Posted March 16, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    A Month More Of Misery Predicted Till The Sun Douses A Politically Timed Epidemic

    I don’t fear a virus that is allegedly infecting and killing as much as I do politically induced panic.  There are so many mixed messages based upon faulty if not contrived and outright fraudulent data it is difficult to short out and draw any conclusion from this so-called pandemic.  And now, as if there wasn’t enough confusion, we have government permission to pray but we can’t go to church (ban on assembly in large groups)!  More about that at the end of this report.

    Under the conjured-up fear of death, world populations have willingly complied with political mandates to lockdown and self-quarantine indoors and avoid contact with others, essentially freezing economies and further worsening a respiratory disease season that is largely defined by a lack of sunshine vitamin D in winter months.

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    Posted March 6, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Coronavirus Infections Outside Of Asia Not Expected To Be As Frequent Or Virulent

    Physicians in Wuhan, China, the epicenter for COVID-19 coronavirus that is now infecting human populations around the globe, report a shortage of test kits for this infectious pathogen.  But maybe doctors rather than test for a virus ought to be testing for a viral vulnerability factor – an unstable form of haptoglobin (HAPTO-G), genetically prevalent in Asian populations.  Then they wouldn’t be likely to run out of test kits as they are manufactured, in of all places, right there in Wuhan.

    What is haptoglobin? (hap-tow-glow-bin) This blood protein binds to hemoglobin, the red protein in red blood cells that carries both oxygen and iron.  By virtue of its binding power, haptoglobin mops up hemoglobin and loose iron when red blood cells die off so as to limit the availability of potentially destructive unbound iron.  Haptoglobin also reduces the amount of iron lost in the kidneys and recycles it.

    Out of three types of haptoglobin (HAPTO-G), one type doesn’t bind as well to hemoglobin, releases excess iron which then increases iron-induced oxidation (rusting), and increases oxidation (hardening) of cholesterol and degradation of vitamin C.

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  • Why I Want To Be Infected With The COVID-19 Coronavirus And You Should Too

    Posted February 26, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Oh, you’re saying I must be crazy.  Who would want to intentionally get infected with the allegedly deadly COVID-19 corona virus that is now causing human populations to mindlessly cancel airline reservations, cause health officials to quarantine vacationers on ocean liners, has caused stock markets to crash and has emptied Chinese restaurants around the globe?

    Thousands of people in South Korea line up to get face masks. (You can make your own at home with a paper towel and rubber bands, but they are only presumed to be effectiveSurgical masks reduce aerosol viruses by 6-fold but live viruses are still detected in the air.  Only a N95-respirator reduces airborne flu particles by 100-fold).

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  • The 2020 Coronavirus Scare: Better Than Any Horror Movie

    Posted February 1, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    The emails pour in………. in one way or another the emailers words ask: “are we all going to die of coronavirus infection?”  “What do we do?”  I can feel the panic and terror in the emails I am receiving.

    This time, the viral epidemic is better than any horror movie.  One wonders if there will be a hidden parasite in the upcoming coronavirus vaccine that penetrates the blood/brain barrier and zombifies humans – mind control via vaccination.  This actually happens in nature among wasps, worms, dogs, and even humans (archived in Matt Simon’s book PLIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD).  It’s a modern re-run of the “everybody had better drink their Kool-Aid” event that killed 900 members of a cult in Jonestown, Guyana in 1978, X a billion.  I’d invest in the casket business now before others think about it.  We’d all literally be dying for a cure.

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  • Coronavirus: A Contrived Pandemic? Caused By A Gene Mutation Or By A Meteorological Phenomenon?

    Posted January 30, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    In October of 2019 a researcher at Johns-Hopkins Center for Health Security predicted 65 million people could die of coronavirus worldwide within 18 months under the right circumstances.

    By December 31, China was reporting its first case of a mutated coronavirus infection.  It took only one day for the US Centers for Disease Control to identify a seafood market in Wuhan, China as the epicenter of the outbreak.

