• Is The Boston Marathon Pressure-Cooker Bombing/ Ricin Toxin-In-The-Mail Fiasco A Re-Run Of The Post-9-11 Anthrax Caper?

    Posted April 19, 2013: by Bill Sardi

    Somebody is trying to spread fear again.  Somebody who has a similar modus operandi as the anthrax terrorist fiasco that gripped the nation a few years back.  The first part of the plan is to bomb, kill and maim in a very public place, the second is to spread the fear of terrorism beyond its original geographic location.

    Somehow, with anti-terrorism forces out in full force with bomb-sniffing dogs and all, a yet unidentified terrorist successfully stashed nails and ball bearings in pressure cookers with explosives and went undetected.

    Then in the aftermath, another terrorist, whose timing was uncanny, dispatched toxin-laced envelopes to a US Congressman from Mississippi and to the White House.   That congressman opposed many of the policies and agendas emanating from the White House, including abortion, expansion of gay rights, and Obamacare,

    The toxin this time was ricin, a castor-bean derived agent that is considered an amateurish biological weapon.

    A man from Mississippi, identified as Paul Kevin Curtis, is in custody says the FBI for questioning (another Steven Hatfill?).  According to news reports Mr. Curtis frequently writes lawmakers.

    The Boston Marathon bombs exploded on April 15.  The ricin-laced envelopes were postmarked from Memphis and dated April 8.   Are Americans to believe this uncanny timing?  The letters never made it to their intended destination as they were intercepted at mail screening centers.

    Correlation with 9-11 events

    After 9-11 Americans were initially led to believe that Middle Eastern terrorists hijacked aircraft that slammed into the World Trade Center twin towers and also spread anthrax powder via the US mail system.  Recall the report of Mohammed Atta, the so-called hijacker, in a pharmacy in South Florida allegedly obtaining an antibiotic for what might have been a Bacillus anthracis infection?

    Then later biological weapons expert Steven Hatfill became the alleged anthrax terrorist?  Hatfill won a $4.6 million settlement for being mistakenly accused.

    Then when the genetic strain of anthrax was traced back to Fort Detrick Army biological warfare lab, the eccentric Dr. Bruce Ivins who worked there was fingered as the one who put anthrax-laced letters in the mail.  Ivins ended up committing suicide, at least that is what the news reports said was the cause of his death.  Later a panel of three scientists writing in the Journal of Bioterrorism and Biodefense said Ivins was not the likely source of the anthrax in mail letters that had a unique and sophisticated chemical profile he could not have produced.

    Nobody ever explained why those anthrax letters were sent to NBC News in New York, and a tabloid news paper in Florida, then also to two Congressmen who opposed the Homeland Security Act.  Somebody was trying to hush the news media and Congressional representatives.  What motive could Ivins had for that?

    Also, in the propaganda ramp up to the Iraq war, Colin Powell, then US Ambassador to the United Nations, held up a vial of powdered anthrax before the UN General Assembly as if to suggest its origin was Iraq.  Powell later conceded to ABC News that was a blot on his record.   It’s obvious the identity of terrorists is tailored to fit hidden political agendas.

    Are Americans now going to be misled that some terrorist from Syria or North Korea produced the bombs unleashed in Boston as a ramp up to war?  It’s a pity most Americans can’t see the propaganda coming.

    And just like the anthrax fiasco, when the public was told there were no alternatives to antibiotics to cure that infection (allicin produced from a crushed garlic clove has been demonstrated in a lab dish to be superior to any conventional antibiotic at killing anthrax spores), government health agencies now say there is no proven antidote against ricin.

    Yet it is well documented that glutathione (glu-ta-thigh-on), an internally produced antioxidant that is also available as a dietary supplement in it precursor or full form is an effective antidote against ricin.

    N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), a sulfur-based glutathione precursor, blocks ricin-induced cell deathA lipid-layered (liposomal) form of NAC is reported to work in a superior manner to plain vitamin C.  Vitamin C, which also activates glutathione synthesis in living tissues, has also been cited as a ricin anti-toxin. A way to make liposomal vitamin C (and NAC) at home is demonstrated online.

    One reason to keep the public uninformed of natural remedies would be to keep the masses dependent upon government for rescue from any potential biological threats.  Government-only access to anti-toxins can be used as a way to control the masses and spread helplessness and fear.

    It has become obvious that government health agencies oppose natural remedies and promote synthetically produced anti-toxins developed by Big Pharma.  A number of chemical antidotes to ricin are under development in Canada, the United Kingdom and Austria.

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