• Not the First Time a Vitamin Deficiency Was Confused For a Viral Epidemic

    Posted November 16, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    I recently had occasion to forward an email to others about the “casedemic,” the fact new cases of COVID-19 remain high because of excessive testing but deaths are down considerably.  The report shows how a panic can be caused by news reports citing an increase in cases which spawn draconian lockdown measures.

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    Posted November 9, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    The Anxiety/Isolation/Vitamin Deprivation Syndrome

    If you believe people test COVID-19 positive and therefore are infected but have no symptoms, I have a bridge to sell you in New York very cheaply. Yes, I too fell for this modern fairy tale in the early days of the pandemic. After all, this “fact” was cited in the most prestigious medical journals. Modern medicine foists off this falsehood and we’re supposed to believe it, cancel sports, church, and family events, all over one symptomless person who tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus. In fact, if COVID-19 infected patients aren’t experiencing even a mild fever, they aren’t developing antibodies against the disease.

    And doctors say President Trump tested positive, was hospitalized for 3-days (it was a hotel room inside a hospital) and then showcased an antiviral drug (Remdesivir) for an American company (Trump should have been paid an endorsement fee); then Trump took off his mask and declared himself cured. But hey, Trump is no medicine man who knows science. He wouldn’t know any better. And neither would any of his narrow-minded doctors. In modern medicine, everything is treated as if it is a drug deficiency. Doctors are never going to cure COVID-19 as long as they have their nutritional deficiency blinders on.

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  • How Can Junk Science Prove Hydroxychloroquine is Junk Science?

    Posted October 7, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    A newly published study is creating news headlines that the widely touted medicine hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for prevention against COVID-19 coronavirus has once again been found to be ineffective.  The study adds to the volumes of junk science already produced to allegedly prove this medicine is ineffective or even problematic.

    The study met all the criteria science demands for credibility.  It was a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial involving a sufficient number of participants to produce at least a statistical if not meaningful conclusion as to the safety and effectiveness of properly-dosed hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), the long-used anti-malarial drug that the President of the United States name-dropped as an alternative to vaccines.

    The objective was to measure if HCQ prevents COVID-19 coronavirus infection among healthcare workers.  Results of the study are published in the Journal of the American Medical Assn. Internal Medicine, Sept. 30, 2020.

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  • How Vaccine Makers Learned To Create Pseudo-Epidemics Like COVID-19

    Posted October 3, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Why COVID-19 Will Never End

    Hey, if the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is a hoax as some claim, it would have to fool a lot of university-trained microbiologists.  But surprisingly this isn’t the first time modern medicine has been completely fooled by a pseudo epidemic.  Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic is fake, obviously much larger than the ones that preceded it, but totally fake.  How so, you ask?

    Mike Hearn, posting plan99.net clued the whole world in to how the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, now used to diagnose COVID-19 coronavirus infections, fooled three major medical centers into mistakenly believing they were being besieged by a whooping cough epidemic in the years 2004-2007.

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  • The Science of Lockdown, Masks and Vaccines Crumbles

    Posted September 17, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Emerging Science Is Slowly Talking Modern Medicine Out Of Lockdowns, Mask Wearing And A Vaccine

    Herd immunity not allowed

    The primary thrust of public health directives has been to keep the population fearful and therefore compliant and vulnerable to infection and in desperate need of a vaccine. In the absence of a vaccine people need to be exposed and infected to activate sufficient antibodies to produce long-term immunity. That is what is called herd immunity.

    But by socially distancing and wearing masks, any herd immunity would theoretically be slowed, or delayed indefinitely. Health authorities are talking out of two sides of their mouth. It is possible there will never be a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine. Herd immunity is plan B, but lockdowns and face-masks run counter to the development of herd immunity.

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  • Hospitals May Be Slow To Add Vitamin D To COVID-19 Treatment Regimens Because Of Loss Of Income

    Posted September 12, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    A growing body of published studies indicate vitamin D supplementation may allay the symptoms and severity of COVID-19 infections, enough to keep hospitalized patients out of the intensive care unit.  The most recent of these studies, published in The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Aug 29,2020) is more than convincing.

    But this remarkable study is not likely to change the practices of modern medicine, even though it completely abolished COVID-19-related deaths in the intensive care unit (ICU) and reduced admission from a standard COVID-19 care ward to the ICU from 50% to 2%.

    The study involved 76 hospitalized patients who were COVID-19-positive and had symptoms of coronavirus infection such as dry cough, shortness of breath, fever and diarrhea who were on a standard-care COVID-19 hospital ward.

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  • The Vaccine From Hell

    Posted August 20, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Take the dark-tech of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), its civilian counterpart BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research & Development), the stealth-ness of nanotechnology, the Gates Foundation funded “Quantum Dot Tattoo” aka “mark of the beast,” and combine it with micro-needling as an inoculation platform that is conceived from how snakes inject their venom into their prey, and nanogels that can connect with external technologies outside your body like smart phones, the cloud or other smart devices (5G from satellites), and what do you have?  Answer: Moderna’s new RNA vaccine against COVID-19 coronavirus.

    Dr. Carrie Madej’s chilling video explanation of what Moderna is up to is worth 21 minutes of your time.  Dr. Madej is a McDonough, Georgia osteopathic-trained internal medical specialist.  Her video is a wake-up call to the world.  It is not sensationalist reporting.  Links to what Dr. Madej talks about are laced throughout this report.  Dr. Madej’s report should cause the world to put these new generation of RNA/DNA vaccines on perpetual hold.

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  • Is Your Hair Falling Out Months After You Were Infected With COVID-19 Coronavirus? Join the COVID-19 Hair Loss Club

    Posted August 8, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Dr. Esther Freeman, director of the Dermatology COVID-19 Registry, says hair loss some time after COVID-19 infection, is increasingly being reported.  Months following any stressful event, physical or emotional (not just COVID-19 infection), hair can start to fall out.  Hair loss is often experienced at the 3-month point after a stressful event.

    A condition called telogen effluvium occurs among people who experience a stressful illness or other life event and shed hair.

    Hair goes through a 3-step process of regeneration: anagen (growth), catagen (transition) and resting stage (telogen), or shedding stage.  For unknown reasons, more hair follicles stall in the telogen stage and therefore more hair is shed

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  • The Big Coronavirus Testing Con Job

    Posted July 14, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    Summer 2020 comes.  The coronavirus cycle, which runs from November to April, follows the Summer solstice where the northern hemisphere tilts back towards the sun, and the resultant increased solar UV intensity increases sunshine vitamin D levels among those Americans who brave the outdoors in the midst of lockdown orders.  That should normally quell the winter cold season till next fall.

    The common cold coronavirus cycle runs from December through the end of April.

    Table: Coronavirus cycle

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  • Three Things You Need To Know Before You Decide To Immunize Against COVID-19 Coronavirus

    Posted July 7, 2020: by Bill Sardi

    The public is clamoring for a vaccine before coming out of lockdown and quarantine. Many new vaccines are under development and will reportedly receive licensure from the Food & Drug Administration. By law, any medical intervention requires informed consent.

    Informed consent is legally defined by the Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations for any medical treatment offered to you that includes:

    1. Opportunity to opt out of vaccination (refuse immunization) without penalties or recrimination.
    2. Alternatives to vaccination, if any.
    3. Privacy (confidentiality) so immunization will not be used against you.
    4. Knowledge of known risks involved and any proposed benefits

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