• The Man Who Cured Heart Disease With a Natural Molecule, 20 Years Before Cholesterol Drugs!

    Posted January 28, 2010: by Bill Sardi

    His name: Dr. Lester Morrison.

    His qualifications: Director and Research Professor, Institute for Arteriosclerosis Research, Loma Linda University, School of Medicine

    Author: Coronary Heart Disease and the Mucopolysaccharides (1974, Charles C. Thomas)

    In 1982 Dr. Morrison wrote: “I am Lester Morrison MD, and I have been a doctor for over 50 years. Much of that time has been devoted to finding a way to stop heart disease, which killed my mother, my father and several other members of my family and remains the number one killer in the U.S. and other developed countries.”

    Dr. Morrison provided compelling evidence in the 1960s that heart and blood vessel disease could be reversed and prevented with natural molecules, particularly chondroitin sulfate. This was over 20 years prior to the advent of the first cholesterol-reducing statin drug, Mevacor (1987).

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  • How to Know You Won’t Have a Sudden-Death Heart Attack Over the Next Ten Years

    Posted October 17, 2009: by Bill Sardi

    If you want assurance that you aren’t going to experience a sudden-death heart attack over the next few years, look not to your cholesterol numbers, but rather your calcium arterial score.

    According to the latest study (see chart below), the chances of experiencinga mortal heart attack or stroke over the next 4 years is nearzero if the measure of calcium deposits in your coronary arteriesis zero. On the other hand, if your calcium coronary artery scoreis 1000 or more, you only have ~15% chance of surviving over thenext 4 years. If your calcium artery score is greater than 1000,your risk of dying from a sudden-death heart attack or mortalstroke is ~28 times higher than a people with no calcificationsin their coronary arteries.

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