    A Reuters news report claims the newly mutated coronavirus wasn’t identified until January 10 and hospitals in Wuhan didn’t have testing kits till January 20, with testing prior that date taking 3-5 days because they had to be sent to a laboratory in Beijing.  So how did the CDC all the way in the U.S. so quickly identify Wuhan as the hub of a coronavirus outbreak?

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  • Your Chance Of Developing Symptoms Or Dying From The Menacing Coronavirus That Now Threatens Global Human Populations is 0.0000017482% Symptoms/ 0.0000001137% Death

    Posted January 25, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    My email box fills with questions: what about the coronavirus epidemic? Is death on its way from Asia to the West? There is no vaccine for this viral scourge. Will our infants who have no antibodies against this virus die? Will vulnerable and frail senior adults be whisked off in ambulances to hospital intensive care units, never to return home as they drown from fluid in their lungs (pneumonia)?

    But coronavirus it is just a common cold virus.

    Yep, the coronavirus is just a common virus that infects your nose, sinuses and upper throat and produces the same symptoms as a cold. But the fear that is being spread by public health authorities and the news media would make one think the earth is in the middle of a historic human pandemic.

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  • Must Be Those Anti-Vaxxers Causing A Worldwide Outbreak Of Measles

    Posted November 10, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    No time to wait.  This just in…… a worldwide outbreak of measles is infecting hundreds of thousands and needlessly killing an untold number of innocent children so far.  The outbreak is 3 times greater than the prior year and threatens to result in the US losing its “measles-free” status.  I’m pulling my hair out, those damn anti-vaxxers, they’ve spread their venom around the world, haven’t they?

    But in this day and age we have to ferret out fake news from truth.  We have to get to the bottom of this.  Somebody or some-thing is to blame for this.

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  • 34 Ways To Stay Healthy That Cost Next To Nothing

    Posted May 29, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    1. Sleep: Trying to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep may be frustrating. Modern humans are going to sleep two hours later than the daylight-darkness cycle. Prior to electric lighting, people slept for about 6 hours, awoke for about two hours, and then went back for a second sleep. Blue light emitted from electronic devices, even smart phones, or computer monitors fouls up melatonin secretion, the sleep hormone. Be aware. Blue light filters are available for computer monitors and eyeglass lenses. However, no one is mentioning that blue light filtering in the AM is counter-productive and impairs the dissipation of melatonin and could theoretically induce daytime sleepiness. Best to get some direct sunlight early in the AM to awaken fully refreshed and alert.

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  • Don’t You Wish You Had A Doctor Like This?

    Posted May 13, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    David Getoff has a new book out.  Who is David Getoff?  Just a very thoughtful man who has dedicated himself to help you when others couldn’t.  If you have been given the short end of the stick by modern medicine, then David Getoff may be just what your doctor didn’t order.

    Getoff begins his book by saying: “To all the people with numerous varied ‘diseases,’ ‘conditions,’ and ‘syndromes,’ who the traditional medical system has failed to serve, to the thousands who have fallen through the cracks of our broken disease-care system, a system addicted to diagnosing and naming every condition, a system whose professionals neither have the faintest idea what caused the disease nor a way to cure it…. This book is for all of you.”

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  • Hidden Epidemic: Death By Hospital

    Posted April 12, 2019: by Bill Sardi

    It is only a matter of time now……. we must read between the lines.  Public health authorities are not forthcoming about a fungal infection that has been stealthily killing people for over a decade.  There will be no safe place to run to.  Hospitals will be cordoned off.  Nurses will refuse to go to work.  Human populations will die off in large numbers, starting in areas where anti-fungal herbicides have been employed that spawn drug resistance, as an ongoing public health threat that has been hidden for too long, spreads beyond hospital walls and now cannot be reversed.  That is a predictable scenario given the following facts that have been hidden for too long.

    Health authorities are not going to tell the public what is really going on.  Most hospitals are threatened with being quarantined and even shuttered if not completely avoided by a frightened public. Visitors will not be allowed to enter.  The health threat posed by a treatment-resistant fungus – Candida auris – is unprecedented.  It has a 30-60% mortality rate!

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