hexaphosphate).  It is this molecule that controls the iron-induced inflammation in joints.  Patients with arthritis of the knee are more likely to have high iron storage levels (as measured by ferritin; 20-70 is normal range).  In one study patients with arthritis knees had a mean ferritin level of 273-655. [Scandinavian Journal Rheumatology 2010]

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